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HG 28 05 05 (ft: Peggy & Pete Seeger)

1st July 2006

Our last show before taking a break for the summer features several acts performing live tasters for this evening's Hello Goodbye Presents spectacular at the 12 Bar Club. The Monroe Transfer conjure up swooping, brooding epics from all manner of instruments, Derry born Cormac Heron celebrates his 33.3rd birthday by laying siege to some of his favourite songs with a banjo and Nueva Cruz Bluegrass outfit Indigo Moss get us in the party spirit with their songs of love, booze and Brockley.

24th June 2006

Like a blue bottle's frustrating ability to avoid being swatted, the Oriental inspired UNIT refuse to stay in one place when it comes to writing their music. Their fight for art rock originality has resulted in their unpredictable interpretations of prog, punk, pop, avant garde, rock, and folk, all of which mostly cover lyrical topics of a political and social nature. This is all put into practice with a live session from the band today. Also live in the studio are Captain Blood Blood & the Sea Dogs, a motley crew of Essex misfits who proudly boast "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are", which their bizarre sea shanty punk anthems make all too apparent.

17th June 2006

Sonic entelechists Little Sparta supply a live sample of their current collaboration with growling blues vocalist Mike Patrick.  Wistful New Cross singer songwriter King also pays us a visit, with a handful of songs that ponder the well trodden themes of young love, city life & rock and roll yet still come up smelling of roses.

10th June 2006

We are delighted to welcome back onto the show the sensational vocal talents of  Rose Kemp. The depth of emotion and spontaneity with which this young woman can deliver a tune is enough to bring tears to a grown man's eyes!. Also joining us with his acoustic guitar in hand is Anglesey's very own anti-folk druid Filthy Pedro.

3rd June 2006

Putative bastard sons of a parallel Hasil Adkins from a Pennsylvania Dutch farming community, Hank Stirrup and Chet Tendon play live in session. They are currently visiting Europe to promote their LP 18 Rural Stomps and Ballads, out now on the RIM recording label, who say of the band ‘these real brothers don't know what they are doing but it sure sounds great!’

Also on the show are Hello Goodbye favourites and all round good eggs Jesus Licks, who will be performing a live selection from their new LP Terrible Beauty. Expect tales of daleks, sharks and Lord Greystoke set to a backdrop of banjo-driven feral folk

27th May 2006

This week's show features a live session of punk/disco/no-wave and what have you from chess-loving trio Attack Switch Attack. According to the good people of Artrocker 'this is where the disco punk scene meets North-Eastern artrock guitar shapes. Bristling and jangling guitars take the best of Maximo and Good Shoes into a no-wave disco region where the bass twangs like a Young Marble Giants minimal groove and the hi-hat is furious.'

Plus a visit from amiable punk rock legend Spizz, who will be dropping by to fill us in on Spizzenergi's alternative World Cup anthem 'We're the England'

20th May 2006

Scottish duo Tells, featuring Caroline Ross's vocals and Jim Version's scattered but beautifully executed off beat arrangements, will be playing a selection of songs taken from their newly released 'Hope your wounds heal' LP (Fire Records). Jim Version is now a celebrated producer having worked with the likes of Bonne Prince Billy, Alasdair Roberts and Hookers Green No.1 while Caroline Ross has recently featured as the voice on recent records by Susumo Yokota and Rothko. Together they make what could be described as the soundtrack to a modern day 'Wicker Man' (Two mentions for the same film in as many there a theme developing here?). Also on the show is Suffolk's Belinda Gillett, who hotfoots it up the A12 with her strong, haunting vocals and dark contemporary songs to showcase material from forthcoming album 'The girl who disappeared'.

13th May 2006

Rowan and the Crops FailedToday's live session comes from power-folk trio Rowan and the Crops Failed, whose name derives from a line of dialogue in the 1973 British horror classic ‘The Wicker Man’. Their songs deal with doomed restaurateurs, unorthodox alphabets and stolen confetti, among other things. The band will be appearing at the next 'Hello Goodbye presents' evening on Friday 19th May at the 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, along with Xerox Teens, Shimmy Rivers And And Canal and Hot Silk Pockets.

6th May 2006

Comic and sincere in equal portions, the almighty Bib return to the show to sing frivolous songs underpinned by searing social commentary about contemporary office life, the Internet and the highs and lows of gambling - definitely worth a flutter - yes miss!

29th April 2006

Salt & Blue

A duo of duos appear in session, with both Salt & Blue and Snotty Cock performing live. Salt and Blue play the folk music of England, Europe and their own twisted dreams. Mainly playing cello and hurdy gurdy, they look for new ways to play their instruments, exploring drones, driving rhythms, floating vocal melodies, harmonies and discords. Meanwhile, 'two man super punk Osaka gang' Snotty Cock specialise in music which is aggressive, spontaneous and by and large very very short.

