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Saturday 15th January 2011

jeffrey lewis & the junkyard - whistle past the graveyard
tanya auclair - tight little fingers (live)
tanya auclair - thrum (live)
tanya auclair - closer (live)
alice gun - metal spider
sergeant buzfuz - knock knock knock
dear puppeteer out-take 1
ferris blood (depressing comics / dear puppeteer creator) live telephone interview.
dear puppeteer out-take 2
hamilton yarns - maybe baby
trevor moss & hannah-lou - allotment song
hungry dog brand - allotment plot 13
smoke fairies - erie lackawanna (live)
smoke fairies - devil in my mind (live)
smoke fairies - summer fades (live)
smoke fairies - hotel room (live)

Saturday 18th December 2010

all my cats are dead - niall spooner harvey (hg archive)
never come - viv albertine's limerance (hg archive)
wymmin's final - wet dog (hg archive)
below the waves - keshco (live)
james harries - keshco (live)
i almost died - keshco (live)
jap rock go! - keshco (live)
standing down - trevor moss & hannah lou with the lantern society players (hg archive)
dark joan - leila adu and the don'ts (hg archive)
something on the radio - john kenton (hg archive)
years - mary and the baby cheeses (hg archive)
the lucy gang take on the hells angels - sexton ming (hg archive)
my friend joe - the irrepressibles (hg arhive)
central park - spizz oil (live)
island - spizz oil (live)
6,000 crazy - spizz oil (live)
fibre - spizz oil (live)
crap song - spizz oil (live)
macisaac -mithras (hg archive)
thrombasser - cigna spine (hg archive)

Saturday 11th December 2010

just like christmas (in cottonopolis) - the social interaction foundation (aka help stamp out loneliness)
home sweet home (at christmas) - viv albertine
cold city - spizz oil
weapons expo - keshco
strange idea - thee intolerable kidd with friends (live)
little da'wah - thee intolerable kidd with friends (live)
the reason i cry - thee intolerable kidd with friends (live)
'untitled' - thee intolerable kidd with friends (live)
victorian worship song - petra jean phillipson
city of lost angels - petra jean phillipson
code brown - poino
scatter seeds from the rocket - ulysses storm
a duck and a kangaroo - mark arend (live)
step forwards - mark arend (live)
move over - mark arend (live)
red leaves - mark arend (live)
the catastrophic mid-country cage - gerry mitchell (live)
every stitch, every line - left with pictures
christmas hoedown - the santa belles

Saturday 4th December 2010

Something New- Eyeful (live)
Wild Rover - Eyeful (live)
She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah - Eyeful (live)
Seven Sleepers - Eyeful (live)
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Spizz
Day Tripper - Plug
Eleanor Rigby - Gershon Kingsley
A Day In The Life - The Fall
Mind Games - Paton/James (live)
Rain - Paton/James (live)
Black Eye For Christmas - Quarter Pounder
I'm So Tired - Paton/James (live)
I Found Out - Paton/James (live)
Summertime - Ringo Deathstarr
Author and musician Tim Burrows reads his essay: 'Imagining John Lennon in the Fens'
Hello Goodbye - Paton/James and friends (live)

Saturday 27th November 2010

Throbbing Gristle - After The Fall
The Magic Lantern - Cut From Stone
Cigna Spine - Synth Cycle (Live session)
Pheromoans - Next Year's Buzzard (HG archive)
Cigna Spine - Tofino (Live session)
Bobby Conn - Rise Up
Cigna Spine - Resonance (Live session)
Cigna Spine - Thrombasser (Live session)
Plug - Body Story
Maria And The Mirrors - 2000 Years Of Ketamine
Eyeful - Merry Christmas
Paton/James - I Want You
Barberos - Oui
Spizz Oil - 6000 Crazy (HG archive)
Santa Belles - Christmas Hoedown
Design-A-Wave - Untitled
DAF - Der Rauber Und Der Prinz

Saturday 20th November 2010

milk kan - junk shop
bobby conn - united nations
viv albertine - never come (HG archive)
teeth of the sea - your mercury
private trousers - wonder horse (LIVE)
private trousers - dumps (LIVE)
private trousers - the edge (LIVE)
private trousers - snow (LIVE)
zapoppin' - oops, you're a racist
plug - man v's machine
x-tg - xpad
spin spin the dogs - dream time (HG archive)
black octagon - bear snuffler
chris bowsher with the faction - chinese poem (LIVE)
chris bowsher with the faction - subway 6 (LIVE)
chris bowsher with the faction - ru1 (LIVE)
biltone - the pyramids of llangollen
chris bowsher - bassett (poem / LIVE)

