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Hello GoodBye

On this page you will find the old Hello GoodBye listings information dating from October 2006 up until January 2010.

Saturday 22nd January 2011 LISTEN

Performing live in session on HG this afternoon we have Hamilton Yarns plus Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou.

Hamilton Yarns peddle their romantic disillusionment with the aid of stark acoustic guitar, wheezy hand pumped harmonium, the persistent ticking of a metronome and an oddball transient mix of voices.  Whilst their lyrics are rueful and hesitant, their music glimmers with a playful exuberance. Tumbling cornet lines, the drunken foggy dischord of a church organ, perky upright piano melodies, and percussive slaps and clicks all meld together creating an episodic pipe dream, disorientating but familiar. Their new LP 'Hello Sparkle' (Hark Records) is available now.
Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou return once again to the show to beguile us with their own distinct take on the 21st Century Folk idiom. Trevor & Hannah are a husband & wife duo who pick up the marital gauntlet thrown down before them by the such folk luminaries as Richard & Linda Thompson / Peggy Seeger & Ewan MaColl. Recently signed to Heavenly Records they can currently be found touring the Tin Tabernacles of the UK.

Also, tune-in to hear the first episode of “Your Voice Travels” by Duncan McAfee. This five part mini-series explores the personal relationship with the human voice through a series of semi-autobiographical poetic vignettes laced together with original music and audio artworks. 

...and last but by no means least! We have an interview with The Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel Folk Show (who are currently undergoing a tour of the UK) conducted by the poet / musician Jack Underwood.

Saturday 15th January 2011 LISTEN

The first Hello GoodBye show for 2011 kicks off in some style...

On the eve of embarking upon their nationwide tour, recent Jack White and Richard Hawley collaborators, The Smoke Fairies return once more to perform live in session on H.G. this afternoon.
Their debut album “Through Low Light And Trees” (V2 Records) is an exquisitely shivery blend of alternative folk-rock and a more humid, bluesy brand of Americana, a sound both eerily ancient and thrillingly modern, with beautifully interlocking harmonies and guitar parts behind the spectral melodies. 

Also, making her debut appearance on the show, we have the quirky soul / pop of Tanya Auclair.
The lo-fi adventures of London singer-songwriter Tanya Auclair are a beguiling mix of playful DIY drums, layers of voice, intricate uke and guitar melodies and touches of electronica. Citing influences as wide-ranging as Fats Waller, Fever Ray, Matthew Herbert, Juana Molina and E.S.G, her open instinctive approach shows in the territory she covers from the 60's doo-wop, delicate folk, to feverish rhythms and oscillating synths. 
Her 6-track EP Thrum is out now on Bandcamp.

Plus, a live telephone interview with Ferris Blood the creator of the radio show Dear Puppeteer (the audio offshoot to Depressing Comics) that is currently being aired on Resonance FM every Tuesday evening between 9.00-9.30pm.

Saturday 18th December LISTEN

Tune in this afternoon for the final Hello GoodBye show of 2010. With live music from Spizz Oil & Keshco.

Punk stalwarts Spizz Oil reform for an extremely rare live radio session. Spizz Oil originally formed in 1978 with the maniacal frontman Spizz and guitar wizard Pete Petrol. They released 2 classic 7" vinyl EP's on Rough Trade and recorded numerous radio sessions for the legendary John Peel show.

Keshco is a London / Oxford based pop-art trio who home-record in a vast array of styles (depending on how they feel.) Expect (possibly): offbeat love songs, wry social commentary, psychedelic whimsy, shimmering synthpop and/or spiky folk.

Plus, a selection of our favourite live session tunes recorded on the show throughout 2010.  

Saturday 11th December 2010

Performing live in sesion on HG this Saturday lunchtime we have the contemorary blues infectious talents of Mark Arend and Thee Intolerable Kidd with Friends.

Plus, our in house poet Gerry Michell promises to appal and delight in equal measure with his distinct take on our 21st Century condition.

Saturday 4th December 2010

Live country infused, acousmatic pop music live in session from London based quartet Eyeful.

Also, marking the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon we present an interview with the author Keith Elliot Greenberg about his new book 'December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died' (conducted by Eyeful frontman Yo Zushi)

Plus, following the Lennon theme, Now frontman Justin Paton performs live in session with his splinter project Paton/James.

Justin states: "Paton/James started covering beatles albums in 1996 when me & Andy James were on the dole & bored & he suggested we cover "The White Album", which I wasnt that familiar with, but by the time we finished the album, 2006, I knew it.
Most of that was recorded on mono-cassette or/and 4-track cassette: analogue! (yay). We started "Abbey Road" a year or two ago, recording only on the computer and finished a month or two ago: digital! (booo)
We intend to do all their albums, including "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" & the compilations such as the red & blue double-albums, the "anthologies" & the recent "Love" remix album. Next up will probably be "Sgt.Pepper", "Revolver" or "Rubber Soul".
The singing is usually divided by Andy doing Pauls' songs (his choice!!?!!) & me singing Johns' with both of us going between George & Ringos' hits. We both play all the instruments."

Finally, Tim Burrows reads a specially penned essay on John Lennon.

Saturday 27th November 2010

Rising from the ashes of the band Stained Glass Heroes,
multi-instrumentalist Cigna Spine creates taut electronic
pieces, inspired in equal parts by Krautrock and early
'90s house music. Cigna is also a visual artist,
creating paintings and sculptures based on imaginary
landscapes. Tune in for what will be his debut live performance.

Saturday 20th November 2010

Private Trousers
return to the show this lunchtime. Fashioning ukuleles from cake tins and guitars from broken furniture, PT bring the quirky, salt & vinegar sound of the Essex Riviera LIVE to the airwaves of London.

Plus, Chris Bowsher With The Faction performs his politically charged dub poetry live on the show.

Saturday 13th November 2010

There will be no Hello GoodBye this afternoon due to a 48 hour, live radio broadcast from the Instal Festival.

Overheard is a 48 hour radio broadcast by the Resonance Radio Orchestra, commissioned by the Instal Festival in Glasgow.

In it actor Tam Dean Burn walks across the city (a grid), describing a series of spirals. We eavesdrop on him as the slow and long-form piece unravels, grows increasingly complex, halts and restarts. Guests interrupt, collaborate and manipulate Tam's live and pre-recorded contributions in a meditation on listening and on radio.

Saturday 6th November 2010


A bumper edition of HG this afternoon as both John Otway and Howe Gelb perform live in session on the show.

Rock & Roll's Greatest Failure, John Otway returns to Hello GoodBye to perform some songs acoustically and to chat about his new autobiography 'I did it Otway (regrets I've had a few!)'. John is performing with his band this evening at The Half Moon Putney.

Howe Gelb also drops by to tickle the ivories on our new upright piano. Howe is performing at QEH on Thursday 4th November to celebrate 25 years of his band Giant Sand. He will also be performing solo tonight at Cafe Oto.

Saturday 30th October 2010

Art-Punk-Pop, London based duo Plug return to the show once more to perform songs from their eponymously titled debut album soon to be released on the Upset The Rhythm imprint.

Also, ethereal and sparkling odd-ball folk from Brighton based artist Woodpecker Wooliams.

Friday 29th October 2010 LISTEN

Clearspot on Resonance FM this Friday 29th October between 8 - 9 pm.

Ari-Up, lead singer for the seminal, all girl, original mid-70's, punk rock group The Slits, sadly died on Wednesday 20th October 2010 aged 48 years old.

By way of celebrating her life, this evening's Clearspot programme features a repeat of Ari's guest appearance on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show, originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM back on the 17th July 2004.

Saturday 23rd October 2010

Artists boyleANDshaw will be live in the studio for a chat and to present performances - of a musical nature - from Adrian R. Teenbeat and Keeley Forsyth, as well as the final episode of "boyleANDshaw get big" - part 6 in their specially created series for the Hello Goodbye show.

Parts 1 to 5 have followed them imagining and shooting their new film "Come and Gone". The final episode sees the characters from the film return in a live radio play.

Also, Michael Garrad presents a feature recorded last night at the opening of The Lowest Form of Music: The Los Angeles Free Music Society's London Weekend at Beaconsfield. Michael interviews various people involved with the event, plus recorded extracts from last nights live performances. Please note that this festival will continue to run over the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday 16th October 2010

There will be no Hello GoodBye today due to Resonance FM's annual outside broadcast from The Frieze Art Fair. Also, watch out for the inaugral broadcast of ResoVision with contributions from; Bob & Roberta Smith, Benedict Drew, Bridget Nicholls and many more.

Saturday 9th October 2010

Live in session on the show this Saturday lunchtime we have Piney Gir's Country Roadshow & Little Penguin.

Piney Gir's 4th album 'Jesus Wept' is released through Damaged Goods on October 18th and is a nod to Piney's strict religious upbringing and her urge to walk the line between naughty and nice. There comes a time when everyone should question their faith and Piney (with the help of her trusty Roadshow) has channelled that into a record. Jesus Wept is more than a froth of petticoats in a fresh summer field, it's Ingmar Bergman's 'Seventh Seal' twisted through the eyes of a local drunk at the truck stop honky tonk. A record that's a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of attitude.

Little Penguin is an electronica artist from Southend on Sea in Essex who's influences range from shoegaze to ambient electronica, classical composition to space travel and from gameboy pop to pure noise.

Saturday 2nd October 2010

Live in session this afternoon is Mithras. Rising from the ashes of the mighty Male Poo Woman Shoe, Mithras make peculiar, staged live performances, which are strangely restrained and uncomfortably tense. The band perform sporadically, so today is a rare opportunity to experience their live sound.

Also, episode 4  (of 6) in the series Get Big by the artists boyle&shaw.Get Big has been compiled especially for broadcast on the Hello Goodbye show and was constructed from the b&s sound archives, it follows the artists as they thicken the plot for their new film Come and Gone.

Saturday 25th September 2010

Video clip of Kathryn Williams performing 'Just Leave' and 'Moon River' live in session.

Performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon are Kathryn Williams and Karen Grace.

The Liverpool-bred, Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams has recently released her eighth studio album The Quickening (One Little Indian) and she’s not only busier than ever - with several wildly varied projects in the pipeline - but she also seems at ease with a career that has had several ups and downs (those highs have included an unexpected Mercury prize nomination for her self-released second album Little Black Numbers in 2000.)

Williams has always evaded fickle fashion, her virtues more lasting and deeper. Her art background has given her a wider perspective. She has compared the process of writing music to painting, “I can do the sketches, but the painting is a different process. You’ll never get the picture you’d imagined. But as long as you can go with it, then you’ll be happy with it. It’s frustrating, but that’s how it is.”

Enchanting and adventurous, raw and intoxicating, the lyrical world of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Karen Grace takes you on a poetic journey from farmland to funerals, from defiance to dedicated persuasion.

Her warm, wistful voice intertwines with her idiosyncratic guitar parts and her bewitching violin, creating a world where Laura Marling crosses paths with Yann Tierssen.

Plus; Part 3 (of 6) in the new series Get Big by the artists boyle&shaw.Get Big has been compiled especially for broadcast on the Hello Goodbye show and was constructed from the b&s sound archives, it follows the artists as they thicken the plot for their new film Come and Gone.
A typical boyleANDshaw freewheeling mix of documentary, drama and soundscape!

Saturday 18th September 2010

Braindead Collective will be performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon.

