In Spring 2008 deXter Bentley released the single 'Killer Kane' ( b-side - 'Swansong')
on 7'' white vinyl through the independent London based label Blang.

The digital download of the single included 2 bonus tracks: 'Roadie Song' & 'Up With The Larks'.

Click on the images (below) in order to download the MP3 files of these songs for FREE!

If on the other hand you would prefer to purchase one of the last few remaining
limited edition 7'' white vinyl copies then please e-mail me:

Killer Kane (Duration: 4'15'')

Roadie Song (Duration: 3'11'')

Swansong (Duration: 3'40'')

Up With The Larks (Duration: 4'26'')

Richard Bentley - vocals & acoustic guitar
Ric Clark - mandolin, harmonica, acoustic 12 string guitar, shankar guitar, bass guitar & backing vocals
Joss Cope - semi-acoustic guitar, organ & backing vocals
Ean Ravenscroft - drums, percussion & backing vocals

All songs written & performed by deXter Bentley
Copyright Control 2008



Another strangely alluring release, another one pressed on 7 inches of white wax, Dexter Bentley we have on good authority feature amid their ranks a certain Joss Cope - brother of stone hugging psychedelic shaman Julian no less. Those expecting such a blood line to extend through the sounds within think again for rather than providing some hitherto unknown gateway into kosmic consciousness via mind warping melodic montages these prairie plodding dudes are more likely to be found grabbing your hand and leading a merry hoe down around the nearest campfire with their country folk flightiness. Led from the fore by one David Bentley this South London based collective co-host Resonance FM's 'Hello Goodbye' slot giving over vital time to live performances by musicians and bands on the cutting edge of the underground scene whilst their debut full length 'in order alphabetical' has after the evidence of this dinky twin set managed to find itself hogging the upper reaches of our ever bulging record wants list. 'Killer Kane' is a tribute of sorts to the late New York Dolls man Arthur Kane, a lightly skipping ramble of traditionally crafted melodies and coalescing harmonies carved deliciously with a bitter sweetly speckled warmth all the time braided with driving rustically hued cascades that build slowly but surely into a rousing humdinger of a finale whilst devilishly swept and tendered by a sumptuously sucker punching hook line. Frankly irresistible. Flip the disc for the achingly reflective 'Swansong' - a more mellowing and blues scratched shanty threaded with noire-ish harmonicas and set divinely by the occasional visitations of some exquisitely graceful mandolin trestles - bit of a winner then.

Written by: Mark @ Losing Today


Date: 27/05/2008

Observation lyrics, acoustic guitar, mandolin... should we be expecting The Levellers? Not quite - this is much more London and much more stripped down than all that, but it's still great to hear a band trying something a bit different.
'Killer Kane' is a pop song with the rich vocal of Richard Bentley, which tells the story of Arthur Kane's life backwards from his demise. It's got great mini-climaxes spread throughout it's four and a bit minutes, including special moments in the harmonies, the mandolin and all the exited chorus.
Sombre folk steps in for 'Swansong', with some harmonica added to the mandolin, drums, bass and guitar of the a-side. Now this one does have a tiny bit of The Levellers in it, of a 'Men-an-Tol' or 'Just The One' ilk, but once again, not the big festival sound, more natural and more spacious.
This is a charming record with great songs, made to sound simple but actually incredibly well constructed.

Written By: Steve / The Mag Team


Dexter Bentley has a 7' out on Blang which is a great little melodic number with wonderful harmonies, a strummy stroll down memory lane called 'Killer Kane'. It's got that old fashioned classic radio hit all over it with impassioned campfire folk vocals, rustic acoustic guitar and a foot stomping spirit. I'd like to think he looks like David essex and has an eye for the ladies! The flip is great too, a little more melancholy with ukulele or mandolin. Can't work it out but it's a broody beauty, a bit of a heart burster. Great double header with an authentic traditional soul!
Written by: Brian / Norman Records


27 May 2008

This is a rather obscure tribute to fallen New York Doll Arthur Kane it was quite a surprise as the sound wasn't Dollsesque at all as it falls more into Bob Dylan acoustic territory but quite upbeat at the same time. It made a change from the usual punkesque tributes we get to fallen punk heros. Follow up track Swansong sounds kinda like Nick Cave meets Squeeze with mandolin and harmonica a strange but enjoyable little ditty. This is well worth checking out if you fancy something that strays from the confines of the norm.
Author: davgare6


Here is a veritable effort from south Londoners deXter Bentley, an uplifting elegy in memory of late New York Doll Arthur Kane. We are taken in by the exposed tenor vocals of Richard Bentley, gently delivering us a good slice of easy listening and from there on it just grows and grows adding more and more instruments and pace and climaxing for what seems like the whole song until it reaches a release near the end in a most satisfying fashion.

As songs go this catchy little acoustic number will definitely a good one and will definitely grow on you, and you will be soon humming and yelping Richard Bentley’s very English tenor vocals. The B side too continues to exhibit the pedigree of this band’s writing skills going for a bluesier, more downbeat yet satisfying number driven by a very fitting mandolin.

What else can I say other than give these deserving guys and gal a go.

Written by: Milo Craig




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