22nd April 2006

Dave Cloud2 sessions from across the pond feature on the show. Over the past 25 years performer Dave Cloud and his band The Gospel of Power have been garnering diehard converts in their hometown of Nashville. Referred to as both a ‘specialist in ecstasy’ and as Music City's ‘enfant terrible’, Cloud and his colleagues have repeatedly held a dusty mirror to pop music's tawdry conventions and deftly dismembered the Frankenstein monster of modern musical excess. Then, New York anti-folk legends Prewar Yardsale supply ‘two chord songs, killer bucket beats, delicate singing, very clever writing, cheap shellacky acoustic distorted guitars, cool guys’.

15th April 2006

Team B and Cannonball Jane play live in session. Considered by the South London Press as ‘more like scientists than musicians’, Team B utilise everything from children’s toys to Tubas to produce a cacophony of quite stunning thrashy trance rock tunes. Meanwhile Cannonball Jane, aka mild-mannered Brooklyn-based elementary school music teacher Sharon Hagopian,  gives us a blast of her smart and sassy electro-pop. Her double A side single ‘Take It To Fantastic/ Slumber Party’ is released on April 18th on Fortuna Pop.

8th April 2006

Jeremy Warmsley and Rose Kemp perform live on today's show. Jeremy has been gathering plaudits for his music, which encompasses a curious mixture of the new and the old, the traditional and the atypical, all things archaic or experimental. His "Other People's Secrets" EP is released on Transgressive Records on Monday 10th April. Rose Kemp makes a welcome return to the show in a purely solo capacity on this occasion (after appearing in session in January as part of the superb Jeremy Smoking Jacket). Rose has only just turned 21 and is blessed with an impossibly rich and reaching voice, sometimes accompanied by shimmering electric guitars, sometimes looping itself into complex, sumptuous, harmonised hooks, or sometimes simply rising unadorned and a’cappella.

Also putting in an acoustic appearance is another Hello Goodbye regular, Jason McNiff.

1st April 2006

A typically incendiary live performance from Bristol noiseniks  Hunting Lodge, playing songs from their newly released sublime LP 'Energy Czar' (Blood Red Sounds). The band salvage the pawnshop gold of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Boredoms, and King Crimson, infuse it in vats of piss and come away with base metal. Repetitive churning dirges framed by drunken skiffle, giddy house rhythms and inept free-form freak outs are clamped around lyrics about Whitby, a wizard and seagulls trapped in bins.

All this and an acoustic set from country punk chanteuse Lou Psyche into the bargain.

25th March 2006

This week's show takes the form of a Gothic special, featuring recordings commissioned by the Tate Britain museum to commemorate their current ‘Gothic Nightmares’ exhibition. A round table discussion at a recent ‘Late at the Tate’ event invited Goths to compare their experiences as members of one of Britain’s most enduring subcultures. Extracts from the discussion are accompanied by music specially created for the occasion by James III and the Courtesan continuing their fruitful collaboration with Tautologist.

At the same event dB also recorded members of the public discussing their nightmares and these are peppered throughout the show, ranging from the bizarre to the terrifying to the downright disturbing.

The show also features a selection of Goth music chosen by legendary music journalist and Goth expert Mick Mercer, who discusses the current scene.

On top of all this there is also be a live session from The McCarricks, who have performed with Siouxsie and the Banshees and whose work provides a fitting accompaniment to the nightmarish themes of the show, having been described by audiences as both ‘erotically charged’ and ‘downright frightening’

18th March 2006

Danielle de Picciotto, Alexander Hacke, Dom and Nik (Jesus Licks)

Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten) & Danielle de Picciotto drop in to discuss 'Mountains of Madness' (a homage to the 'Cosmic Horror' author HP Lovecraft), their collaboration with the Tiger Lillies taking place at the Royal Festival Hall this weekend.

More toast, vicar?

Former Jazz Butcher Wolfgang Tschegg adds to the teutonic flavour with a live acoustic session (accompanied by Hannah Tame) while the non Germanic but delightfully named Tea & Toast Band bring their own brand of 'rapturous rural absurdity' to the airwaves.


11th March 2006

Electro pop quartet Morton Valence play live in session along with skull cracking bluegrass specialists Indigo Moss, who may very well be a 21st Century Peckham version of the Carter Family.

4th March 2006

Monroe Transfer

Featuring a live session from The Monroe Transfer, a melodic 7-piece chamber noise ensemble, comprising viola, violins, double bass, drums, guitars, glockenspiel, trombone, ukulele, samples, effects & distorted recordings, all played with a range of picks, bows, mallets, sticks, screwdrivers and electronics. Their music is entirely instrumental, angry, melancholic and uplifting, combining elements of minimalist composition & rock instrumentation. Today's session features their hitherto unrecorded 14 minute epic 'I dreamt I was a hammer and everything was glass'.

Also joining us in the studio for two separate solo acoustic sessions are Rasha Shaheen (one half of Bristol duo Male) and fellow Bristolian Joe Volk.

25th February 2006

Oxford's The Evenings supply a live session of uptempo electronic rock while internationally unknown singing sensation Malcolm Kaksois performs cohenesque tales of leather trousers and gentleman's magazines as he prepares for a gig in Calcutta.