Prior to embarking upon their nationwide tour the Braindead Collective stop by the Resonance FM studio. Braindead Collective are an ensemble of improvising musicians mostly based in Oxford and London. Their sets vary from experimental jazz and aggressive electronic noise rock to ambient/neo classical and dronecore.

Plus, the second episode in the new 6 part series by boyleANDshaw entitled Get Big. This project has been compiled especially for broadcast on the Hello Goodbye show by the artists boyleANDshaw. Constructed from their sound archives, it follows the artists as they thicken the plot for their new film Come and Gone. A typical boyleANDshaw freewheeling mix of documentary, drama and soundscape.


Saturday 11th September 2010

Flats performin 'Lack of Stature' LIVE (video clip)

Currently laying waste to all the tawdry, high-rise, pop pap that stands before them, newly formed London based Punk band Flats perform their brash and brutally brief, aggro-core tunes live in session on the show this afternoon.

Following the crash and burn tactics of Flats, we also have some soothing balm for your lug-holes in the form of a solo performence from Charly Blue (Charly Blue & the Colours.) Like the best artists of a romantic disposition, Charly turns her worry and confusion into wonder, her doubt into investigation and surprise. At a time when there are more ways of saying things than things actually worth saying, it feels all the more important to find an artist with that rarest of talents; the ability express something genuinely beautiful
Charly Blue & the Colours self-release their new 'Meteorite Hits Cafe' EP this coming Thursday 16th September @ Acoustic Suicide (FREE ENTRY!!!)

Plus, the first episode in a new 6 part series callled; GET BIG. "boyleANDshaw get big" is a project  for the Hello Goodbye show by artists boyleANDshaw. Constructed from their sound archives, it follows the artists as they thicken the plot for their new film Come and Gone. A typical boyleANDshaw freewheeling mix of documentary, drama and soundscape. 'The story of the story of the making of the film!'.

Saturday 4th September 2010

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show returns to air after the Summer break, serving up a hearty course of live music!

London based antipodean David Studdert makes his debut appearance on the show. David cites both Woody Guthrie & Lightening Hopkins as the major influences for his current work. He is searching for feeling and immediacy in his music and is interested in the notion of music as a social action. David is also the former frontman of the late 70's Australian, New Wave rock band 'Tactics'

Also, performing live on the show once more are the London based avant-pop group Spin Spin the Dogs.

Plus, after being 'turned on' to the joys of the mid 60's West Coast, Folk Rock group Love, by his elder brother Julian back in the early 80's, Joss Cope eagerly indulges his passion for the band by interviewing the Canadian Rock historian John Einarson, who recently published his latest offering Forever Changes: Arthur Lee & the book of Love through Jawbone Press.

Saturday 10th July 2010


Not only will today see us broadcast our final show of the season before we set off on our well deserved Summer Hol's (returning on Saturday 4th  September with live music from Spin Spin the Dogs) BUT it also - sadly - sees us bid farewell to our long standing Hello GoodBye co-presenter, Ean Ravenscroft. Ean has been contributing to HG since we first came to air back in the spring of 2002. Please tune in for one final opportunity to hear his mellifluous tones in full swing!

Aside from all that, it is business as usual with live session's from Scarlet's Well and also Adelaide's Cape.

Bid is the former frontman for the seminal 80's indie outfit The Monochrome Set, he now fronts the quirky melodic pop outsiders Scarlett's Well. Today he returns to the show once more to no doubt ignore his prodigious back catalogue in favour of some newly penned tunes.

Folk troudabour Adelaide's Cape travels the country in search of stages and audiences, and more often than not, he finds them. With support from the BBC, The Independent, NME and a range of other notable names, Adelaide's Cape has become quite the name to watch in 2010. So far this year he has toured with Alessi's Ark, First Aid Kit and The Miserable Rich, as well as playing Wychwood Festival, Secret Garden Party and Open House Festival. There is no story behind the name; Sam Taylor - aka Adelaide's Cape - is not from Adelaide, and he does not have a Cape. Go figure.

Saturday 3rd July 2010

Celtic folk noiristes SONGDOG perform live on Hello GoodBye this afternoon.. Coming from Blackwood in South Wales (Lyndon Morgans and Karl Woodward) and Dundee in Scotland (Dave Paterson), Songdog combine acoustic and electronic instruments to create soundscapes for singer/songwriter (and award-winning playwright) Lyndon Morgans's vignettes on life, love and loss. The old punk spirit, realigned for modern times, remains intact in the uncompromising, explicit lyricism found within the bands latest album ‘A Life Eroding’(One Little Indian, 2010).

Plus, Olivia Chaney returns once more to the show. Classical taste with a modern ear; Olivia Chaney revives rambling boys and dark eyed sailors with her own, special touch. Expect to be moved by a virtuoso of unusual depth and passion. Her set includes unaccompanied Irish and English traditionals, and distilled arrangements of anything from 80’s pop to Renaissance opera, all coloured with Harmonium, guitar and her bold, young voice.


Saturday 26th June 2010

Cacophonic synth driven pop duo Peepholes are all set to burst over London's airwaves once more as they return to HG. Peepholes' new EP 'Lair' is available now on the Hungry For Power record label.

Plus, disturbingly fragile, skewed pop from Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts who make a welcomed return to the show. MS&tG's will be delighting us with a batch of tunes taken from their new album 'How Snakes eat' (Fire Records.)

Saturday 19th June 2010

There will be no Hello GoodBe Show this afternoon as the entirity of today's schedule is taken over by 'Radio Yesterday'.

Most radio stations rely on playlists. Most rely upon the repetition of familiar tunes. Resonance104.4fm, the award-winning radio station which famously does not have playlists, presents an entire day devoted to a single song. Radio Yesterday presents 24 solid hours of radio in the company of The Beatles's “Yesterday,” reputedly the most covered song in history - in as many cover versions as it's possible to secure. Midnight to midnight, the day after Sir Paul McCartney's 68th birthday.

Radio Yesterday works on many levels. It's a forensic examination of “variations on a theme.” It's an homage to an enduring masterpiece. It's an investigation into what turns a pop song into currency. It's a satirical take on “golden oldie” playlists. It's a exercise in casual listening taken to a crazy extreme. As comfort zone turns into endurance test and back, Radio Yesterday is presented as a conceptual radiophonic artwork, conceived and produced by Ed Baxter and curated by sound-artist Dan Scott. It features the voice of continuity announcer Piers Gibbon.

Saturday 12th June 2010

Clang Sayne and Biltone will both be p erforming live in session on the show this afternoon.

Directed by Irish songwriter/musician Laura Hyland, Clang Sayne emerged as a result of numerous collaborations between Laura and various London-based improvisors over the past three years.
Hyland sings and plays acoustic guitar, James O Sullivan, prepared electric guitar, Peter Marsh, double bass, and Paul May, percussion.
Their debut album, 'Winterlands' has attracted a steady stream of positive response from UK and international critics, alike since its release last September. Their music is unambiguously song-based, but continuously drifts in and out of a vast atmospheric soundscape that seamlessly weaves together influences from free jazz to traditional folk to avant-rock, and yet couldn't be labeled as any of the above.

Liverpool's Biltone are always atmospheric, often mysterious and occasionally stripped bare.
Biltone music ranges from sparse laments to rich tapestries of live strings and vocal harmonies.
Shades of sorrow and rays of hope dance amongst the lyrics.
Their debut album ‘Through the invisible landscape’ received great reviews and is now available on iTunes.

Saturday 5th June 2010

Neo-Orchestral pop troubadours The Irrepressibles were first guests on the deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye show approximately 5 years ago. Since then they have expanded both their ranks (now clocking up a full 9 members) as well as their popularity (with a recent triumphant sold out show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall @ The Southbank Centre in London proving testament to the fact.) The band are now simply too big to fit into the modestly sized studio at Resonance FM towers and will consequently be performing live from the Resonance FM courtyard this lunchtime. Their debut album Mirror Mirror was recently released on the Major Record Label imprint.

Also, Hendrik Huthoff was recently the successful auction winner in the Resonance FM fundraising extravaganza that occurred at the beginning of May. Hendrik's winning bid proccured him a live session slot on todays show and where he will be performing a few politically incorrect Elvis Presley tunes under the guise of 'King For A Day'.

Saturday 29th May 2010

The Monroe Transfer & Andy Hankdog perform live in session on the show this Saurday lunchtime.

THE MONROE TRANSFER are a London based orchestral/prog-rock 7-piece group who make sad, angry, melancholy, triumphant instrumental music. TMT have recently released their latest CD/LP 'Trials' (Organ Grinder.)

Also, with acoustic guitar in hand and Stetson on head, we have Andy Hankdog returning once again to perform live. Andy is the host for the long-running and legendarily eccentric South East London instituition The Easycome Acoustic Club. Andy boasts a meandering and mercurial musical heritage that spans all the way from The Lightning Raiders through to Hank Dogs via The Proffessionals.

Saturday 22nd May 2010

Performing live in session this Saturday lunchtime we are thrilled to welcome back into the fold the combined poetic abstract genius of Mr's Sexton Ming & Uke Stanza.

Sexton and Uke have both just issued 'Talented Losers' a new split chapbook of poems to make you think while you are having a quiet one. Sexton Ming: The thinking man's GG Allin. Colin Shaddick: Britain's third most popular eccentric. Together they make one considerable man.

Also, all the way from Berlin we have the punkish fem/folk sound of Mary & the Baby Cheeses.

Saturday 15th May 2010

Performing LIVE in session this afternoon we have both Viv Albertine & Serafina Steer.

Hot on the heels from her performance at PUB POP last night, Viv shuns her beauty sleep to instead join us in the Resonance studio to perform a solo set of songs.

Viv Albertine’s blood-line can be traced all the way back to the heart of Punk Rock’s true aristocracy! Viv was schooled in guitar techniques by such luminaries as Keith Levine (The Clash / PiL), Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls / The Heartbreakers.) Viv soon went on to further develop her burgeoning guitar talents to great effect, as the left-field, melodic top-line maestro, in the seminal punk rock maelstrom that was The Slits. Viv then chose to - paradoxically - drop-out from Punk to pursue a lengthy and successful career in film and television and more recently the joys of motherhood.

Now, after a long break from the music scene Viv is back where she belongs, eagerly performing with a current crop of songs that explore the vagaries of ’love und romance’ in a characteristically provocative and evocative way!

London based abstract pop musician Serafina is a beguiling songstress who performs with harp in hand and tongue in cheek. Serafina has just released her 2nd solo LP called 'Change is good, change is good' (Static Caravan)

Saturday 8th May 2010

Avid Resonance FM listener John Kenton was the successfull bidder for the deXter Bentley item (lott: e17) in last week's fundraising marathon, in return he will be performing live in session this afternoon on Hello GoodBye.

John is a pensioner who tunes in regularly to Resonance FM from his house boat moored on the Thames in far West London, he has never played live on the radio before and plans to perform his own compositions.

Plus, Parisian artist/musician Vanishing Twins (aka Jeanne Madic) joins us once again with her harmonium in hand to beguile us with her atmospheric tunes.

Saturday 1st May 2010

Resonance 104.4 FM celebrates 8 years of broadcasting with a marathon fundraising on-air auction and so consequently there is no Hello GoodBye show this afternoon.

Saturday 24th April 2010

Spectral kraut-pop ensemble PROJECT:KOMAKINO return to the show once more with their own distinctive take on modern dance music.

Plus, we also have a debut - and rare acoustic performence - from 'I wanna R*O*C*K' Rebecca Closure.