Saturday 6th November 2010

giant sand - monk's mountain
howe gelb - chunk of coal (LIVE)
howe gelb - erosion (LIVE)
howe gelb - love a loser (LIVE)
howe gelb & a band of gypsies - always horses coming
john otway & wild willy barrett - racing cars
john otway - josephine (LIVE)
john otway - lazers of love (LIVE)
john otway - reall free (LIVE)

Saturday 30th October 2010

the crayonettes - spooky way home
plug - pure (LIVE)
plug - free (LIVE)
plug - higher (LIVE)
plug - bad effects on your brain (LIVE)
wet dog - zah und zaheet (HG archive)
private trousers - the storm (HG archive)
the slits - boring life
braindead collective - (ode to the) f*cked unicorn (HG archive)
giant sand - thin line man
john otway - really free
woodpecker wooliams - out walking (LIVE)
woodpecker wooliams - wild beasts (LIVE)
woodpecker wooliams - in your mouth (LIVE)
circulus - velocity races (HG archive)
spin spin the dogs - inner peace (HG archive)


Saturday 23rd October 2010

the slits - in the begining there was rhythm
giant sand - erosion
john otway - too much air not enough oxygen
adrian r. teenbeat - i know very well how i got my name (LIVE)
adrian r. teenbeat - cowboy meditation (LIVE)
the teenbeat - royston
the teenbeat - wooly edge baton charge
keeley forsyth - the scuttler (LIVE)
keeley forsyth - violet
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 5) (LIVE)
smegma - flashcards
plug - body story
woodpecker wooliams - the lamentable love of the barometer


Saturday 9th October 2010

max tundra - gum chimes
little penguin - adnap (LIVE)
little penguin - polaris (LIVE)
little penguin - puce moment(LIVE)
fari b - usne
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 5)
rude mechanicals - disco dancer
piney gir's country roadshow - lucky me (LIVE)
piney gir's country roadshow - claw machine(LIVE)
piney gir's country roadshow - master / mistress (LIVE)
piney gir's country roadshow - 40 days and 40 nights (LIVE)
the schla-la-la's - germaniac (H.G. archive session recording)
squirrel skin slippers - desert road
giant sand - thin line man
wet dog - lower leg

Saturday 2nd October 2010

Little Penguin - Polaris
Piney Gir's Country Roadshow - Sherrif Of San Miguel
Mithras - MacIsaac (LIVE)
Mithras - Africa (LIVE)
Mithras - Egg Stores (LIVE)
Mithras - Dumb Waiter (LIVE)
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 4)
Spin Spin The Dogs - Rusty Boys (H.G. archive session recording)
Poino - Track 2 (H.G. archive session recording)
Electricity In Our Homes - You're Doing So Well
The Sexual Objects - Demonstration
Morton Valence - Man On The Corner (H.G. archive session recording)
Heatsnake - Live At Madame Claude, Berlin

Saturday 25th September 2010

Video clip of Kathryn Williams performing 'Just Leave' and 'Moon River' live in session.

the irrepressibles - nuclear skies
kathryn william - just a feeling (LIVE)
kathryn william - wanting and waiting (LIVE)
kathryn william - just leave (LIVE)
kathryn william - moon river (LIVE)
the crayonettes - hopscotch
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 3)
teeth of the sea - hovis coil
fireworks night - what you don't know
thee intolerable kidd - strange idea of love
karen grace - the mugger (LIVE)
karen grace - she never asked (LIVE)
karen grace - raise our glasses (LIVE)
karen grace - lost treasure (LIVE)

Saturday 18th September 2010

sergeant buzfuz - here come the popes (part III)
braindead collective - raising nessie (LIVE)
dodo - cleopatra's needle
braindead collective - (ode to the) f*cked unicorn (LIVE)
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 2)
arthur brick - viva la pedestrian
wreckless eric & amy rigby - round
peepholes - sleeping in the shower
flats - big souls
karen grace - come out
kathryn williams - 50 white lines
vatican cellars - bitter plans

Saturday 11th September 2010

dodo - moon trees
the crayonettes - let's dance on the moon
charly blue - you're a fool (LIVE)
charly blue - 166 (LIVE)
charly blue - a moth (LIVE)
boyleANDshaw - GET BIG (episode 1)
the skull defekts - live @ resonance
flats - flats waltz (LIVE)
flats - big souls (LIVE)
flats - top hat (LIVE)
flats - lack of stature (LIVE) video link
flats - in the wake (LIVE)
flats - are you feeling rusty? (LIVE)
flats - forty hours (LIVE)
braindead collective - ?
david cronenbergs wife - cymru

Saturday 4th September 2010

tactics - quality of a holiday
david studdert - carving my days with a knife (LIVE)
david studdert - ufo recovery rumour (LIVE)
david studdert - addicted police dog (LIVE)
tactics - new york reel
tactics - arthur lee at houston airport
joss cope interview the author john einarson about his book ' forever changes: arthur lee and the book of love'
spin spin the dogs - biggest fist (LIVE)
spin spin the dogs - inner peace (LIVE)
charly blue & the colours - how does it sound now?
flats - top hat demo
spin spin the dogs - rusty boys (LIVE)
spin spin the dogs - dreamtime (LIVE)
lucy's diary - targets