18th February 2006

The Mules perform a live electrobilly smorgasbord of country, punk, electro and klezmer performed on surf guitar, barrelhouse piano, soaring fiddle, fuzz bass & frantic drums with whispered and hollered vocal stylings.

David Hurn also plays live, delivering damning lyrics in an almost conversational style set against a gentle, powerful and brooding musical backdrop.

11th February 2006

The CourtesanOn this day, Michael Garrad Productions in association with Sit Back and RelapseJames III meets Tautologist present a supergroup of hitherto unheard of superiority, a musical coalition based on a shared disrespect for little things like technical competence, practising and giving audiences a good time. Brought together for the first time on any broadcast medium anywhere, the Hello Goodbye show has kindly allowed James III and the Courtesan and Tautologist to unite and wreak degenerate havoc about the ears of Resonance 104.4FM's early afternoon listenership. Samplers from Cash Converters, keyboards appropriated from younger brothers and rank distortion feature prominently.

Helen McDonald and Fairshare UnityAlso joining us once again is Brixton's Digi-Dub, featuring the vocal talents of both Helen McDonald & Fairshare Unity.

4th February 2006

Leftfield multi instrumental West Country supergroup Jeremy Smoking Jacket play live in session as they prepare to open their current UK tour at the Hello Goodbye presents night at the 12 Bar club this evening. The band, comprising Rose Kemp, SJ Esau and Max Milton, have reinvented song-writing theory, disposing entirely of the bass-drums-guitar triumvirate and replacing them with everything from the relatively ordinary (clarinet, chord organ and trumpet,) to the downright bizarre (coughing fits, mannequins and radio static). Their compositions range from wistful pastorals to angry anti-war big beats, all produced live and in the most insane manner imaginable. Their highly recommended debut EP "Now We Are Dead (And Other Stories)" is out now. As well as appearing in the band session, Rose Kemp will be playing a couple of solo songs.

arthur bricking itThe show also features an acoustic session from charango-weilding post-punk trio Arthur Brick, who will be appearing with Jeremy Smoking Jacket at the 12 Bar. Purporting to feature a former model, a former factory worker and a former schoolboy, their songs draw inspiration from Bermondsey war veterans, night buses to Catford, 1950’s homosexuals and religious fervour in the home counties, amongst other things.

28th January 2006

Let them eat Chips!2 acts perform live in session this afternoon; first up are Chips for the Poor playing music that 'sounds like a malfunctioning railway station tannoy system'. Also joining us is Bristol artist Tristan Burfield with a 'glitch and noise' set.

21st January 2006

Schla la la'sAll-girl, all-action, art-punk outfit the Schla La Las make a long overdueVirgin Passages return visit to the show for a session of sparse, skew-whiff odd-pop from girls in matching outfits. If only all bands made the effort to dress up for the radio!
Fire Recordings artistes Virgin Passages also join us in the studio. Through their love of the Mamas and Papas, Paul McCartney's ‘Ram’, Signor Rossi and James’s dedication to all things Charles Manson emerges a wonderful swirling mess of sound.

14th January 2006

Promising to wow us with a selection of tunes taken from their imminently released 'Fetch the Parrot Blanket' LP, our favourite all female cello wielding prog/punk outfit Gertrude join us once again to play an incendiary live session.

Wednesday (Yes, Wednesday!) 11th January 2006 11.30PM - 1.00AM

Our Christmas Eve show finally gets an airing after missing its original scheduled broadcast for reasons far too boring to go into here. Gerry Mitchell rounds up some of the finest live sessions recorded on the show during 2005. Expect to hear music from Big Joan, Glassglue, Jesus Licks, Suitable Case for Treatment, Pete and Peggy Seeger, Nought, Tiger Force and many other selfless performers who have risen to the challenge of getting out of bed early to provide resonance listeners with the most outstanding live music ever to be heard on a Saturday lunchtime!

7th January 2006

We begin 2006 in style with a live session courtesy of Soeza: an experimental rock band comprising two drummers, one bass, one guitar, lots of singing and a much neglected instrument in rock music, the French horn. Their music is frenetic but danceable and angular yet soulful, combining Ben Owen's emotionally charged lyrical outpourings with Jenny Robinson's beautifully soft vocals. These two contrast and complement each other over a big, boisterous rhythm section, effervescent guitar and melodic horn.

31st December 2005

As 2006 looms large, and Old Father Time once more sharpens his scythe and shampoos his beard, we take a final look back at 2005 with another selection from live sessions recorded on the show. Tune in to hear Wet Dog, Peggy Seeger, John Parish, Shimmy Rivers And And Canal, John Parish, Pete and the Pirates, Diamond Family Archive and many of the other fine guests to have graced the studio this year.

24th December 2005

Celebrate the festive season by gorging yourself on a selection box of some of the finest live sessions recorded on the show during 2005. Expect to hear music from Big Joan, Glassglue, Jesus Licks, Suitable Case for Treatment, Pete and Peggy Seeger, Nought, Tiger Force and many other selfless performers who have risen to the challenge of getting out of bed early to provide resonance listeners with the most outstanding live music ever to be heard on a Saturday lunchtime!