Saturday 17th April 2010

Returning to the show for what will be their 3rd live session we have the mega-sonic grandeur of Teeth of the Sea , while making her debut on Hello GoodBye we also have Nadine Khouri.

'It's their ability to appear monolithic and definitive at all times that makes Teeth of the Sea so attractive!' - Julian Cope.

Nadine Khouri is a London based singer-sonwriter who sings songs about exile, love and life in the 21st century.

Saturday 10th April 2010

London based Swedish troubadour and guitar picker extraordinaire Benjamin Folke Thomas is joined by his Folk'n'Roll ensemble to perform live in session this afternoon on Hello GoodBye.

Also, our in-house poet Gerry Mitchell brings his new collaboration The Waste of Time Lords to the airwaves for a Resonance FM debut.

Saturday 3rd April 2010

Making her debut performance on Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime we are utterly thrilled to welcome Leila Adu& the Dont's .

Leila Adu is rightly enjoying high praise for her recently released album Dark Joan (Frizz Records) produced by the legendary Steve Albini (PJ Harvey, Joanna Newsome & Nirvana.) London-born, with a heritage both European and Ghanaian, Leila was brought up in New Zealand. Her music explores the dissonant edges of familiar forms with a voice that is simply incomparable.

Plus, Love.Stop.Repeat return to the show to delight us with a few choice tunes from their latest album; Remembering (released this coming Monday 5th April on Make Your Own Adventure Records)

Saturday 27th March 2010

Returning to the show this afternoon are the London based Jazz-Rock ensemble Astrakan.

Plus, wordsmith extraordinaire Niall Spooner Harvey is set to drop by to administer a tincture of spoken word!

Saturday 20th March 2010

Description:Today on Hello GoodBye; London based abstract and supremely eclectic rock dinosaurs Godzilla Black make their debut performance.

While returning to the show with an acoustic guitar for a palette and a voice for a brush, we have the somewhat more subdued splashes of aural tone from Jo Robertson.

Saturday 13th March 2010

Performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime are the group Now.

Now are a long running and supremely prolific outfit who can rightly lay claim to being one of the finest purveyors of skewed, free-wheeling, experimental-pop that London has on offer.

Saturday 6th March 2010

Today on Hello GoodBye we have debut live music session’s from those brutally dense noise-nics Advert and from the opposite end of the sonic spectrum we also welcome the melodious airs of Triple Rosie.

Saturday 27th February 2010

Joining deXter Bentley in the Resonance FM studio this afternoon to perform live in session are Arthur Brick and Erin K & Tash.

Playing their first gigs in 2005, Arthur Brick have gradually morphed from a 3 piece band playing skinny, nervy folk-punk to a 6 piece which now includes echo electronics, pedal steel, timbales, double bass, charago and 3-part harmonies. The band plays songs at the side of a notional road junction crossed by the likes of Fela Kuti, George Jones, Caetano Veloso, Kate Bush and Kenneth Williams.

Quirky, heartfelt and honest, Erin K & Tash are one of the UK’s fastest up-and-coming folk and anti-folk bands. Erin started playing her own songs back in November 2008 having taught herself guitar and quickly earned a reputation as an acoustic artist. The numbers soon grew to include percussion, more guitars and vocals. In August, Erin met Tash and they quickly bonded into an inseparable pair. With headline slots at the UK’s Anti-Folk Festival and several of London’s must-do venues, as well as a slot at Florence & the Machine’s end of tour afterparty, Erin K & Tash are a fun-fuelled world of horseheads, cupcakes, rats, sex dolls and nursery rhymes.

Saturday 20th February 2010

This afternoon deXter Bentley opens up the airwaves to the swelling aural tide of Frizz Records. East London label Frizz Records are vinyl purists with an eclectic roster, and at the request of the Hello Goodbye team they’ve put together an ’all star’ band especially for the show, fronted in turn by Art Terry, David Garside, Joy Joseph & Raphael Mann (of August), and have cooked up a covers set with a twist - they’ll all be reinterpreting each others’ songs (and those of absent friend Leila Adu)...providing us with a unique Hall of Mirrors introduction to the world of Frizz.

Saturday 13th February 2010

This afternoon Hello GoodBye directs the spotlight towards the Southampton based co-operatively run independent record label Sotones. 

The Sotones record label sprang from a club night originally organised by brothers Rob and Dave Wade-Brown in Southampton in 2004. Sotones was founded as a co-operative, made up from the artists involved with the label but also aided and abetted by volunteers and interns. Since its inception, Sotones has come on leaps and bounds, with new signings and a distribution deal now firmly in place. Sotones' artists have played across the UK as well as Ireland, France, Belguim, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Germany and the US.

Tune in to hear live music performed by 3 of Sotones' ever expanding and joyously eclectic stable, namely; The Moulettes, Moneytree and Lonely Joe Parker

Saturday 6th February 2010

Joining us for what must amount to their umpteenth live session on Hello GoodBye are the deXter Bentley favourites Wet Dog. Still riding high after the recent release of their 2nd LP ’Frauhaus’ (Angular Records) the all-girl trio come in to grace the Resonance FM studio with their sublime, crunchily perfect skewed pop gems!

Also; 21st Century folk luminaries Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou are no strangers to the show either. They come in to perform live with a select crop of performers hand picked from their regular ’Lantern Society’ folk club (Ft: Benjamin Folke Thomas & Jack Day) before embarking on their tour of village halls throughout the UK. Their latest and eponymously entitled LP will be available from Feb. 15th 2010 through the Loose Music imprint.

Plus - as if that were not already enough - Jamie McDermott artistic director & composer from the classically infused, chamber pop ensemble The Irrepressibles joins us to discuss his group's scheduled St. Valentine's Day Massacre live spectacular taking place @ QEH next Sunday. The Irrepressibles debut LP Mirror Mirror has just been released on the Major Record Label.

Saturday 30th January 2010

MARIA & THE MIRRORS perform their debut live session on Hello GoodBye, while Pleasure Bridles return to their original spawning ground (PB’s inaugural live performance took place on this very show back in the summer of ’09.)

MATM’s don their resplendent 80’s inspired attire (complete with obligatory face paint!) to concoct a Middle-Eastern flavoured, caterwauling, tribal wall of sound.

Pleasure Bridles made their live debut on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance 104.4 FM in June 2009. Since then they have begun popping up on stages here and there and evrywhere. Pleasure Bridles have just recorded their debut ’Happy Place’ EP.

Saturday 23rd January 2010

Joining us live in session on the show this lunchtime we are thrilled to welcome the truly legendary Viv Albertine!

Viv Albertine’s blood-line can be traced all the way back to the heart of Punk Rock’s true aristocracy!
Viv was schooled in guitar techniques by such luminaries as Keith Levine (The Clash / PiL), Joe Strummer (The Clash) and Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls / The Heartbreakers.) Viv soon went on to further develop her burgeoning guitar talents to great effect, as the left-field, melodic top-line maestro, in the seminal punk rock maelstrom that was The Slits.
Viv then chose to - paradoxically - drop-out from Punk to pursue a lengthy and successful career in film and television. Now, after a long sojourn away from music Viv is back, eagerly treading the boards with a current crop of songs that explore the vagaries of ’love und romance’ in a characteristically provocative and evocative way!

Also, Zoe Street Howe will be on hand to read extracts from her book ’Typical Girls: The Story Of The Slits’ (Omnibus Press)

Saturday 16th January 2010

Charly Morris is arguably better known as bass player for the Power-Punk-Pop trio Le Tetsuo. However, this afternoon she promises to pick up her acoustic guitar and perform her delicately crafted songs with Charly Blue & the Colours.

Plus, also joining us to recite his poetry is Niall Spooner-Harvey.

Saturday 9th January 2010

Today deXter Bentley returns to the airwaves once again for the first Hello GoodBye show of 2010; featuring LIVE in session the London based hard rock trio Sabatta.

Sabatta are fronted by Yinka who is also a co-presenter on the superb radio show ’Is Black Music’ (Resonance 104.4 FM.)

Also, Red Cable Sunday brings the ol' johanna back into fashion, tickling the ivories (and ebonies!) to great effect while performing a brace of his self scored, gershwin inspired yet politically motivated instrumental tunes.

Saturday 19th December 2009

Xmas 09

Today is our final show of the year and will feature ' Michael Garrad's 12 Days of Christmas'. Michael (our regular engineer) selects his favourite music sessions recorded live throughout 2009 on Hello GoodBye.

Saturday 12th December 2009

Today we place two final cherries on the cake with what will be the final Hello GoodBye show of 2009 featuring live music (next Saturday 19th December we will be doing a round up of the best sessions of the year cherry picked by Michael Garrad our diligent engineer!)

Lime Headed Dog bring their abstract, free-form pop to the show for a debut performence. LHD come across like a soulful (though equally disturbed) Syd Barrat conducting a stream of concsiousness rap to some rather bizarre cut and paste pop!

Also appearing on HG for the first time we have Katy Carr & the Aviators.
Katy evokes the melodious era of 1940's war torn Europe- though with a decidedly modern twist - as a qualified pilot she is not unaccustomed to looping the loop and promises to have you on the edge of your seats as she flies you through a barrage of tunes from her recently released 3rd Long Player 'Coquette' (Deluce Records.)

Saturday 5th December 2009

Hello GoodBye kick starts the party season with a riotous set from London based group The Saudis. The Saudis play joyously cathartic rock'n'roll, peppered with chiming african high-life guitar licks and care free adolescent hollering!

Also, romantic heartfelt pop from Beau & the Arrows with a bespoke stripped down acoustic set.

Saturday 28th November 2009

Braindead Collective blow the cobewebs out the system LIVE in session on The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show this Autumnal Saturday afternoon!

Braindead Collective are an ensemble of improvising musicians mostly based in Oxford and London. Their sets vary from experimental jazz and aggressive electronic noise rock to ambient/neo classical and dronecore.

Plus, taking time out from his European tour, a surprise whistle stop visit from Ish Marquez.

Ish Marquez is a true New York antifolk legend, hailing from the same stable as Kimya Dawson & Adam Green.
Jeffrey Lewis: "Ish is one of the most amazing and unique artists I know, a true soul-singing star of the underground and unlike anything you've ever experienced!"
Regina Spektor: "Ish Marquez is a unique and talented musician, and everyone should take the time to hear him live."

Saturday 21st November 2009

Private Trousers return to Hello GoodBye with their homemade cake tin guitars at hand!
If Ian Fleming’s famous character Caractacus Potts were to have invented a band of musician's plus instruments - rather than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - then that band would most certainly have both looked and sounded exactly like PRIVATE TROUSERS ! 

Also, Nina Walsh joins us for a short warm down set following on from her gig at our Acoustic Suicide evening @ The Glad this Thursday just gone (Nov 19th.) Expect a clutch of new tunes taken from Nina’s latest LP, ’Bright Lights & Filthy Nights’ (Malicious Damage Records)

Saturday 14th November 2009

Tune in to Resonance 104.4 FM this lunchtime to hear a brace of debut appearances on Hello GoodBye.

London based, abstract rock trio Poino bring their engrossing sonic precision to the studio, while former Hefner, Dollboy and Woodcraft Folk member, Jack Hayter drops by to showcase his slightly more sedate songwriting skills.