Saturday 10th July 2010

the moulettes - recipe for alchemy
sergeant buzfuz - knock knock knock
milk kan - kill all the a&r men
scarlet's well - vampire (LIVE)
scarlet's well - 9 devotion's to krishna (LIVE)
scarlet's well - supernatural services (LIVE)
scarlet's well - idol (LIVE)
big joan - tiger
lime headed dog - liverpudlian cathedral
spin spin the dogs - the biggest fist
the boycott coca-cola experience - love song
dexter bentley - killer kane

Saturday 3rd July 2010

buttonhead - champion bread
songdog - it's raining on the old cat's grave (LIVE)
songdog - hat check girl (LIVE)
songdog - shaman (LIVE)
piper's son - the shaman
trent miller & the skeleton jive - six feet under
the nightingales - part time moral england
chapter sweetheart - holiday (let's emigrate)
electricity in our homes - after many a summer dies the swan
the monroe transfer - goodbye faithful kingdom
olivia chaney - the brookland road (LIVE)
olivia chaney - swimming in the longest river (LIVE)
olivia chaney - backgarden beautiful (LIVE)
olivia chaney - all the king's horses (LIVE)
red cable sunday - prelude to the nocturne

Saturday 26th June 2010

stained glass heroes - a boy's tale
peepholes - airforce trainer (LIVE)
peepholes - alpine song (LIVE)
peepholes - sleep in the shower (LIVE)
chips for the poor - weather channel
yo zushi interviews Sid griffin (author of, 'shelter from the storm: bob dylan's rolling thunder years')
sexton ming - robert hall's football
frank sidebottom - talking about the beatles
songdog - elaine
mathew sawyer & the ghosts - minor bird's call (LIVE)
mathew sawyer & the ghosts - there is no royal road (LIVE)
mathew sawyer & the ghosts - the bully died (LIVE)
mathew sawyer & the ghosts - revenge of the exra from zulu (LIVE)
gerry mitchell - the sham with the pram (LIVE)

Saturday 12th June 2010

jack allet - on yearning
clang sayne - mocking moon (LIVE)
clang sayne - somewhere in the thicket of your beard (LIVE)
clang sayne - on the promise of a blue sky (LIVE)
smoke fairies - living with ghosts
piper's son - city ghosts
mathew sawyer & the ghosts - revenge of the extra from zulu
sexton ming - robert hall's football
arrows of love - desire
peepholes - chika
glassglue - one degree below zero
keshco - obsolete
paton/james - glass onion
biltone - humming bird (LIVE)
biltone - hope street (LIVE)
biltone - beautiful moon (LIVE)
martin ledner - home again to england

Saturday 5th June 2010

simon breed - devastating sky
the rayographs - golden light
the irrepressibles - i'll maybe let you (LIVE)
the irrepressibles - my friend joe (LIVE)
buttonhead - mouth of sundials
katy carr - lili marlene
the irrepressibles - nuclear skies (LIVE)
lot lizards - vile sound
biltone - beautiful moon
clang sayne - on the promise of a blue sky
stained glass heroes - save the universe
hendrik huthoff - let yourself go (LIVE)
hendrik huthoff - fort lauderdale chamber of commerce (LIVE)
hendrik huthoff - beginners luck (LIVE)
hendrik huthoff - the long legged girl with the short dress on (LIVE)
filthy pedro & the carthaginians - librarian blues
trent miller & the skeleton jive - moon bog party

Saturday 29th May 2010

mathew sawyer & the ghosts - pour like english taps
shimmy rivers & & canal - godolphin
shimmy rivers & & canal - nightsoil
andy hankdog - blue barley (LIVE)
lightning raiders - didja
andy hankdog - green witch tits (LIVE)
the jannocks - beatrice
teeth of the sea - only fools on horse
monroe transfer - 6 alarms (LIVE)
peepholes - ladder
tautologist vs. james III & the courtesan - bloody hell
monroe transfer - goodbye faithful kingdom (LIVE)
the irrepressibles - nuclear skies