17th December 2005

The wise men of Hello Goodbye bring you seasonal gifts of golden girls Wet Dog, frankincense monsters Jail and myrrh-maids Male, all of whom will be giving a live taste of things to come as they prepare for this evening's Hello Goodbye presents... Xmas bash at the 12 Bar Club

10th December 2005

A former Rock'n'Roll drummer of the disillusioned variety, Metronomy (aka Joseph Mount) turned his hand to composing music on an old computer sold to him by his dad and now creates superbly crunching instrumental pop anthems. Today he makes his way to the Resonance studio to perform live, perhaps including renditions of tunes from his newly released EP 'You could easily have me', currently available through the Holiphonic record label.

3rd December 2005

Back by popular demand, old favourites of the show and young avant-rock upstarts Xerox Teens once again play live in session. Their wholly appealing 2nd double A-side single - Round/Man It's Hard to Beat a Woman (Big Billy records) sees them in fine fettle and augers well for a classic Hello Goodbye session. Miss it at your peril.

26th November 2005

With music simply oozing with wit and class as it happily swings between moody listening and succulent disco, Sheffield's The Chemistry Experiment grace the studio with a live session featuring songs from their current Fortuna Pop LP 'The Melancholy Death of the Chemistry Experiment'.

19th November 2005

deXter Bentley are honoured to welcome back onto the Hello Goodbye show Britain's adopted 'Godmother of Folk' Peggy Seeger

Peggy SeegerThe daughter of musicologist Charles Seeger and composer Ruth Crawford Seeger, Peggy is the half-sister of Pete Seeger and her life partner was the English songwriter Ewan MacColl, who wrote 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' for and about her. For decades, she has been one of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk and while she is acknowledged as an esteemed interpreter of traditional material and a gifted instrumentalist, she is perhaps best known for her observant and caustic original songs about women; 'Gonna Be an Engineer' being a case in point. Since 1959, she has written hundreds of songs, forging the missing link between the 1950s American folk-song revival and women's liberation.

12th November 2005


Original punk survivor TV Smith was the driving force behind seminal one chord wonders TheTV on the radio! Adverts before embarking on a solo career that now finds him on a seemingly non-stop world tour. Far from mellowing with the years, he still bristles as much as ever with righteous indignation and his songs offer wry and caustic condemnation of the injustices around us. He will be dropping into the studio for a welcome return visit to set the world to rights and play a couple of live songs into the bargain. 

5th November 2005

Two more Hello Goodbye favourites make welcome returns to the airwaves this week:

Master are a Nottingham based trio comprising of ukulele, drums, clarinet and voice. Their ramshackle sound manages to combine elements of jazz, music hall, punk and experimental noise-core. Having recently lost a banjo player but gained a drummer, they are at pains to point out that they are still supremely dedicated to creating a zealously glorious racket.

glassglueGlassglue frontman Marcel Stoetzler may well resemble a taller Max Wall but in fact sounds more like a hybrid of both Marlene Dietrich and Howard Devoto. His short, sharp & witty observations are perfectly conveyed with the aid of his  geeky yet ever ready band members.

29th October 2005


This week’s show features two outstanding bands in session.


Big JoanFirst up is a welcome return visit from Bristol noisemongers Big Joan, whose gravity defying cross rhythms and unhygienically filthy bass combine with a guitar that probes degrees of angularity previously thought impossible, while singer Annette Berlin purrs and howls throughout, sometimes even managing both at the same time. Not only are they much more than the sum of these already considerable parts, they are also prime contenders for the title of loudest band ever to play live on the show.


Supplying the yang to Big Joan's ying will be Merchant, who draw on elements of both drone metal & doom jazz to produce a minimal, simplistic and dark sound propelled by a furious rhythm section. "Like dark baroque music, but with all the twiddly bits replaced with mental drums, sort of doom thrash baroque..." according to a bewildered witness to a recent live performance.

22nd October 2005

No Hello Goodbye show this week as Resonance broadcasts live from the Frieze Art Fair

15th October 2005

Gina BirchDavid Cronenberg's Wife bring their dark, uncomfortable and off the wall subject matter set to throbbing and infectious rhythms into the studio for a live session. Gina Birch(Raincoats/Red Crayola) also joins us ahead of her performance at Wired Women at the Spitz on October 27th. Among other things she will be discussing her contribution to the soundtrack of Lizzie Borden's classic 1983 futuristic feminist film 'Born in Flames' which will be given a rare screening at the same event.

8th October 2005

This afternoon's live session is courtesy of purported teenage Outsider Metal specialists Scorpion Thunderbolt of the Twenty First Century Plan B aka 'STOT21stCPlanB', who all claim to suffer from a degenerative ageing disease. Rather than playing songs from their first album - 'Satan's Rat Trap and the Mouse that wound up dead' (Rim Records) - 'a dark and sardonic record crammed full of death!', they preview songs from their post-alt country concept LP inspired by the recent floods in New Orleans. Also appearing live is Gdansk's one man trio Jacek Kulesza, performing with guitar, tambourine and suitcase.