NB* Jack Hayter will also be headlining deXter Bentley and Doug Hart's long running once-a-month shindig Acoustic Suicide @ The Gladstone (64 Lant St, Borough / London Bridge) this coming Thursday 19th November. Also on the bill are; Nina Walsh and Sabatta frontman Yinka (acoustic solo) FREE ENTRY !!!

Saturday 7th November 2009

This afternoon deXter Bentley throws the 104.4 FM wavelength open to the contrasting sounds of David Cronenbergs Wife and O-ARC.

UK Anti-Folk stalwart David Cronenbergs Wife returns once again to Hello GoodBye to perform a clutch of new songs taken from their latest LP 'Hypnogogues' (Blang Records) released this coming Monday 9th November.

London based duo O-ARC are Masa Iida ( singer/songwriter) and Neil Mason (co-writer and guitarist.) Their music has been described as atmospheric, delicate and poetic. A hybrid of eastern and western creativity and sensitivity. A chaotic mixture of these elements in balance is the key to their music.

Saturday 31st October 2009

Performing live in session on this Halloween Hello GoodBye this we have the narrative garage rockers Extradition Order and also the whimsical pop of Daniel Edelstyn & the Orchestra of Cardboard who between them sing songs about Islington Creeper's and Psycho Town's.

Extradition Order have just released their debut long player 'Since The Bomb Dropped' on the absurdly eclectic imprint, I Blame The Parents Records.

Daniel Edelstyn & the Orchestra of Cardboard currently have their debut single 'Germans in Space' available through Blang Records.

Saturday 24th October 2009

Dealing up a dose of sultry blues inflected tunes on the show this afternoon we have The Rayographs and the Smoke Fairies.

All girl, London based trio The Rayographs return to Hello GoodBye ahead of their appearance this coming Wednesday 28th October at dB's PUB POP extravaganza (taking place @ The Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London Bridge) as part of a bill that will also include; Le Tetsuo, Pheromoans and Pleasure Bridles.

Plus, hot off their UK tour in support of Richard Hawley we welcome back the Smoke Fairies who release their new limited edition 7" vinyl single Sunshine (Music For Heroes Records) this coming Monday 26th October.

Saturday 10th October 2009

deXter Bentley hosts live music session’s from the chamber pop ensemble Left With Pictures, plus down at heel, gruff musings from Malcolm Kaksois.

Left With Pictures return to the show after an absence of a year, they are soon to release their debut LP 'Beyond Our Means' (Organ Grinder Records) on Monday 26th October.

Also, Sergeant Buzfuz & JJ Crash come in to the studio to discuss their London based independent record label,

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Both Pissinboy and Jess Bryant return to the 104.4 wavelength this lunchtime to delight London and the world with their LIVE music on Hello GoodBye. 
Pissinboy was originally Piro's solo project (guitar & vocals) started in 2006 but became a band at the end of 2008 when Graham Mushnik joined on keys and drums. Pissinboy have since released a 7" vinyl EP on Catapulte Records and have been busy touring France, Italy, Slovenia & Spain. The band are currently based in Stoke Newington, London. Pissinboy's sound is dirty and low-fi, with elements of pop, folk, garage and bored British punk.

Jess Bryant returns to the show after a criminally long two year absence. Praise for Jess' powerfuly brooding, melancholic and melodic voice is ever more gaining a pace and justifiably so. Tune in to hear for yourself. Jess current EP 'Dusk' is out at the moment, while she is also currently in the process of recording her debut album at Golden Hum studios. 

 Saturday 26th September 2009

Today on Hello GoodBye we attempt to delve under the ’pinny’ of the London based independent record label Parlour Records.

With live music from their ever expanding roster of superb acts, ft; Le Tetsuo and Disconcerts.

We also have an interview conducted by Project: KOMAKINO frontman Kris Kane (another Parlour Records affiliated band) with Richie Unterberger, the author of the recently published ’Velvet Underground: Day By Day’ biography (Jawbone Press.)

NB* A full hour length version of this interview will be broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM this coming Monday 28th September, on the 'Clearspot' between 20:00 hrs and 21:00 hrs.

After the huge acclaim of February's hotly tipped single, Human Figure
In Motion, Chichester’s Disconcerts have been going from strength to
strength. This year has seen them support The Horrors and Neils
Children on their respective album release tours. Disconcerts new
release 'A. Medic' has all the promising hallmarks of their debut
single. They have upped the stakes for underground British bands by
producing a solid yet open-ended record, proving they will never be
tied to one sound.

Since Le Tetsuo's last release 'Your Elbow', the band have been
relentlessly playing the London and UK circuit and built up a name as
one of the best live bands around. This summer has seen them spend
some time in the studio and in November they release a new 7", their
best work to date!

Saturday 19th September 2009

Performing live in session today are Moonthief and Ben Arthur.

London based outfit Moonthief are fronted by the songstress Tali Febland and perform delightfully emotive and melodic pop music that is not too dissimilar in mood and feel from the now sadly departed Elliot Smith.

Also, hot off the plane from America we have singer/songwriter Ben Arthur taking time out from his current UK tour to drop into the studio, after an absence of 5 years, to perform songs from his latest album release 'Roadkill' and to discuss his first novel ‘The Lure of The Distant Sound’.

On top of all this we will also have a feature on FREE web based music, brought to us by the head honcho of London’s Burning Records (and ex Xerox Teen) Sebastian Craig aka Vertical Boy.

Saturday 12th September 2009

Two sets of very different artistes make welcomed returns to the show this afternoon; Mephisto Grande & Alice Gun.

Mephisto Grande build minimal music from slow, meandering tunes into rip-roaring, heavy barrages of gothic folk revelry. A heady mix of drum and string, decorated with brass and accordion that switches from a catchy, jaunty Bavarian jig to an atonal, discordant assault. A captivating sound that crosses both generational and stylistic boundaries.

On first listen one might be forgiven for thinking that the songs of Alice Gun are innocent enough, however, make a slight incision and peak beneath the skin and one is certain to find a dark and disturbibg theme pulsating at the core!

Saturday 5th September 2009


The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show returns to the airwaves on Resonance 104.4 FM this Saturday 5th September between noon and 1.30pm.

Today's broadcast is in conjunction with PESTIVAL * With contributions from the Mosquito expert Dr. James Logan, an essay from Tim Burrows - the author of the fine tome; From CBGB to the Roundhouse - on the subject of insects in rock and pop. Plus live music from the London based alt/art duo Plug, who will debut new insect related material especially commissioned by Hello GoodBye.

* PESTIVAL is a festival celebrating insects in art, and the art of being an insect. Pestival 2009 runs from 3rd-6th September @ The Southbank Centre and is jam-packed with insect-inspired talks and debates, as well as comedy, music, walks, workshops, installations and experiments.

summer break 2009

Saturday 27th June 2009

Performing LIVE in session on the show this afternoon are the Brighton based, punk-party popsters The Sticks.

Saturday 20th June 2009

No Hello GoodBye show today while Resonance H.Q. undergoes a fresh lick of paint!

Saturday 13th June 2009

View video clip of Will Scott performing Make Her Love Me LIVE on Hello GoodBye.

Playing live in session this lunchtime on Hello GoodBye are Will Scott and Pleasure Bridles.

Ahead of embarking upon his UK tour, New York based, soul/blues singer Will (’voice as thick as blood’) Scott checks in to Resonance FM with his acoustic guitar in hand (and no doubt a heavy bout of jet lag.) Will promises to perform a few choice tunes from his hot off the press LP ’Gnawbone’ (produced by Preacher Boy.)

Plus, Pleasure Bridles bring a platter of poetic, art-rock to the table.

Saturday 6th June 2009

Today on Hello GoodBye both Chips for the Poor and Rowdy Superst*r perform live in session.

Chips For The Poor promise to serve up a fast food feast on hello goodBye this Saturday lunchtime. Breaking with their usual 60 second long song duration, the band have promised to perform live in session their brand spanking new 1 note, 20 minute proto prog/punk epic 'I am warrior'... hearing is believing!

'Chips for the Poor is coming at you quicker then dust and warmer then a broken fridge discarded in zombie town. This fallen angel heads up a new pack of wet wipe wolves ready to grizzle down your ear lobes and leave you panting like a clacked out Mini ha ha.'

Plus, Rowdy Superst*r brings his ’weirdbeat electronic hip-pop’ to the airwaves!

Saturday 30th May 2009

View video clips of Peepholes performing Chica & Bagle LIVE in session on Hello GoodBye.

L ondon based duo Peepholes perform their shambolic, raucous, party-punk pop tunes live in session on the show this afternoon.

Also, Justin Anderson (Freaky Realistic, Electro Bizarro, Mains Ignition, & Cosmetique) gets back to basics with his acoustic guitar in hand to demonstrate his exceptional song writing skills.

Saturday 23rd May 2009

Lettie and Hollowbody perform live in session on hello goodBye this afternoon.

"Lettie started writing instrumental pieces on the piano before discovering her voice and is mainly interested in writing hypnotic, minimal, hook laden music with other people. Her albums, of which there are two, are a collaborative effort between herself and David Baron on their label Outerworld Records. ‘Age of Solo’ was released on September 22nd 2008, the beginning of the Autumnal Equinox, and ’Everyman’ recorded mainly live and acoustically on her birthday in December.

Lettie’s music combines vintage analog electronica and alternate-acoustic folk. Lettie’s albums feature Arp and Moog modular synthesizers but she performs live on a Casio. A former Medieval History student, from Suffolk, she draws on everything from books, to postcards, to second hand shop finds, to obituaries, newspapers,and stories. She is a collector and her daily life as a secretary feeds all her music. An early obsession with films that continues to this day means that a lot of her music is visually inspired. A sense of nostalgia, optimism and other worlds inspire her and this is why she never stops looking for the signs and never stops writing."

Hollowbody is Bristol songwriter Dan Weltman and whatever instruments he manages to lay calloused fingers upon. Debut album ‘Inside the Wolves’ mixed intricate acoustic guitar with flashes of Ray Davies-like wit, while new material for its imminent follow-up inhabits a peculiar space where old-time music hall, wistful country ballads and modern tales of everyday heartbreak coexist happily in a lone suburban voice.

Saturday 16th May

Performing live in session on the show this afternoon is the colourfully titled avant-pop ensemble The Powdered Cows And The Toy Throat Alarm Clock.

Also, dropping in on the show to wax lyrical and perform live in session are both Los Angeles’ leading ukulele playing lady (and fortune teller) Madame Pamita plus, UK/NZ gospel-blues-improviser Tom Rodwell, both of whom have been independently working on the ’wax cylinder’, Thomas Edison’s 1877 revolution in recording with revivalist engineers on both sides of the Atlantic.

They present selections of their sessions with Peter Dilg (Long Island, NY) and Duncan Miller (Sheffield, UK) and discuss how the two-minute, edit-free process affects their music, and the unique ’impressionistic’ nature of the cylinder medium.

More information at Phonograph Cylinders.

Saturday 9th May 2009

Parisian based duo Schaatz help herald in the Summer months by bringing their own particular blend of Gallic infused Kraut-Pop to the Capital's airwaves this afternoon in what is their debut live session on hello goodBye.

Also, post-punk legend Spizz (Spizz 77, Spizz Oil, Spizz Energi, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzles etc.) returns to the show for the umpteenth time and very much looking forward to it we are too!.

Spizz is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of his 1979 classic Rough Trade 7" single Soldier Soldier, with an already SOLD OUT gig - alongside The New York Dolls - @ The 100 Club on Oxford Street in the centre of London this coming Thursday 14th May.