Saturday 22nd May 2010

serafina steer - gsoh
mary & the baby cheeses - heavy moon and apologies (LIVE)
mary & the baby cheeses - in drag (LIVE)
erin k & tash - lesbian sailor (eaten by dolphin)
sexton ming - open day at school (LIVE)
uke stanza - the fats of life (LIVE)
sexton ming - how to write an authentic psychedelic song (LIVE)
sexton ming - hendrix (LIVE)
uke stanza - the dog belonging to the retired social worker (LIVE)
deptford beach babes - b-feeling
braindead collective - lawsuits and bouncebacks
mary & the baby cheeses - years (LIVE)
mary & the baby cheeses - 6 dead white men (LIVE)
shimmy rivers & & canal - nightsoil
sexton ming - the lucy gang take on the hells angels (LIVE)
uke stanza - what happened to my joey (LIVE)
the monroe transfer - alarms
mary & the baby cheeses - cinema v.o.d. (LIVE)
mary & the baby cheeses - kill the messenger por favor (LIVE)
andy hankdog - gazzateer
sexton ming - the lucy gang take on the devil (LIVE)
uke stanza - empty plynth (LIVE)

Saturday 15th May 2010

plug - you keep the beats
viv albertine - fairy tale (LIVE)
viv albertine - the false heart (LIVE)
viv albertine - void (LIVE)
chips for the poor - i am warrior
the monroe transfer - these are the bright stars (and this is how to find them)
serafina steer - shut up shop (LIVE)
serafina steer - sisters of proportion (LIVE)
serafina steer - cheap demo / bad science (LIVE)
serafina steer - curses, curses (LIVE)
mary ocher - man of 1,000 faces
uke stanza - sculptured testicles
head and shoulders with jowe head - the lost wine gum mine
gerry mitchell - late stage terminal drug addicts (LIVE)

Saturday 8th May

modena city ramblers - bella ciao
john kenton - something on the radio (LIVE)
john kenton - when i'm loving you (LIVE)
john kenton - sisters and lovers (LIVE)
john kenton - you dare to love in times like these (LIVE)
the monroe transfer - waltz
charly blue & the colours - you are a fool
vanishing twins - black girl (LIVE)
vanishing twins - glissements st. louis (LIVE)
charles hayward - a distant light
arthur brick - johnny take a drag
viv albertine - never come
serafina steer - half robot

Saturday 1st May

No Hello GoodBye.

Saturday 24th April 2010

maria & the mirrors - from egypt with love
project komakino - vermilion sands (LIVE)
project komakino - dead air (LIVE)
project komakino - civility (LIVE)
spin spin the dogs - big ben
clang sayne - lady greys allotment
woodpecker wooliams - in your mouth
now - highway code
rebecca closure - dirty jungle ginger (LIVE)
rebecca closure - you're so cheap (LIVE)
rebecca closure - key largo (LIVE)
wet dog - lower leg
viv albertine - i don't believe in love
peepholes - lair

Saturday 17th April 2010

get your beak on - filthy pedro & the carthaginians
please - sutton hoodoo
teethof the sea - your mercury (LIVE)
teeth of the sea - hypnoticon viva (LIVE)
extradition order - matches meet petrol
sexton ming - ice cream mountaineering
uke stanza - pheasants will cross the road
left with pictures - every stitch, every line
hexicon - something strange beneath the stars
adrian teenbeat - hard on
david tattersall - between my ear and the cradle
shimmy rivers and and canal - wyrd
project komakino - syndrome
nadine khouri - you've got a fire (LIVE)
nadine khouri - down the avenue (LIVE)
the sticks - under pressure


Saturday 10th April 2010

love.stop.repeat - tail lights
david tattersall - i saw your hair between the trees
benjamin folke thomas - rhythm & blues (LIVE)
trent miller & the skeleton jive - tombstone eyes
benjamin folke thomas - dusty part of heaven (LIVE)
benjamin folke thomas - can't live that way (LIVE)
erin k & tash - jiggy miggy
king & the olive fileds - monster
nadine khouri - what of
teeth of the sea - hypnoticon viva
filthy pedro & the carthaginians - rock'n'roll points
godzilla black - amazing
the waste of time lords - song of the sodomised matador (LIVE)
the waste of time lords - he learnt to love his labrynth (LIVE)
the waste of time lords - the duke de flannel (LIVE)

Saturday 3rd April2010

gasp! cracking eggs - composting
pissinboy - your eggs frozen
leila adu & the dont's - cherry pie (LIVE)
leila adu & the dont's - walk my road (LIVE)
leila adu & the dont's - dark joan (LIVE)
now - relive the food
serafina steer - moving pictures
zoamba zoet workestrao - s.p.r.
hag - tick tack toe
debbie leggo - love travels on a tightrope
maria & the mirros - from egypt with love
benjamin folke thomas - i'm gonna be a soldier
love.stop.repeat - song for mary (LIVE)
love.stop.repeat - storm song (LIVE)
love.stop.repeat - pillows (LIVE)
hollwbody - your hair hang down
simon breed - an unhappy fish

Saturday 27th March 2010

zoamba zoet workestrao - sin moj
niall spooner harvey - muddled (LIVE)
astrakan - slam dunk (LIVE)
tea & toast - mounds
niall spooner harvey - job (LIVE)
astrakan - magenta (LIVE)
serafina steer - drinking while driving
filthy pedro & the carthaginians - librarian blues
niall spooner harvey - colandar (LIVE)
glassglue - spiral stair
astrakan - underground (LIVE)
leila adu - dark joan
niall spooner harvey - a polite request (LIVE)
astrakan - mostar (LIVE)
braindead collective - hunting call
lime headed dog - ghandi
chapter sweetheart - i love her... me too!