1st October 2005

Live sessions from some of the acts performing in this evening's 'Hello Goodbye' presents show at the 12 Bar Club.

Picture, if you will, a parallel universe in which Tom Waits joins forces with Sepultura to reSuitable Case For Treatmentcord a Captain Beefheart tribute album. The resulting sound of such an unlikely alliance would not be dissimilar to that produced by Oxford’s extraordinary Suitable Case For Treatment, who make a welcome return visit to the show today. The band defy categorisation at every turn, veering effortlessly from hardcore to ska and back again while onlookers can only gasp in amazement at alleged ex-circus performer Liam Ings-Reeve’s scorching gravel-coated rasp of a voice. Their superb debut album, ‘Of Motets and Misdirection’, described by Kerrang as a ‘madder-than-mad collection of crazed sea shanties and macabre experiments in grime-encrusted rock’n’roll’ is out now on Thin Man records.

Also from Oxford, the downbeat lush arrangements, simple, powerful songs and brooFireworks Nightding presence of Fireworks Night are akin to Low or a very low-watt Calexico, with a deathly resonance that Will Oldham would no doubt approve of. With sparing use of pianos and guitars, they weave simple vignettes, maudlin tales of dissolved love, depression and darkness. There is nonetheless real beauty here if you choose to find it and while they may well kick you into the gutter, they also invite you to take a peek at the stars. Their debut album, ‘It’s A Wide, Wide Sea’ is out now on Organ Grinder Records.

Pete and the Pirates

deXter Bentley also give a live performance of one of our songs and, not content with playing two gigs on the same day, Pete and the Pirates drop in to play a couple of tunes as well.

24th September 2005

Two live sessions square up to each other this week: In the red corner Little Sparta summon up an atmospheric musical accompaniment to enhance the lyrical ramblings of our much loved in-house poet Mr. Gerry Mitchell. Meanwhile, in the blue corner, making a welcome return to the studio along with his band is Jason McNiff, treating us to a formidable feast of finger picking fury and damn fine songs.

17th September 2005

In our first 90 minute show, John Parish will be dropping by to fill us in on his career as a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and PJ Harvey collaborator. We'll also be gently coaxing him into playing a live tune or three from his forthcoming LP 'Once Upon A Little Time'.

10th September 2005

Charango-wielding post-punksters Arthur Brick eulogise pedestrians and night buses live in session.

3rd September 2005

Actor and playwright Nick Moran joins us in the studio to talk about his current West End play 'Telstar', based on the life and death of pioneering 1960's record producer Joe Meek.

27th August 2005

Every now and then, inspired by Morgan Fischer’s 1980 ‘Miniatures’ album, we invite listeners to contribute recordings of around sixty seconds in duration to the Hello Goodbye show – these can be music, spoken word, soundscapes, field recordings and so on. When we’ve collected enough of these small but perfectly formed pieces, we combine them to form an hour’s worth of aural thumbnails. Today’s show is the final instalment in the series of bonsai marvels. The full track listing is as follows:







elisabeth milligan

a minute of a 25 hour day



victor peach

pipes n water



smack miranda

instant ventriloquism #1



novaya zemula





renaissance man



peter rockmount

conundrum of right



shimmy rivers & & canal 

sartre sinatra



jean pierre mal derierre

metro camel



little sparta and mike patrick

old friend



alexander wendt




francisca luntz




ben long

honk blues



tyrone kamrans




jason and the argonaughties

double dipsoid man



simon dye

bike swarm



james iii

sometimes a little is enuff











dj failure




peter rockmount





blue bird



spinmaster plantpot

one minute wonder



james whittle








adrian shaw

track 12



highgate school

quiet for the ding



the st.just vigilantes

the colour of pomegranates



tommi hilden





i’ve got an analogue synthesizer and I’ll give you the key



jean pierre mal derierre

hosepipe ban



gerry mitchell & little sparta

this place



tyrone kamrans

mole emo verzun p32



chester bentley

it’s in the blood



stephen gray




koji ueno




peter rockmount

quick mix



smack miranda

radio pigeon



leila keys




adrian shaw

t junction



shimmy rivers & & canal

shimmy session 




islets of langerhans




i can see you




lions at my gate



james whittle

very wrong



hamster dragster

the golden section




uieao f15



victor peach

hula loop



little sparta & gerry mitchell

vapour trails



adrian shaw





a demonstration of the mind-melting capabilities of the fender champion 30 dsp amplifiers



cheery bye and the captains

monolithic rug saliva



peter rockmount

figure 8



highgate school

solo for armpit



deXter bentley

top 10



novaya zemula

kruschev carcinogenic policy



tyrone kamrans




alexander wendt




20th August 2005

Jake Vegas, London's legendary shopping bag carrying authority on west end gangsters of the 50’s and 60’s, plays live selections from his newly released Nevada Gas LP (Rim Records). A must for  fans of shambolic, clueless Rock n Roll

13th August 2005

Former Barnsley anarchist and robin fancier Adrian R Teenbeat drops in for a chinwag and a song or two, while Fire Records artists Sanna provide a live session

6th August 2005

With no fewer than 6 acts performing live, today's Hello Goodbye show promises to be an even more chaotic delight than usual. Occupying the lion's share of airtime, Glasgow based five piece WHITE NIGHT formed at the end of last year as a birthday present. Expecting each show to be their last, their music consequently brings with it a certain sense of urgency. Simple, fast and energetic, their songs swing from melodic sweetness to discordant rock.