Spizz has also pledged to perform two of his classic tunes; 'Where's Captain Kirk?' and 'Spock's Missing', live in session on the show (both of these songs have just been re-released in download format through Cherry Red Records, to conincide with the new release of the blockbuster movie 'prequel' Star Treck.)

Saturday 2nd May 2009


Saturday 25th April 2009

Performing LIVE in session on Hello GoodBye today are Blue Bambinos and Emma Tricca.

Blue Bambinos kick start the live programming this afternoon on Resonance FM (ahead of their headline slot at dB’s PUB POP this evening. Also Ft: The Lewis Floyd Henry One Man Band, Mat Riviere and Black Mask)

Experimental London based blues ensemble Blue Bambinos have all the unbridled rock onslaught energy of a young Doctor Feelgood combined with the idiosyncratic and wayward playfulness of Bingo Gazingo!
’Blue Bambinos publish a new venture in noise, borne of the wish to champion a paradoxically new and yet retro sound. Beat vocals, howling musical saw, lo-fi guitar sounds and a loud, dirty, primal rhythm pulsates throughout. It is neither blues, garage, punk, real r’n’b, rockabilly or jazz, and yet weirdly, and slightly uncomfortably, it is all of them.’

Also making a most welcome return to the show we have the folk chanteuse Emma Tricca. Emma will be enthralling the listeners with a couple of tunes from her recently released debut album ’Minor White’ (Finders Keepers Records.)

Saturday 18th April 2009

deXter Bentley welcomes Morningstar and This Is The Kit in to the Resonance FM studio to perform live in session on hello goodBye this Saturday lunchtime.

Morning Star is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jesse D. Vernon who is about to release his 4th album on the Microbe record label entitled 'A Sign for the Stranger'. Jesse was a key member of the 90's cult Bristol band Moonflowers, he is now based in Paris. Morningstar are currently enjoying success in both France and Japan. Currently undertaking a small UK tour, Jesse plans to run singing workshops before as many of these gigs as possible with a view to creating interactive gigs.

This Is The Kit is the project of Kate Stables who explains, 'I sing and play my songs on the banjo and guitar and am most often joined by Jesse (Morningstar) on fiddle percussion and what have you. Our album 'Krulle Bol' is now available in the UK and France and was produced by John Parish and the artwork was done by the highly talented Joey Villemont."

Saturday 11th April 2009

Both King and the Olive Fields and Black Mask join deXter Bentley in the Resonance FM studio this afternoon to perform live in session.

"King and the Olive Fields is a hip young man named Phillip Serfaty, he resides in the infamous London borough of New Cross, he is sometimes but not always accompanied by his very talented, beautiful group of friends who often come and go and when they come, they lend his music the sound of their percussion, their oboes, their cellos, their banjos, their ukuleles and their voices. The music is delicate and thoughtful folk, it’s minimalistic but the quaint nature of it ensures that none of the charm is lost. The focus though for me his mature and distinctive vocals and of course, the lyrics, which are an endearing account of the life, the loves and the troubles of the whimsical Mr. Serfaty. It’s when you pay close attention to them that you notice the references to life in London but fortunately Phillip seems to have divorced himself from the often negative affects the city can bestow on you and sings about his idiosyncrasies in a convincingly upbeat manner." - This Is Offset

South London based duo Black Mask playfully combine their theatrical Murder Ballad noir with the incisive driving, primal pulse of Suicide circa ’77-’78.

Saturday 4th April 2009

Making their debut appearance on Hello GoodBye today are Haunted Stereo. Haunted Stereo are an alt-folk/ indie/ experimental six-piece line-up from Southampton.

Originally founded in late 2007, the band plays over 15 instruments between them. Creating intricate layers of sound with an array of melodic instruments – including banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano, violin, recorder, electric guitar, melodica and percussion - , Haunted Stereo are very much about the thrills and fun that is to be had from playing live music together.

In their short history, the band have supported critically acclaimed acts such as folk-hero Johnny Flynn, neo-orchestral cult act The Irrepressibles and American jazz swing act Hot Club of Cowtown, as well as pop gems Thomas Tantrum and Micachu and The Shapes. But the group are also very much embedded in the local Southampton Scene, frequently playing for nights such as Ejector Seat. The band have also just released their 2nd EP ’Tree House’.

Saturday 28th March 2009

Performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon is the Devon based ukulele playing, off-kilter indie poet Uke Stanza (aka Colin Shaddick.) Colin is currently shortlisted (alongside; Lord Bath, Sebastian Horsley, Vivienne Westwood, Catherine Tate, Dave West, Ray Frensham, Barry Kirk and Rob Lowe) for The Greatest British Eccentric Award 2009.

Also joining us are the ’Mentalist Association’ affiliated septet, Esiotrot. Esiotrot play melodic, brass driven, quirky pop music. Their current single Tammy Is Lez / Spares is currently available as a split 7" (alongside the Brighton based band Foxes) on Sounds Experience Records.

Saturday 21st March 2009

Two sets of performers make debut appearances on The Hello GoodBye Show this afternoon. 

Representing the more sedate side of the sonic spectrum we welcome the Paris based singer/musician Jeanne with her accordion in hand. 

Plus, for those of you who prefer something a little more raucous, we promise a power/pop/rock onslaught hailing down from Arrows Of Love.

Arrows of Love formed in July when Nima (Hush the Many) asked Luis (JamieT,  Eraserheads), Kate, Emma & Wim (Loverman) to join him at Secret Garden '08. 
Arrows of Love had its first headline show at the Scala in October
Arrows of Love is being produced by Cameron Craig (Strummer, Unkle, Muse, Pulp, Winehouse, etc)
Arrows of Love is releasing a free-to-download EP in April '09
Arrows of Love is releasing a double-A side single in May '09
Arrows of Love is currently being remixed by Goldierocks
Arrows of Love has collaborated with members of Courtney Love, Circulus, and Sailorette.
Arrows of Love has been tipped for 2009 and described as Art-Grunge in The Clash Xmas Issue
Arrows of Love is not Art-Grunge.

Jeanne is a french musician and artist /photographer based in Paris and who has lived in the UK and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. In 2005, she collaborated with indie post-rock London based band PIANO MAGIC on a signed and numbered limited vinyl edition project (EN/OF record series.) 

Jeanne plays the diatonic accordion and sings, and loves to record her surroundings too. She uses her accordion in a singular way as it sounds more like an harmonium, playing long and repetitive phrases of sounds. She plays melancholic, meditative music , music that ' listens ' ; and when she sings, the lyrics are dark, often inspired by old popular songs. Themes are death, love, childhood, murder, freedom and jails, all that sung with a rather innocent voice . People usually don't guess in what language she speaks and her singing has often been compared to Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, when not to Beth Gibbons. Her accordion sounds have been compared to Nico's harmonium. 

She is currently recording material for her first solo album entitled 'Musique pour monstres' ( Music for monsters ), with eventual guests collaborators such as cello player Julia Kent of Antony & The Johnsons. Her past gigs include one at Coco Rosie's Paris art gallery ( Mad Vicky's) and opening for Julia Kent , and her future gigs include one in Geneva later in May, invited to play there by Shayo records.

Saturday 14th March 2009

Video clip of The Lewis Floyd Henry One Man Band performing Trespass LIVE on Hello GoodBye.

Performing live in session on the deXter Bentley hello goodBye show this afternoon are the acoustic pop duo The Nofairs and the sensational South London based, world renown The Lewis Floyd Henry One Man Band.

Plus co-founder of the legendary Depressing Comics, Ferris Blood pops in to discuss his new creation, the greatly acclaimed Dear Puppeteer (the 1st episode of this 5 part series went to air last night on Resonance 104.4 FM between 10.00-10.30pm and continues in this same time-slot for the next 4 Fridays.)

Saturday 7th March 2009

Video clip of Sons of Noel & Adrian performing The Drink Drive on Hello GoodBye.

Today on Hello GoodBye expect live music from; Sons of Noel & Adrian, The Leisure Society and Shoreline, as deXter Bentley focuses his attention on the South Coast phenomena The Willkommen Collective

The Willkommen Collective is the name given to the group of musicians who play in Shoreline, Sons of Noel and Adrian, The Leisure Society, Moonshine Moonshine, Atlas Crease, Laish Quartet and The Miserable Rich. 

Sons of Noel & Adrian are all influenced by a wide variety of musical traditions, and with the input from such a diverse pool of players each band in the Collective has been able to create a truly unique sound. Sons of Noel and Adrian, like most Willkommen bands, feature Lightspeed Champion and ex-Hope of the States violinist Mike Siddell in their 12-strong line-up. They have recently been overwhelming critics and fans alike with storming performances at End of the Road, the Big Chill and Moseley Folk Festival as well as high profile headline shows at London’s Union Chapel and Bardens Boudoir. Their debut was named album of the month by DrownedinSound.com, who called it "truly inspirational… an intensely vivid journey into a discordantly beautiful world". For fans of everyone from Mogwai to The Arcade Fire to Bert Jansch.

The Leisure Society is the music of Nick Hemming, who has written and recorded music for the films A Room for Romeo Brass and Dead Man’s Shoes by This Is England director Shane Meadows. He was previously in the band She Talks To Angels with Meadows and actorPaddy Considine (24 Hour Party People. Hot Fuzz) as well as Creation Records shoegazers The Telescopes. The band play beautifully orchestrated pop, influenced by Jim O’Rourke, Belle and Sebastian and Neil Young. Their debut album is due for release on March 2nd 2009. 

Shoreline are the eight piece mother band of the Willkommen Collective. They began in 2005 when Tom Cowan met Beatrice Sanjust Di Teulada at a bus station. They recorded some sweet tiny songs together at the top of Tom’s parent’s house and released a CD featuring contributions from their talented friends, Willam Calderbank, Mike Siddell, James De Malplaquet, Jacob Richardson, Nick Hemming. Their debut album Time Well Spent follows on from the group’s debut 10” EP From Eden, Home & In Between, released on Yesternow Recordings. The debut album was released on September 22nd, 2008.

Saturday 28th February 2009

After a gap of of 5 years London based band Milk Kan return to the hello goodBye show with their earthy fusion of bluegrass charm and old-skool hip-hop.

Milk Kan's 4th single ‘I’m A Nobody’ (is due for release this coming Monday 2nd March on Blang Records and is swiftly followed by the band's self titled debut LP on the 9th of March) is an uplifting cheer for the ordinary – a shout of encouragement for the unknowns and a happy roar for the mundane and the everyday. An energetic old-skool punk-guitar anthem to forget the “wannabees” and champion the “neverbees” - a voice to cheer on the legions of unknown in a celebrity obsessed world!

Saturday 21st February 2009

deXter Bentley welcomes two newcomers to Hello GoodBye this afternoon and a very ’Folktacular’ show it promises to be, with live session’s from Caroline Weeks and Nancy Wallace.

Having been a full time member of Natasha Khan’s Bat For Lashes for over three years, Caroline Weeks found the time to record her own stunning debut disc - an album of songs set to the poetry of Edna St Vincent Millay.