Saturday 20th March 2010

hag - lfd
agaskodo teliverek - gay hussar
godzilla black - from here to clare (LIVE)
the saudis - mamma's little magic man
chik budo - you're on fire
godzilla black - sycamore trees (LIVE)
godzilla black - i'll kill you if you don't (LIVE)
erin k & tash - lesbian sailor (eaten by dolphins)
jason mcniff - bella ciao
fire stations - let's leave today
tea & toast band - on the turn
joanne robertson - two (LIVE)
joanne robertson - flowers (LIVE)
scarlet's well - vampire song
pheromoans - late night mad fest
astrakan - andromeda

Saturday 13th March 2010

arthur brick - johnny take a drag
the sticks - ee yeah
now - short and pretty (LIVE)
o-arc - birth
whole schebang - stranger than the weather
le tetsuo - sometimes i'm walking around i feel like i'm going to open up and crack
david cronenbergs wife - the neighbourhood knows
now - everything is in out (LIVE)
frank zappa & the mothers of invention - inca road
viv albertine - never come
now - lessen burden (LIVE)
sergeant buzfuz - here come the cops
godzilla black - fear of a flat planet

Saturday 6th March 2010

braindead collective - platts eyot drone
mephisto grande - salon de refuse
advert - 'untitled' (LIVE)
advert - stephanie (LIVE)
advert - dianne (LIVE)
chapter sweetheart - today the truth
now - lessen burden
serafina - how to haunt a house party
keshco - crimes of casio
the moulettes - bloodshed in the woodshed
jess bryant - dusk
triple rosie - go slow holiday (LIVE)
triple rosie - haircut (LIVE)
triple rosie - mother come quickly (LIVE)
triple rosie - the wooden gun (LIVE)
benjamin folke thomas - stains on my heart
circus circus circus - inside the inside out man

Saturday 27th February 2010

gnod / white hills - the secret society of ants
arthur brick - your love is blue (LIVE)
arthur brick - these are the ties that bind us (LIVE)
arthur brick - voices & choices (LIVE)
sexton ming - ice cream mountaineering
now - pistachio
lot lizards - mum's fight
the sticks - eeyeah!
red cable sunday - warflower
trevor moss & hannah-lou - sally took the ivory
erin k & tash - oh well (LIVE)
erin k & tash - clippety clop (LIVE)
erin k & tash - jiggy miggy (LIVE)
triple rosie - what the railroad will bring us
trent miller & the skeleton jive - hellbound train
king & the olive fields - my heart is a disposable camera
advert - white wedding
circus circus circus - butcher bitches

Saturday 20th February 2010

arthur brick - johnny take a drag
erin k & tash - ramen
the frizz records all stars - our love is taking us through (LIVE)
the frizz records all stars - time called the urging of my jewel and tender glory (LIVE)
the frizz records all stars - miss dominatrix (LIVE)
now - ethnic snack
arash khalatbari & the wise orkestra - strange waves in boulevard la chapelle
the frizz records all stars - mr wise (LIVE)
the frizz records all stars - paranoid (LIVE)
the frizz records all stars - a moment of peace (LIVE)
woodpecker wooliams - the lamentable love of the barometer
duke garwood - sound is my fruit
pere ubu - the modern dance
misterlee - don't kill anyone
trevor moss - 'can't wait for the spring'tour diary (live over the telephone)


Saturday 13th February 2010

the irrepressibles - my friend jo
trevor moss & hannah-lou - standing down (LIVE - over the telephone)
the moulettes - talisman (LIVE) - video clip
the moulettes - cannibal song (LIVE) - video clip
the moulettes - wilderness (LIVE) - video clip
red cable sunday - prelude to the nocturne
vanishing twins - never will it be the same again
'4 days, or a long weekend in the life of sotones' - sotones records rocumentary
moneytree - another night in babylon (LIVE) - video clip
moneytree - it ain't mine (LIVE) - video clip
haunted stereo - soul in need
private trousers - market man
the nightingales - the headache collector
lonely joe parker - brooklyn (LIVE) - video clip
lonely joe parker - shanty (LIVE) - video clip
art terry - middle england


mat riviere - never rest again
helium & eggs - axes in the legs
wet dog - trehorne beach (LIVE)
wet dog - that man delivers papers (LIVE)
wet dog - wymmin's final(LIVE)
wet dog - train track (LIVE)
pheromoans - revamper
lime headed dog - liverpudlian cathedral
king & the olive fields - little dog
hexicon - something strange beneath the stars
this is the kit - two wooden spoons
trevor moss & hannah-lou - the allotment song (LIVE) - video clip
danny & the champions of the world - henry the van
trevor moss & hannah-lou - the lion & the unicorn
jack day - bird song (LIVE) - video clip
benjamin folke thomas - can't live that way (LIVE) - video clip
the irrepressibles - in this shirt