Also performing one live song each will be all the artists on the bill of tonight's Hello Goodbye presents gig at the 12 Bar Club (Denmark Place, WC2 - 8pm until late - £6/5 flyer), namely: The Diamond Family Archive, Cau_Cational Betreet, Pete and the Pirates, She Shimmy Rivers and And Canal... and deXter Bentley.

Apologies to those were disappointed not to hear the show at the usual time - this was due to us being locked out of the studio!!!!

Lock out!White NightDiamond Family Archive

The show was finally aired later that afternoon. We're looking at making it available as a podcast or a streaming file on this site for those who missed it so stay tuned for more information...


30th July 2005

A double-whammy of live performances. Firstly the 4 piece female quartet Manic Cough crank up the volume with a fine array of earth clattering pop songs. Then, throwing their Stetsons into the ring for their record-breaking third appearance on the show, the finger picking brilliance of South London's finest melodic folk group The Hankdogs.

23rd July 2005

With a truly seductive voice that combines effortlessly with her haunting and hypnotic blues flavoured music, Petra Jean Phillipson plays a live selection of songs from her debut album 'Notes on Love' (newly released on Gronland records). 



16th July 2005

Jail perform live fragile, innocent, synthy, indie-folk music on the show.  They admit to being huge fans of both Pavement and The Fall but all one really needs to know is that they play brilliant pop songs!.



9th July 2005

Pete and the Pirates perform live on the show. Says Artrocker of the band - 'So strange! Folk bits! Byrdsy bits! Kraut-rock frug-outs, punk blasts of power and superb pop moments all segued and strewn together carelessly but precisely'.



2nd July 2005

A live session from The Astronauts, survivors of the original post-punk anarchist scene, who have continued to wage war on the idea of any neat labelling since their inception by incorporating heavy doses of folk and psychedelia into their music, along with occasional explorations of electronica, avant-garde jazz and opera. Based around the ever-present caustic deliberations and dark suburban poetry of main-man Mark, the band's line up has maintained a healthy fluidity which has kept it fresh and constantly re-inspired. Certainly the only band to have shared a stage with Crass, Psychic TV, Dire Straits and Duran Duran!



25th June 2005

Trashy groove based garage band Seven Boyfriends are live in session: influenced by Pussy Galore and the Cheater Slicks, their line up features vocals, 2 guitars, drums and percussion/noisemaker.



18th June 2005

The toast of the recent Resonance FM third birthday gig, Shimmy Rivers and And Canal perform a variety of very short songs live in session. When asked for a biog their response was, 'We have nothing to say about ourselves or our music and we would prefer to be known merely as the band'



11th June 2005

Live unsettling and simplistic music from Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts, whose uneasy listening ultimately rewards with its rawness and honesty.



4th June 2005

Austrian born musician/artist Wolfgang Tschegg (formerly with The Jazz Butcher) perfoms live in session, along with extra live contributions from Jesus Licks, James III and the Courtesan, RachelAPP and deXter Bentley who together make up the bill of tonight's 'Hello Goodbye presents' gig at the 12 Bar club.

Wolfgang TscheggJesus LicksJames III and the Courtesan

28th May 2005

Peggy Seeger, legendary songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and activist joins us in the studio as she prepares to celebrate her 70th birthday with a concert at the Royal Festival Hall.

Peggy SeegerPeggy is the daughter of musicologist Charles Seeger and composer Ruth Crawford Seeger. She is the half-sister of Pete Seeger and her life partner was the English songwriter Ewan MacColl, who wrote 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' for her and about her. For decades, she has been one of the most authoritative voices in American and English folk and while she is acknowledged as an esteemed interpreter of traditional material and a gifted instrumentalist, she is perhaps best known for her observant and caustic original songs about women; 'Gonna Be an Engineer' being a case in point. Since 1959, she has written hundreds of songs, forging the missing link between the 1950s American folk-song revival and women's liberation.

Pete SeegerAlso appearing at both the concert and on the show is Peggy’s half-brother Pete Seeger, writer of ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’ and ‘If I Had a Hammer’, whose twin passions for social reform and folk music earned him the epithet ‘America’s Tuning Fork’. A friend and contemporary of Woodie Guthrie and Paul Robeson, Pete was also an activist who was hauled up in front of the House of Un-American activities in 1955 and questioned about his political associations. He refused to speak, citing his right to free speech under the First Amendment and was sentenced to a year in jail. He only served four days of it, but was blacklisted in the US and kept off radio and television for seventeen years. For sixty-five years, he has held forth continuously through the cold war, the witchhunt, Vietnam, the civil rights and civil liberties battles and is still going strong at the age of 86.