Her songs are both powerful and at the same time fragile; and to hear Caroline sing is to witness English folk music tradition colliding with a contemporary stitching of everyone from Nico and Joni Mitchell to Kate Bush and Vashti Bunyan. Caroline Weeks - Songs For Edna is to be released 6th April 2009 on CD/LP/Download (Manimal Vinyl Records)

Nancy Wallace is a singer and musician hailing from Suffolk, but now firmly ensconced in east London. She sings with the Memory Band, and features on the albums "The Memory Band" and "Apron Strings". Her solo releases thus far consist of the Young Hearts ep, but she is about to remedy that by soon releasing a proper album - see below. Her interpretations of songs have been included on both volumes of Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers albums, Paris Derniere and the Big Chill compilations.

Her tunes are enhanced no end by the amazing violin skills of Jennymay Logan of the Elysian Quartet , The Memory Band and the Basquiat Strings, and more recently Richard Lewis has added add his inimitable accordian, banjo and hurdy gurdy to a couple of tracks.

Recently Nancy has joined the ranks of The Owl Service which she is enjoying very much indeed. Through the Owl Service she met Jason Steel, and now they are embarking on beautiful joint musical endeavours - results later this year! Her debut album, Old Stories, was released on January 26th by Midwich Records.

Saturday 14th February 2009

The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye show may be unable to give you much love this Valentine’s Day but we can soften that blow with the promise of live session’s from Jam On Bread & Mat Riviere!

Jam on Bread makes amateurishly lo-fi ukulele pop songs about sea creatures, Swedish indie-pop labels and 80s pop singers.

Mat Riviere combines misery with keyboards and an old sampler he got for his fourteenth birthday.

Saturday 7th February 2009

Appearing live in session on the Hello GoodBye show this afternoon we have both Gertrude and Olivia Chaney.

Gertrude are a london based diy post rock / punk band who have been playing a wide variety of gigs from squats to art events , traditional and non traditional venues for over 11 years. They combine mutant electric cello, melodica and clarinet with feisty lyrics and energetic prog punk inventiveness.

Olivia Chaney - Classical taste with a modern ear; Olivia Chaney revives rambling boys and dark eyed sailors with her own, special touch. Expect to be moved by a virtuoso of unusual depth and passion. Performing solo, her set includes unaccompanied Irish and English traditionals, and distilled arrangements of anything from 80’s pop to Renaissance opera, all coloured with Harmonium, guitar and her bold, young voice.

Saturday 31st January 2009

PHEROMOANS join us in the studio today tp perform live in session ahead of their headline appearance at dB's PUB POP extravaganza that is due to take place this evening (also featuring; Plug, Private Trousers and Pyramid Pyramid.)

Brighton based group Pheromoans play a riotous blend of fuzzy, scuzzy, garage rock'n'roll party music, where virtuosity is joyously sacrificed at the altar of ineptitude!

They are soon to release a brand new limited edition 7" vinyl E.P. (inc: Revamper, Penis Envy '96, Sister of the Sap & The Man Who Wolf-Whistled) through Convulsive Records.

Saturday 24th January 2009

With an unforgivable whole 2 years since their last appearance on hello goodBye, Teeth of the Sea return to the Resonance FM studio to perform live in session with their seductive and unique spaghetti ocean soundscapes.

Plus, a debut performance from love.stop.repeat

Teeth Of The Sea are 4 drink sodden flaneurs from North London purveying a fine line in ritualistic cacophony, filth encrusted drone and funereal desert melody. Their debut album 'Orphaned By the Ocean' is released on Monday January 19th on the fantastic Rocket Recordings and is available from all good Independent record stores.
"Teeth of the Sea’s ORPHANED BY THE OCEAN is an outrageous Thrones-like necro-collision of Zarathustran meditational rites surmounted by Sergio Leone lone desert trumpet, Far East Family Band’s classic (and Klaus Schultze-produced) PARALLEL WORLD, Harvey Milk at their most Pink Floydian, and LAST-period Agitation Free, power-drives’n’all. Yes children, this Viking Mosh is a truly essential purchase and a saga that will last year round, freshening your room with lager light wherever it may be." - Julian Cope (from HeadHeritage)

Saturday 17th January 2009

Performing live in session this afternoon on hello goodBye dB is excited to have on offer; Prog-Punk outfit Please, Blue-Grass popsters The Zetland Players plus The Legendary Peckham Cowboy... Andy Hankdog!

London based Please sound like Amon Duul II condensed into gratifying song-chunks with clattering drums, eccentric vocal styles and feudal system riffs. Please have recently appeared on a compilation from Leeds based label Stench of Muscle and will release a 10" E.P on Ouse Records in February.

Saturday 10th January 2009

Tune in this afternoon to hear Yo Zushi & Joanne Robertson performing in session on hello goodBye (both of these artists can also be witnessed live in concert - alongside Charly Blue & the Colours - this coming Thursday 15th January at Acoustic Suicide in London Bridge.)

Cult alt-folksinger Yo Zushi is "the spirit of Bob Dylan for the 21st Century" (Mary Anne Hobbs, Radio One). Hailed as "the start of something major" by Q Magazine, Zushi has supported the likes of Joanna Newsom, Micah P. Hinson, Rachel Unthank, Willy Mason and even Scritti Politti. He has released two albums on Pointy Records (***** Amelia's Magazine, **** Q, "a masterclass in storytelling" Dazed & Confused, etc.) and will be putting out a limited edition cassette album with lo-fi Italian label, Best Kept Secret, over the next few months. Yo Zushi is also co-editor of Rag & Bone Magazine, which featured Billy Childish, Marina Warner, Clare Rojas, Espers, Le Gun editor Chris Bianchi and more in its first issue. 

Joanne Robertson's debut album, The Lighter (Textile Records) produced by David Cunningham (Flying Lizards) and is a direct outgrowth of her solo work. 'The Lighter is a collection of intimate interior portraits, reminiscent in spots of Sybille Baier, Barbara Manning, even Hope Sandoval, but all performed with an addictive off-kilter grace that suspends time in a very special way. A devotee of serious art theory, Joanne would (I'm certain) like to place all of this in a theoretical context, but it's such a goddamn wonderful listen, I suggest we all just pull up some chairs and some fires and some drinks, and lift a toast (or a series of 'em) to The Lighter's magnetic magic. A dark room, and empty bed and you. That's all it takes.' - Byron Coley

Saturday 3rd January 2009

dB’s very own ’5th Beatle’; Michael Garrad, our talented (& sometimes inebriated) sound engineer helps us kick start the new year in some style!

Michael this afternoon choses the tastiest morsals from his bumper hamper; a selection of his most favourite live music sessions recorded (with his help) over the past 12 months on The deXter Bentley hello goodBye show on Resonance 104.4FM
. (ft: Agaskodo Teliverek / Supreme Vagabond Craftsman / Electricity In Our Homes / Pyramid Pyramid / Spin Spin The Dogs / Thingamujigsaw / Gentle Friendly / Men Diamler / The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience / Le Tetsuo / Private Trousers / Debbie Lego)

PLUS: Listen in disbelief as 2 unacknowledged live sessions from James III & The BiTaliban and B.C. 'hijack' the 104.4FM wavelength.

Saturday's 20th & 27th December 2008

No hello goodBye shows due to Yuletide break!

Saturday 13th December 2008

Mary Epworth & the Jubilee Band and Lucy John-Paul will both be appearing live in session this lunchtime ahead of their appearance this coming Thursday 18th December at Acoustic Suicide.

Mary Epworth & the Jubilee band - It's 1966, and Shirley Collins is fronting Moby Grape, dating Gene Clark and being produced by Joe Meek. Mary Epworth is down the front, taking notes, whilst the rest of the band try to turn a Banjo into a flux-capacitor.

Lucy John-Paul cites Madeleine Peyroux, Ella fitzgerald, Bjork & Portishead as her major influences.

Saturday 6th December 2008

Today on hello goodBye deXter Bentley will be featuring live sessions from Left With Pictures and The Soft.

Left With Pictures is made up of three men who can really sing together. It is a wonderful sound to hear. When this happens whilst these same three men draw splendid music from drums, a violin, a melodica, a piano and a guitar then it is really a sight to behold… When they go on to add great stories and then wrap those in intricate yet memorable melodies the whole thing can get rather dizzying… in a good way. They’ll have you nodding your head, tapping your toes and humming along contentedly until they suddenly get you - your heart breaks and your tongue rolls out to the floor…. The band released their debut EP 'Secretly' in November this year and Organ Grinder Records are thrilled to be releasing their debut album in Spring 2009.

London based super group The Soft are James Europe (vocals, guitar), Kris Kiosk (guitar, vocals), Rich Nuvo (bass) and Andy Reetz (drums). The Soft were formed this year from broken pieces of Bib, Happy Casio and XX Teens. The Soft's sound could probably be described as psychedelic and surf infused new wave, fusing influences such as Syd Barrett, The Kinks, Wire and Dire Straits.

Saturday 29th November 2008

Ahead of her headline appearance at dB's PUB POP gig tonight at The Miller (with; Hands on Heads & Plug )Rose Kemp performs live in session on hello goodBye this Saturday lunchtime.
Plus Scottish based duo Pumajaw will also be in the studio.

On the 1st of September, Rose Kemp released her new album “Unholy Majesty” through One Little Indian Records. The album was produced and mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters/Amplifier/Biffy Clyro.)

Rose’s unique powerful vocal is sometimes operatic, sometimes fierce but equally haunting, her musical style is extremely difficult to categorize, folk-esque /heavy rock has previously been cited but doesn’t really sum up this exceptional album. Woven together with multi hook harmonies and quality instrumentation, this album slowly buries itself under your skin. Lyrically the songs are compelling and their content somewhat mysterious but backed up with heavy rock guitars, oversized drums, old synths and organs, they are infectious and thought provoking. Rose’s influences are numerous but include the classic rock of Black Sabbath, alternative rock legends The Melvins and drone artists such as Earth and Om. She is also influenced by classic Black Metal, Doom and 70’s prog right through to timeless songwriters including Kate Bush and Tom Waits, amongst many others.

Part of folk-rock heritage, Rose is the daughter of Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp from seminal, Pioneering British band Steeleye Span. As a young teenager she sang and toured and occasionally wrote with her parents various different projects including Steeleye Span (who still gig today), and her life on the road began when she was knee-high, accompanying her parents on tour. Her first recorded & writing contributions were on 2002’s a cappella folk album ‘Bib And Tuck’ by Maddy Prior And The Girls, released on Park Records. The same record label released Rose’s debut solo album ‘Glance’ the following year, before she hit the road with The Oyster Band and Eliza Carthy among others. But Rose was ready to find her own way and continue to branch out of the tradition, trading her acoustic guitar for an electric guitar, taking her in the rock direction we hear today.

Pumajaw’s is a unique and seductive sound which stretches from psychedelic pop through sultry folk songs to impassioned, spiritual and eerie trance-inducing laments. Live, they create a surprisingly big racket for two people and have a reputation for taking the music into sonically adventurous realms of animalistic, ritualistic intensity.
Their festive flavoured single 'Spangler' / 'The Holly King' is released next week (Monday 8th December) on Fire Records.

Saturday 22nd November 2008

Two sets of performers take to the airwaves this afternoon to perform live on the deXter Bnetley hello goodBye show; Plug & Ish Marquez.

Making their debut appearance on the show today are the London based girl duo Plug. Although their musical style brings to mind a swathe of early 80's post-punk pioneers, Plug are without doubt begining to navigate their own unique course through the choppy waters of the London music scene.
Plug's debut single 'Fresh Pleasures' / 'Nonchalant Love' is available now in limited edition 7" vinyl through Parlour Records.
See them performing live at deXter Bentley's PUB POP extravaganza next Saturday 29th November at The Miller (also ft: Hands on Heads & Rose Kemp.)