Saturday 30th January 2010 - money in da bank vs. money in da pocket
keshco - weapons expo
godzilla black - amazing
gertrude - elephant
this is the kit - krulle bol
smoke fairies - gastown
maria & the mirrors - omar (LIVE)
maria & the mirrors - blonde september (LIVE)
maria & the mirrors - vorkuta (LIVE)
braindead collective - live @ pub pop 27.01.10
electricity in our homes - don't you want to? (follow)
wet dog - that man delivers papers
trevor moss & hannah lou - allotment song
benjamin shaw - when i fell over in the city
pleasure bridles - bleeding heart (LIVE)
pleasure bridles - sunlight (LIVE)
pleasure bridles - judy says (LIVE)
pleasure bridles - henry lee (LIVE)
milk kan - what you see ain't what you get
charly blue & the colours - more beer

Saturday 23rd January 2010

the irrepressibles - nuclear skies
charly blue & the colours - bed with sails on
viv albertine's limerence - i don't believe in love (LIVE)
viv albertine & braindead collective - when it was nice
astrakan - roundelay
viv albertine's limerence - the false heart (LIVE)
the slits - new town
viv albertine's limerence - never come (LIVE)
braindead collective - thumb piano shuffle
maria & the mirrors - omar
viv albertine's limerence - confessions of a m.i.l.f. (LIVE)
king & the olive fields - little dog

Saturday 16th January 2010

jj crash - nicotine demon
charly blue & the colours - thing about you (LIVE)
charly blue & the colours - meteorite hits cafe (LIVE)
squirrel skin slippers - frankly my dear
o-arc - there is only
niall spooner harvey - all my cats are dead (LIVE)
charly blue & the colours - eyes wide open (LIVE)
charly blue & the colours - bed with sales on (LIVE)
jess bryant - forest
viv albertine - don't believe in love
niall spooner harvey - possessive following redundancy (LIVE)
esiotrot - tammy is lez
wet dog - ethiopia
charly blue & the colours - supreme vagabond (LIVE)
charly blue & the colours - old blue (LIVE)
niall spooner harvey - road (LIVE)
le tetsuo - sometimes i'm walking around i feel like i'm going to open up and crack
charly blue & the colours - clones (LIVE)
lime headed dog - rodrigo lopez
maria & the mirrors - from egypt with love
niall spooner harvey - how do i own a house (LIVE)
paul hawkins & the awkward silences - i like it when you call me doctor

Saturday 9th January 2010

david tattersall - happy for a while
sabatta - zoning (live)
sabatta - taking my time (live)
sabatta - didn't see it (live)
astrakan - andromeda
leila adu - a moment of peace
lime headed dog - ronnie o'sullivan
maria & the mirrors - omar
mat riviere - fyh
red cable sunday - snowdrifts (live)
red cable sunday - prelude to the nocturne (live)
adrian teenbeat - hard on
skitanja - 77
charly blue - a thing about you

Saturday 19th December 2009

'Michael Garrad's 12 Days of Christmas' (our regular sound engineer Michael selects his Top 12 sessions recorded live on Hello GoodBye throughout 2009)

12 Drummers Drumming: B.C - "Volcano Blues" (3 January)
11 Pipers Piping: James III - "untitled" (3 January)
10 Lords a' Leaping: Teeth of the Sea - "A Sentimental Journey" (24 January)
9 Ladies Dancing: Sons of Noel and Adrian - "The Wreck is not a Boat" (7 March)
8 Maids a' Milking: Blue Bambinos - "Driving in my Car" (25 April)
7 Swans a' Swimming: Smoke Fairies - "River Song" (24 October)
6 Geese a' Laying: Le Tetsuo - "It's All On Sale" (26 September)
5 Gold Rings: Private Trousers - "The Storm" (21 November)
4 Calling Birds: Poino - "Tipp-Hex Snippet" (14 November)
3 French Hens: Braindead Collective - "Stoke and Gesture" (28 November)
2 Turtle Doves: Lime-Headed Dog - "Lorenzo" and "Flavours of Crisps" (12 December)
A Partridge in a Pear Tree: The Sticks - "Eee Yeah", "Master Soldier", "Under Pressure", "Radio Song", "Land Game", "Say Yeah", "Cut My Head" (27 June)