Irene Piper-Scott, Richard, Peggy, Pete, Peggy's Grandson Tom'This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender'Simon and Pete









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21st May 2005

Grrrrrrrrrrr!Live in session are Tiger Force: two musicians, one trained and one feral, incorporating both the ethos of punk and hip-hop, sampling beats and shouting a lot. Both play guitar. Both sing. And both create a potent mix of spiky, art-rock grooves and mentalist post-riot grrl squeals, whilst dabbling in a bit of electro lunacy that you can all sing along to. This is the DIY ethic writ large. Some words they like are - Handclaps, modernist, Non-stop tours, Bmx, Beatbox body poppers, Scribble, Panic, Animals, Origami, Guitars, Explosion. Adaptability.

”They don't actually sound like or look like the Roobarb and Custard opening credits but they do evoke exactly the same feeling. To do that and also be real people is an extraordinary achievement" - BellyAche

14th May 2005

Fireworks Night explode into the studio to perform stripped down versions of some songs off their debut album ‘It’s A Wide, Wide Sea’, which has been described as ‘a strange record that takes you into far out, country tinged, devastated torch singing territory’. The band tell sad, strange stories with haunting male/female harmonies backed by guitars, ukuleles and a host of other instruments.



7th May 2005

Jesus Licks perform live in the studio. Using vocals, banjo, guitar, cello and percussion, they make music that is a mix of raw sound and beautiful melodies; a pop sensibilty teamed with dark comedic lyrics.

30th April 2005

Nought.... but nice!A live set from stunning prog-nouveau outfit Nøught, fresh from their performance at the Resonance birthday celebrations the previous night. Playing ‘frighteningly obtuse bend-rock’, the band combine the attitude of Fugazi with the art of Glenn Branca and are not afraid to make screaming left turns into the scary world of progressive rock.

23rd April 2005

RachelAPP drops in to deliver a live minimalist post-punk mix of off-kilter grooves, dirty guitars and quirky vocals, furnishing a fitting backdrop to tales of loss, anger and social issues.

16th April 2005

GLASSGLUE perform live in the studio. With Punk, Blues & Country influences, the band create a sparse and transparent music that works as an ideal counterfoil to their short, sharp, fully focused songs.


9th April 2005

CurtisNew York City's angriest yodelling banjo player, Curtis Eller, visits the studio to sing and talk about pigeon racing, Buster Keaton, Jesus, George W Bush, circus elephants and the many other themes of his recent album, Taking Up Serpents Again. Curtis will be playing live at the 12 Bar on Denmark Street on Saturday 9th April, and at the Spitz on Sunday 10th.

2nd April 2005

8-piece Nottingham ensemble the HellsetHellset Orchestra make a welcome return to London with a live session as a warm up to their appearance at tonight's 'Hello Goodbye' evening at the 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street (not to be missed for the sheer spectacle of seeing them cram themselves precariously onto the Lilliputian stage). Hellset's dizzying orchestral landscapes contain baroque keyboards, melodramatic vocals, tightly syncopated breaks and furious stop/start dynamics, providing the soundtrack to a silent theatrical discotheque. The result of all this musical chicanery is a glorious racket that is instantly familiar but rarely sounds too much like anyone else.

The show will also feature live performances from the other acts on the bill for tonight's gig, including Bilkis, the Irrepressibles, Richard Thomas and Hot Silk Pockets as well as deXter Bentley.



26th March 2005

Wet Dog, London's finest and hardest working unsigned female trio return by popular demand to the Hello Goodbye show with their perfect minimalist pop/punk canon.

19th March 2005

Live euphoric, frenetic, ramshackle, carcrash popnoise from Reading based 5 piece Hot Silk Pockets.


12th March 2005

London/Brighton based act The Diamond Family Archive play live in session. With songs built around sparse yet complex layered loops of live guitar, lap steel and electronica, they have been described as leftfield, oddball and gorgeous, a beautiful and fragile noise and sublime lo-fi melancholia.

5th March 2005

Teutonic/Arabic duo Male, who are in fact female, perform live on today’s show. Expect post-rock guitar and drums combined with voices that soothe, shout, sigh, swoon and scream in no particular order in a bare, raw, blend of menacing blues.

26th February 2005

Joining us for a live session are Liberation Jumpsuit, a trio of producers who fuse their live laptop jamming, synths, vocals, improv guitar, theremin and fx into a unique & contagious electro/breakbeat sound.

(Rescheduled from Saturday 22nd January)

19th February 2005

After fleeing the Circus Burlesque where his father was a performer on the flying trapeze, singer Liam Ings-Reeves formed Suitable Case For Treatment and threw away his safety net. Today he brings the band from Oxford to Resonance to perform live renditions of their gravely (and gravelly) voiced stories of misfortune, woe and dastardly goings on in unwelcoming settings.

12th February 2005

The Hungry Dog Brand, fronted by former door to door salesman Martin Dowsing, perform a live helping of English seaside gothic from their newly released EP, ‘The Red Scarf’ (produced by & featuring Wreckless Eric).