Ish Marquez is a true New York antifolk legend, hailing from the same stable as Kimya Dawson & Adam Green. Ish's backing group are David Beauchamp (Jeffrey Lewis & the Jitters) and Stanley Brinks (Herman Dune.)
Jeffrey Lewis: "Ish is one of the most amazing and unique artists I know, a true soul-singing star of the underground and unlike anything you've ever experienced!"
Regina Spektor: "Ish Marquez is a unique and talented musician, and everyone should take the time to hear him live."

Saturday 15th November 2008

Ahead of their scheduled live appearance at Acoustic Suicide this coming Thursday 18th November, hello goodBye features Prints of Whales live in session.

Prints of Whales is a South London based punk-skiffle ensemble who perform riotously uplifting, acoustic party music! PoW sing songs that predominantly focus on the everyday, weaving sordid tales that delicately scrape the underbelly of this city's low-life inhabitants.

Saurday 8th November 2008

deXter Bentley expects creative sparks of genius to be flying through the 104.4 wavelength throughout the 90 full minutes of the hello goodBye show thjis afternoon! Featuring live performances from; Slovenia’s finest Avant-Rock improv trio Zoambo Zoet Workestrao and Cheltenhams very own wild man Men Diamler.
Zoambo Zoet Workestrao are an avant-rock trio who hail from Ljubljana in Slovenia. ZZW have been breaking down the walls between traditional Balkan music, rock, and improvisation since late 1992. The vibrant spirit of the South Germanic Fake Balkan Banana Republic is alive and well. They are currently undergoing a UK tour with the release of their new album ’cum rectum plenum celibatare facile est’.

 ’Men Diamler cannot be ignored. He looks a little like electric-era Bob Dylan, and it’s just him and his guitar, and sometimes it’s just him, a cappella – not even always in front of a microphone – but his voice is so astonishing that traffic literally stops. Yes, I know what I’ve just said. He makes sure we know we’re watching a performance of spiritual-gospel-blues, but it’s authentic as it gets. Again, I know what I’ve just said, but it’s true. It’s ridiculous, in all honesty, because somebody with much more influence than I have should be writing about him.’ - FACT MAGAZINE

Saturday 1st November 2008

Lovable fops Rich Cash & Anthony Silvester from the London based Art-Rock combo XX TEENS kindly 'take it to the bridge' in an attempt to steer the show through uncharted waters this afternoon as guest-presenters for the deXter Bentley hello goodBye show on Resonance 104.4FM, from noon until 1.30pm.

Joining them live in the studio - and happy to take your calls/questions on, Tel: 020 7407 1210 - is the peace campaigner Brian Haw. Brian recently collaborated with the band on their debut LP 'Welcome to Goon Island' (Mute Irregulars.)

All this plus South West London based experimental post-punk outfit Project:KOMAKINO performing live in session!

Saturday 25th October 2008

Clocking up her 5th appearance on hello goodBye this afternoon dB is delighted to pay host to a true Kansas girl; Piney Gir & the Age of Reason, performing a choice selection of country inflected pop songs taken from her soon to be released album, The Yearling.

Saturday 18th October 2008


Saturday 11th October 2008

Performing live in session this afternoon on hello goodBye dB has Whole Schebang alongside an assortment of artistes who are involved with the upcoming Bob Dylan Thomas event that is due to occur on Dylan Thomas’s 94th birthday (Monday October 27), including; Yo Zushi, Sometimes Jasmine and Niall McDevitt.

The band Whole Schebang was formed in 2006 by two young men with guitars and ideas for simple story-telling songs swathed in harmony. Partaking in various open-mic nights gave them an idea of how to coax their ideas from slumber - namely three more hearty singers and musical wonder-people so the songs could ’go large’ whenever they needed to. Providence was kind in this respect and 2008 sees them with two more men playing bass and drumming and a young woman on flugelhorn and flute. The five-piece are currently bursting out their finely crafted folkpop songs live across the land and working on an EP to be unleashed in the near future. Expect some loud acappela singing and fresh orchestral flourishes.

Following on from the success of Blakespeare where disparate modern (and modernist) acts musically reinterpreted the works of Shakespeare and Blake, we’re putting together a night inspired by the works of Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas. It is not a tribute night; these two figures are merely catalysts for the creativity of moderns. Though purists will still like it, maybe. It will range from avant garde (a cello interpretation of ‘Under Milk Wood’?) to rousing singalonga, following the Prolix Muse from Dylan Thomas to Bob Dylan to Today, through songs, music, essay and slapstick.

Saturday 4th October 2008

Making their long overdue return to Resonance FM, deXter Bentley is excited to have The effervescent Hands on Heads performing live in session for you.

Hands On Heads write abrupt, non-repetitive songs about unrequited friendship, romantic potential, the supernatural everyday, righteous joy and expectation. Our songs rarely scale the dizzying heights of the two minute mark, relying on shock and awe song-writing tactics to get their message across.

Hands on Heads don’t believe in reiteration, they make a point with emphasis, then move on to the next fractured song of double-speed dynamics and feral abandon. The guitar lines jump from fret to fret like ten spiders on a web of chaotic noise, the organ (always pitched at a haunting seasick echo) is played like a stenograph, whilst the drums tumble and blast along with the savage bass, the songs forever pushed onwards by the fervent vocal attack.

Saturday 27th September 2008

Ahead of their headline slot at deXter Bentley's inaugral PUB POP event taking place this very evening at The Miller (96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS), we have the unclassifiable London based outfit The Mules.

The Mules began in a basement underneath a chapel in Oxford, where Tim and Ed bashed out songs by the Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers on piano and drums. They wanted to be in a country band, and first attempts to make one created a sprawling eight-piece orchestra of trumpets, mandolins, double bass and other odd things.

People in Mules songs are often trapped. Since releasing the highly acclaimed 'Save Your Face' album last year, the band have been busy touring the UK and playing some of the summers biggest festivals including Glastonbury, The Big Chill and Bestival. Although they've had a slight personnel restructure, the dynamic of the band remains the same with the frantic rhythms and vocals performed by singing drummer and front man, Ed Seed.

Now on the books of Domino Publishing, the band will record the follow up to Save Your Face with top producer Anthony Whiting (M.I.A, Eugene McGuinness, Animal Collective) which is due for release early next year.

Saturday 20th September 2008

Ahead of their upcoming appearance at deXter Bentley's new PUB POP night (taking place at The Miller next Saturday 27th September alongside next weeks guests and bill toppers The Mules) both The Rayographs and Charly Morris play live in session for us this afternoon.

The Rayographs are Astrud Steehouder on guitar and vocals, Jessamine Tierney on bass and vocals and Amy Hurst on drums and occasional vocals. The motivation that glues this band together has been the attempt to create a sound that satifies a combined aesthetic; the intention to write songs that resonate. The songs are ideas-based: cropped observational narratives, stark impressions of strange histories, dark blue cinematic lynchian atmospherics cut with sharp drums and curious basslines. It is frequently rough sounding which is in part accidental and in part choice. Right now, harshness and subtlety seem to be the carefully balanced elements that are most important to this band. Their debut 7" single Hidden Doors/ Gold Light has recently been released on the Everyone We Know label.

Charly Morris the ebullient bass player from the seeringly powerful punk/pop trio Le Tetsuo, this afternoon downs her bass guitar in favour of a slightly more sedate - and arguably more spellbinding - set of songs accompanied by her acoustic guitar, cello and violin.

Saturday 13th September 2008

London based group Knots We Tie make their debut appearance on the deXter Bentley hello goodBye show this afternoon, while also playing live in session we have the scintilating vocal talents of Lulu & the Boy.

Centred around the guitar and voice melodies of singer/songwriter Jacob Adams this quartet have been described as nipping at Fanfarlo’s heels in the ’most beautiful folk-act’ stakes. Knots We Tie mix folk with a catchy pop sensibility and driving guitar and keyboard hooks. Together for almost a year they have released a self titled E.P (recorded earlier this year) and have currently recruited a drummer for the first time.

Lulu & the Boy cites Madeleine Peyroux, Ella fitzgerald, Bjork & Portishead as her major influences.

Saturday 6th September 2008

After a well earned break throughout the month of August deXter Bentley pulls 6 pairs of feet (and 30 prune like toes) from out of the paddling pool to kick start the new Autumn season in some startling stile, featuring not 1, not 2 but 3 sets of live performers! Electricity in our Homes, Benjamin Thomas plus Trent Miller & the Skeleton Jive.

'Floated on the stock market in summer 2007, Electricity In Our Homes have already proved to their shareholders that they are at the forefront of London's upcoming surge of original and creative bands.
With their art-house tendencies, a minimal sound and short sharp shows, they are a fine quartet in the tradition of some of the most interesting no-wave and post-punk acts, such as: Lizzy Mercier, Mars, DNA, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Josef K, The Fire Engines. With
support slots for The Horrors,Blurt and The charlatans under their belt and two singles that sold out within days EIOH are looking at 2008 with wide eyes and open arms.'

London based Swede Benjamin Thomas is a 20 year old blues/folk/country singer-songwriter who is heavily influenced by the likes of Cohen, Dylan, Williams and Guthrie.

'Roman Troubadour Trent Miller has been described as the Pete Doherty of Avant-Gothic Country. However with his wistful acid-bite lyrics, mournful, chilling melodies and outlaw, renegade posture we think a more suitable comparison might be to that of Gram Parsons or Gene Clark. Showcasing his superb new album this self proclaimed foot soldier in 'The Post-Country Revolution' will take no prisoners in his war on mediocrity and the banality of evil.... 'Man the barricades 'cos this machine kills!' (Martyn Myers - Bonanza / Resonance FM).

Saturday 26th July 2008

The hello goodBye shows very own poet laureate Mr. Gerard Mitchell brings his familiar dulcet tones once more to the 104.4FM wavelength, only on this occasion in the the less familiar guise as lead singer of his new outfit, the prog/kraut/post-poetry groovers; Debbie Leggo.

...and putting in a debut appearance on the show, dB proudly presents the incendiary, iconoclastic British hip-hop punk onslaught of Sleaford Mods.

Saturday 19th July 2008

Live music in store for us today provided from the Stolen Recordings stable in the form of the international, London based psychedelic punk trio Screaming Tea Party.

Nag Vladermersky will be joining dB in the studio to talk about the London International Animation Festival, which takes place later this summer, providing a platform for more than 200 animated films from a wide range of countries, along with workshops and discussions with leading animators.

We’ll also be asking Nag about The Door and the Window, the band he formed with his friend Bendle in March 1979. Armed with a cheap guitar, a Wasp synthesiser and a collection of second hand tape recorders, the pair were more interested in sound and noise than music and wilfully flaunted not only their lack of musical experience, but also their determination not to gain any. To prove the point, their first rehearsal didn’t come about until AFTER they had played their first gig and recorded their first single. As well as embracing lo-fi experimentation in its purest form, the band were staunch devotees to the DIY cause, and pain-stakingly hand-made the labels and sleeves to their first single themselves, managing to self-distribute all 1000 copies. They also produced a fanzine called ’Common Knowledge’ dedicated to the politics of record reproduction and DIY pioneers such as the Desperate Bicycles, who had kick started the DIY movement with their debut single’s call to arms “It was cheap. It was easy. Go and do it!” The Door and the Window went on to play gigs with an impressive list of post-punk luminaries including the Pop Group, Scritti Politti, Delta Five, Swell Maps and Raincoats. In late 1979, Mark Perry, of Alternative TV and Sniffing Glue fame, joined the band as drummer and co-songwriter and together they recorded the now classic LP ‘Detailed Twang’, which we’ll play a track or two from in the show.