Saturday 12th December 2009

lime headed dog - lorenzo (LIVE)
lime headed dog - flavours of crisps (LIVE)
teeth of the sea - in the space capsule (love theme)
lime headed dog - where's beadle (LIVE)
lime headed dog - ghandi (LIVE)
viv albertine & braindead collective - when it was nice
sexton ming - the milk goes in the baby
gerry mitchell - hope you're as diamond (LIVE)
yo zushi - another song di natale
thomas crowe - chief joie-less
chief joie-less - i've 2,000 penguins living next door to me blues
katy carr - army (LIVE)
katy carr & the aviators - kommanders car
katy carr - violetta (LIVE)
jason mcniff - bella ciao


Saturday 5th December 2009

the saudis - mamma's magic little man (LIVE)
the saudis - heart shaped bruce (LIVE)
nosferatu d2 - springsteen
the saudis - walk like a man (LIVE)
the saudis - straight banana (LIVE)
the good news - thanks for the smile
milk kan - don't panic
lime headed dog - lorenzo
the little philistines - victorian houses
nryy - public
viv albertine - the false heart
beau & the arrows - alas (LIVE)
haunted stereo - buttons
beau & the arrows - fix (LIVE)
blanket - threats
joanne robertson - silver
katy carr & the aviators - violetta

Saturday 28th November 2009

ish marquez - ahab'd again
braindead collective - sealand (LIVE)
viv - two hoots
viv albertine - if love
braindead collective - stoke and gesture (LIVE)
godzilla black - desease (it will get you if you do, it will get you if you don't)
stained glass heroes - after the crisis
duke garwood - he was a warlock
wet dog - that men delivers papers
darren hayman & the secondary modern - apologise
beau & the arrows - alas
ish marquez - self agonising empathist (LIVE)
ish marquez - to clarify a question (LIVE)
ish marquez - goya 101 (LIVE)
the suadis - mamma's little magic man

Saturday 21st November 2009

the saudis - house of love
let's wrestle - insects
private trousers - the storm (LIVE)
private trousers - paedophiles & shopping (LIVE)
viv albertine - never come
private trousers - round the bend (LIVE)
private trousers - cardboard dreams (LIVE)
black mask - dinner date
extradition order - islington creeper
morning star - still mountain
ish marquez - darkness in her cage
benjamin shaw - i've got the pox, the pox is what i've got
nina walsh - sweetest cure (LIVE)
nina walsh - industrial folk (LIVE)
nina walsh - storms (LIVE)
josephine foster - i see thee better in the dark
poino - previous he
le tetsuo - sometimes i'm walking around i feel like i'm going to open up and crack

Saturday 14th November 2009

ish marquez - homeward: price road
poino - previous he (LIVE)
poino - tip hex snippet (LIVE)
arrows of love - desire
poino - caffeine splash (LIVE)
poino - bunny up (LIVE)
the rayographs - francis
factory floor - francis francis
leila adu - ode to the unknown factory worker
erin k & tash - lesbian sailor (eaten by dolphin)
wet dog - lower leg
the sticks - cut my head
the saudis - house of love
milk kan - i keep throwing the salt over the wrong shoulder
jack hayter - a boxer's dead wife (LIVE)
viv albertine - never come
jack hayter - your lucky charm (LIVE)
benajmin folke thomas - rhythm & blues
jack hayter - quotes (LIVE)

Saturday 7th November 2009

wet dog - lower leg
electricity in our homes - don't you want to (follow)?
arthur brick - black brick
mary epworth & the jubilee band - black doe
david cronenberg's wife - sweden (LIVE)
david cronenberg's wife - you should have closed the curtains (LIVE)
david cronenberg's wife - in the limo (LIVE)
ish marquez - ahab'd again
benjamin folke thomas - i'm gonna be a soldier
katy carr & the aviators - kommander's car
spinmaster plantpot ft. jack hayter - alternative country
bilkis - watergarden
leila adu - stop me now
o-arc - birth (LIVE)
thee intolerable kidd - like lions led by donkeys
o-arc - hope (LIVE)

Saturday 31st October 2009

tautologist - bloody hell
extradition order - matches meet petrol (LIVE)
extradition order - laura in the water (LIVE)
extradition order - marriage (LIVE)
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
pleasure bridles - siouxsie sioux
pissinboy - i'll always find you
the rayographs - underground
le tetsuo - a man from russia
leila adu - helfire
the pussywarmers - ashes
trent miller & the skeleton jive - tombstone eyes
maria & the mirrors - egypt
daniel edelstyn - lost country (LIVE)
daniel edelstyn & the orchestra of cardboard - psycho town
daniel edelstyn - germans in space (LIVE)
hungry dog brand - a long way from here
the cellar door sound - hollow tree
o-arc - there is only
smack miranda - happy birthday michael garrad