5th February 2005

An almost entirely live show with neo-orchestral art-rock experimental ensemble The Irrepressibles popping in for a live session of vocal abandonment and soaring string arrangements, while Tautologist, Ivich Lives, The Bennett Sisters, Gerry Mitchell and Al Boyd and deXter Bentley also contribute live songs ahead of tonight's 'Hello Goodbye presents...' gig at the 12 Bar Club.

Gerry and AlBennett SistersOllie Ivich


29th January 2005

Peckham teenagers The Dominoes are in the studio with a live combination of 60’s influenced pop, punk, original ska and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

22nd January 2005

With a nasty bout of food poisoning foiling Liberation Jumpsuit from joining us in the studio, Smack Miranda step gamely into the breach for some last minute improvised live electronica. Meanwhile noise poet Spinmaster Plantpot drops in to compare notes with Gerry Mitchell, unofficial poet laureate of Plumstead.


15th January 2005

We call it no frills electronic rock and roll, they call it rampant face tearing rib flapping bone crunching atomic acid house rock and drum and punk and bass attack - either way it's South London duo the Aggers live in session on this week's show!


8th January 2005

Fresh from mesmerising the audience at December's Hello Goodbye night at the 12 bar club, playing live in the studio this week are London and Brighton based band Blanket, who have been hailed by Time Out as 'the new unforgettables of the acoustic scene’. Singer Vicky Steer sings like Kirsty Macoll on heroin and while there's a pop heart in their songs, it never gets in the way of the natural flow; each song is painfully beautiful, juxtaposing desperate lyrics with gentle guitar melodies, haunting lap steel and lightly brushed drums. Most definitely a band to watch out for in 2005.

1st January 2005

To celebrate the New Year, and more especially the end of the old one, this week's show is compilation of some of the finer moments from the Hello Goodbye live sessions recorded during 2004.

The full playlist is as follows:



25th December 2004

Christmas Day sees the Hello Goodbye show putting its feet up and taking a well-earned break. Resonance will be broadcasting a feast of festive delights in our absence.


18th December 2004

Rage fuelled introvert punk duo the death of a band play a live session as a taster for their late set at the Hello Goodbye Xmas Special live show at the 12 Bar club the same evening.


11th December 2004:

Explosive, Post-Punk, all female quartet GERTRUDE play live in session.  For eight years now Gertrude have stayed true to their DIY ethics, touring the Squat Scene and serving up their own inventive brand of Punk Rock to a growing audience hungry for an alternative to the mainstream. Listen as they combine their screaming guitars, multi-layered vocals and eccentric rhythm section with mutant cello, clarinet and melodica.


4th December 2004:

Cornwall's  Kit Bennett and her sister Sid bring their acoustic instruments, their cutting edge lyrics and their supreme vocal talents to the Hello Goodbye show.


27th November 2004:

The Capes live in session.



20th November 2004 WRECKLESS ERIC - 'a man with enough fire in his belly to power an entire Norfolk village' - returns once again to the Hello Goodbye show. 'When the seminal Whole Wide World was his first release on the legendary Stiff label, even the poncey NME would not have called Eric Goulden a poet and sound artist, but that's what he is now and (with the benefit of hindsight) what he was then.'So says the Glasgow Herald and that's good enough for us. Wreckless plays live in the studio, reading extracts from his autobiography 'A Dysfunctional Success' and having a damn good chat.



13th November 2004: 8-piece Nottingham ensemble The Hellset Orchestra appear live in session. Comprising of organ/vocals, bass, drums, cello, 2 violins, saxophone and a laptop, they say that they provide the 'soundtrack to a silent theatrical discotheque'. Kindred spirits include Queen, Meat Loaf, Boney M, ELO, King Crimson and Sparks (to name but six!).

Also on the show: Capoeira Movimento, performing live and talking about the Brazilian martial art of capoeira.



6th November 2004:

Composer Michael Garrad a.k.a. Tautologist live in session. In his early twenties and hailing from Essex, Tautologist combines his music with spoken word in an attempt to convey the tragedy and mundanity of 9 to 5 employment.



30th October 2004:  Original post-punk legends Spizz Energi appear live in session ahead of their 25th anniversary show  at the 100 Club on Thursday the 4th of November.




23rd October 2004:

Live improvised dischord from Cau-cational Betreet and an acoustic set from former Ghosts frontman Matthew Sawyer.



16th October 2004: No Hello Goodbye show as Resonance broadcast all weekend from the Frieze Art Fair and the European Social Forum.



9th October 2004 - Avon calling!

Self-confessed teutonic riot-funk, post-punkers from Bristol, Big Joan joined us in the studio, bashing out tracks from their ‘Insects and Engines’ album and giving us a taste of the mix of ‘bass, beats, volume, mess’ that’s brought them so many recent accolades for their live show.



2nd October 2004: Ahead of a guest appearance at the 'Astoria 2' the same night (as part of the John Otway's 52nd birthday celebration) our guest was the singer/songwriter and actor Ed Tudor Pole. Ed played live in the studio and talked to us about his 25+ year career. He also discussed his latest acting role in the newly released film 'The life and death of Peter Sellers', in which he plays the part of Spike Milligan.