Saturday 24th October 2009

art terry - playa
august - disc jockey
the pussywarmers - german song
the pussywarmers - ashes
the pussywarmers - au revoir madame
the rayographs - 'untitled' (LIVE)
the rayographs - walk with me (LIVE)
sergeant buzfuz - kay malone
nina walsh - narcissist
the rayographs - cartwheels (LIVE)
pleasure bridles - atlantic blues
le tetsuo - sometimes i'm walking around i feel like i'm going to open up and crack
pheromoans - revamper
hollowbody - chains
alice gun - minty fresh
the wave pictures - just like a drummer
smoke fairies - river song (LIVE)
smoke fairies - sunshine
smoke fairies - frozen heart (LIVE)

Saturday 10th October 2009

black godzilla - disease 1/ i'll kill you if you don't
left with pictures - your father's nose (LIVE)
tender trap - fireworks
spizz energi - effortless
left with pictures - yours, tom maclean (LIVE)
jess bryant - marsh farm
left with pictures - beyond our means (LIVE)
the smoke fairies - when you grow old
the rayographs - francis
teeth of the sea - sentimental journey
david cronenbergs
wife -jailbait
malcolm kaksois - goth funerals (LIVE)
jack hayter - farewell to peter murphy
malcolm kaksois - there's always some arsehole in the park (LIVE)
the pussywarmers - au revoir madame

Saturday 3rd October 2009

viv albertine - never come
maria & the mirrors - from egypt with love
extradition order - islington creeper
pissinboy - patrick bruel (LIVE)
jj crash - my back yard
pissinboy - this love of mine (LIVE)
patrik fitzgerald - ragged generation for real
gerry mitchell - create enough anxiety to buy (LIVE)
debbie leggo - love travels on a tightrope
pissinboy - always find you (LIVE)
pheromoans - next years buzzard
guess what - lord jupiter
malcolm kaksois - sally (setting up the fair in the wrong town)
sandy dillon - homesick
mephisto grande - will the circle be unbroken
jess bryant - dusk (LIVE)
jess bryant - forest
jess bryant - marsh farm (LIVE)
disconcerts - tongues

Saturday 26th September 2009

gypsy girl filth - rant song
disconcerts - tongues (LIVE)
disconcerts - i found child (LIVE)
disconcerts - cotton (LIVE)
project: komakino - temple
velvet underground - white light, white heat
velvet underground - i'll be your mirror
le tetsuo - all on sale (LIVE)
le tetsuo - man from russia (LIVE)
le tetsuo - sometimes when i'm walking around i feel like i'm going to open up and crack (LIVE)
pissinboy - hackney marsh
jess bryant - belladonna
godzilla black - insect day
rich cash - birth, death, fear and people
maria and the mirrors - from egypt with love
electricity in our homes - goodbye

Saturday 19th September 2009

alice gun - the swimmer
piney gir & the age of reason - lion (i am one)
justin anderson - run free
ben arthur - all along (LIVE)
ben arthur - a song for bernard maddoff (LIVE)
the disconcerts - cotton
le tetsuo - elbow
moonthief - turn it around (LIVE)
arthur brick - johnny take a drag
moonthief - montage (LIVE)
sexton ming - she's a big girl now
moonthief - straight lines (LIVE)
now - i want to breeze
ebola - skull pressure
freq nasty - peacemaker dub
tokyo knife attack - happy kittens
smart alex - small e.e.o.

Saturday 12th September 2009

Mephisto Grande - Wade In The Water (LIVE)
The Fall - Bug Day
Debbie Leggo - Doggy Doo
Mephisto Grande - John The Revelator (LIVE)
Tom Rodwell - I Feel Like A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord
Dan Edelstyn & The Orchestra Of Cardboard - Psycho Town
Dan Edelstyn & The Orchestra Of Cardboard - Germans In Space
Mary Epworth & The Jubilee Band - Black Doe
Alice Gun - What Can I Get Me? (LIVE)
Thee Moths - None Whatsoever
Lettie - Criminal
Alice Gun - Minty Fresh (LIVE)
The Fox & The Bramble - The Slow Killing Of The Red Kites
No Frills Band - Blue Grass Bess / Arabien Knights
Alice Gun - Dark Lady (LIVE)

Saturday 5th September 2009

Adam and the Ants - Animals and Men
Plug - Soup (LIVE)
Giant Paw - Mosquito
Stained Glass Heroes - Insects
This is the Kit - Moths
Thee Moths - Get Your Folk On
Plug - Body Story (LIVE)
Arthropods In Rock - An essay by Tim Burrows
The Masked Marvel (aka Charley Patton) - Mississippi Boweavil Blues
The Drones - Bo Diddley
Plug - You Tie Me Up (LIVE)
The Bug - Poison Dart
Piney Gir and the Age of Reason - Abelba Bumblebee
The Worms - Cherries
The Millipedes - Make Something Happen