Saturday 12th July 2008

East London noise-nics Factory Floor join dB in the studio this afternoon - ahead of their ’1/1 presents: Chapter 1’ gig, soon taking place @ E9 Space and also featuring; Faust, Lydia Lunch, Blurt & S.I.N.S. Inspired by the works of Joseph Beuys and Christian Boltanski and as fans of Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Stars of the Lid, Factory Floor combine this with a love of The Fall, Talking Heads, James Chance, early pioneers Public Image Limited, Cabaret Voltaire and Wire, and the sheets-of-white-noise from Bristol group Flying Saucer Attack. German krautrock is something that’s also very close to the collective group’s heart, perhaps best reflected in the repetitive drive of their current single ‘Bipolar’ (Outside Sound.)

Plus, a solo live acoustic session from London based Aberdonian Kat Flint ahead of her gig this coming Thursday 17th July @ Acoustic Suicide (The Gladstone 64 Lant St, Borough) along with The Straw Bear Band - FREE ENTRY!

Saturday 5th July 2008

Ahead of The Waterloo Carnival that culminates with a grand finale this coming Friday 11th July on Lower Marsh (London, SE1), The deXter Bentley hello goodBye show opens its doors to a host of performers due to be taking part in the festivities. Expect live music from The Pepper Cake Melody Orkestra, The Sundae Kups, Lulu and the Boy and Prints of Whales.

Saturday 28th june 2008

Concept folk trio The Straw Bear Band return once more to the hello goodBye show, bringing with them songs about folklore, myth, history and fiction.
Their current project is an A-Z of British Eccentrics entitled ’Eccentric Heart'. Frontman Dom is also a musical collaborator with Steven Collins of The Owl Service and a partner in their Hobby Horse label. Other upcoming projects include working with Alison O’ Donnell (formerly of Mellow Candle), and Nancy Wallace (of The Memory Band)

Plus, a debut session from Pyramid<<<<>>>>Pyramid, performing his delightful drone flavoured, krautrock, minimalist, instrumental ditties!

Saturday 21st June 2008

TV Smith returns once more to hello goodBye to wake us up from our 21st Century malais!. TV was the thinking mans punk who fronted the seminal 2nd wave punk outfit The Adverts. Still going strong, he (arguably) has more to rail against in this current political climate than he ever had in his pomp back in the late '70's. VITAL!!!

Plus, all the way from Amsterdam we have Knalpot.

Saturday 14th June 2008

NO hello goodBye show today as Resonance celebrates 10 years of broadcasting! A series of archival shows taken from the inaugral broadcast that featured as one part of John Peels' Meltdown Festival (this took place at The Southbank Centre in London in 1998), when Resonance could be found on the 107.3 bandwidth.

Saturday 7th June 2008

Charly Morris drops in to perform live in session. Young Ms. Morris is the ever ebullient bass player from the scintillatingly powerful pop/punk trio Le Tetsuo. Today you can witness Charly down her 4 stringed instrument in favor of performing a short solo set of her melodic, delicate & soul searching acoustic pop songs.

Also, putting in their first stint on hello goodBye are Thingamu*jigsaw. 'Thinguma*jigSaw are a self-proclaimed “splatter-folk” duo hailing from Norway who now reside in Ireland. They call themselves Little Myth Ephiphanymph and the Severed Headmaster, but are really named Martha Redivivus and Seth Horatio Bunrombe, respectively. With their invented style, they combine elements of folk and avante garde music with horror movie sensibilities. The key elements are banjo, saw, and flute with ethereal vocals to top them off. There is a barebones, lo-fi quality to the music, yet the group creatively arranges itself to make the most of its various parts.' (Foxy Digitalis / Deserted Village)

Saturday 31st May 2008

Skitanja trek up to the big smoke from their South coast HQ to bombard the airwaves with their own peculiar hybrid of electro, jazz punk, ahead of their comprehensive UK tour alongside the U.S. based mutant soul outfit EYES!

While also joining dB in the studio for her debut hello goodBye appearance is Brigid Power-Ryce. Brigid possesses a voice that will cut you to the quick, her achingly plaintif yet raunchy and raw tunes provide the perfect tonic in this soulless age of sanitized 'perfection'. A true talent!

Saturday 24th May 2008

This afternoon hello goodbye focuses its attention on the song writing genius of Rebecca Gillieron , with live performances from 3 of her projects; Wet Dog, The Plan and Private Trousers. With a set of songs that teeter tantalisingly on the brink of disintegration, the London based all girl trio Wet Dog succeed in conjuring up the most joyous and unbridled Pop/Punk music that one is ever likely to hear.

Saturday 17th May 2008

Performing live in session this afternoon are both MeMeMe and Joanne Robertson.

Sporadic Pop-Art/Punk group have an astute ear for a good tune and a penchant for brevity. MeMeMe are a 3 piece london based band comprised of Jo Robertson, Celia Hempton and Jim Dixon. They formed for an exhibition in 2005 and have played a number of small venues around london since then including Nog gallery and The black gardenia. Influences include Sonic Youth, Gravy Train etc. Live performances from MeMeMe are as rare as hens teeth and are consequently worth the entry fee alone!

Joanne Robertson's debut album, The Lighter, produced by David Cunningham, is a direct outgrowth of her solo work, in which she received help from schoolmates Franz Ferdinand playing Glasgow, London, and New York, along with her visual art being included in Becks prestigious 2006 Futures show. The Lighter is a collection of intimate interior portraits, reminiscent in spots of Sybille Baier, Barbara Manning, even Hope Sandoval, but all performed with an addictive off-kilter grace that suspends time in a very special way. A devotee of serious art theory, Joanne would (I'm certain) like to place all of this in a theoretical context, but it's such a goddamn wonderful listen, I suggest we all just pull up some chairs and some fires and some drinks, and lift a toast (or a series of 'em) to The Lighter's magnetic magic. A dark room, and empty bed and you. That's all it takes. --Byron Coley

Saturday 10th May 2008

Benjamin Prosser is no stranger to the hello goodBye show through his numerous appearances as one half of the blues duo Congregation, however, this afternoon we find him making his debut live performance with his own outfit The Tap Collective.

Also making her first appearance on hello goodBye we have Alice Gun. Alice Gun plays cello, guitar, keyboards, kitchen equipment and sings with Mr David Viner, The Kittens, Duke Spirit and past bands of her own including Alice and the Enemies and The Sunset Gun. Most recently she finished a tour with the Viner band supporting the White Stripes round Europe. (She also does vocals for dance tracks that you can hear on Pete Tong's Radio 1 show but won't tell you which ones!) 'Alice Gun' is for all the other things she makes, sometimes alone and sometimes in the illustrious company of the supremely talented Al Mobbs of Ambiguous Records, Sam Sunset Gun and Mr Jay Elwes.

Saturday 3rd May 2008

Vearing sharply away from last weekends entirely 'acoustic' fodder, this afternoon hello goodBye serves up a healthy helping of meaty electronica on the lunchtime menu. Featuring a debut LIVE performance from Gentle Friendly. Gentle Friendly bring their own particular sonic assault to the airwaves, playing a hotch-potch of instruments that they liberated from various skips.

Saturday 26th April 2008

The legendary Andy Hankdog returns to the hello goodBye show. Andy is the congenial host of the long running South London based institution, The Easycome Acoustic Club (every Wednesday evening at The Old Nuns Head, Nunhead Green, Nunhead Lane, Nunhead), a breading ground for some of the capitals hottest acoustic talents!.

Also putting in appearances on todays show to perform live are an entire host of Easycome Acoustic Club regulars, including; Jason McNiff and his band also drop by to perform live in session as they reach the final stretch of their UK tour, promoting his new anthology LP 'In My Time'. Plus, Prints of Whales, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou (Indigo Moss) and Petra Jean Phillipson.

Saturday 19th April 2008

Gypsy Girl Filth bring their own brand of Poetic Beat-Core to the airwaves. GYPSY GIRL FILTH Street poet Gypsy Girl teams up with former XX Teens drummer. Nottingham born Gypsy Girl (aka Joanne) has been working the poetry scene in London since arriving there in 2001 aged 18. Her first gig offer came whilst standing on a bench on the South Bank reciting hip-hop verses to a small crowd. Seb was formerly known as the notoriously intense drummer "Pinstripe" from the XX Teens. He says, "when I heard Gypsy I really wanted to work with her straight away, I had been working on some sort of dirty-bass-dance music and I knew she would sound great on it." Together they call themselves Gypsy Girl Filth. "The lyrics are 100% improvised, it’s totally off the top of my head," says Joanne. The result is a brutally honest form of song writing, which can be both fluid and stuttering. This is paired with a beat driven and sampler based bass throng with bongos and strange percussion. "It’s a contemporary sounding type of hip-hop, but going back to improvisation of ’the battle’," says Seb. Their debut single ’SYMMETRY’ is pending on 7" but the download is free on their BurnBabyBurn label. "Noone needs to pay for music these days, if anyone emails me on beatsgeneration@hotmail.com I send them the mp3... when it’s finished. It’ll be free to download on Myspace too."

Saturday 12th April 2008

Spin Spin the Dogs and Mr. David Viner each make their debut performances on hello goodBye this afternoon.

Mr David Viner says; 'I was born with red eyes and purple skin due to the fact I had the umbilical corn wrapped firmly round my neck. I didn’t do much talking after that till I recorded my first album in 2003 for The Hollywood Dimmak label. In 2004 I recorded my second album “This Boy Don’t Care” for James Oldhams’ Loog label. Since then I have toured mainly non stop with the likes of Spiritualized, Dr. John and at the end of last summer, with the White Stripes on a European tour.. Under the watchful eye of Ed Harcourt I recorded my third album “Among the Rumours and the Rye” for which I will be releasing the single “ Go Home” on the 24th of March which The Gaurdians’ Laura Barton calls “the most pleasingly woebegone song you’ve heard in ages”. The album will be out later this year.
I have been called a blues player and although my heroes include Skip James and Rev. Gary Davis I always thought it easier to try and emulate say, Fred Neil or the Monkees due to fact they were more commercial and a lot whiter. Being a middle class jew it’s a lot easier to copy Dylan than it is Mississippi John Hurt.
That’s not to say I can’t play like them and nodding approvals from Bert Jansch made me realise I was doing something right.

Saturday 5th April 2008

Joining dB this lunchtime for live sessions are both Le Tetsuo & Fireworks Night.

Le Tetsuo make their debut appearance on hello goodBye this afternoon (ahead of the release of their debut 6 track 'Your Elbow' EP that hits the shops this coming Monday 7th April through Parlour Recordings.)

Le Tetsuo met at art school in 2002, when it was fashionable to wear plastic grapes around your neck and drink lager through a straw. These things may or may not still be in fashion, but since then this delightful noise-pop riot-boy/grrrl three-piece have gone on to win the largest music competition in the Eastern region, share sell out stages with the likes of Prinzhorn Dance School, Screaming Tea Party, Kaito, PRE and Bearsuit, stun festival audiences in Holland, not to mention the skinny be-jeaned hipsters at last year’s Tales of the Jackalope.

A move to London over a year ago has seen the band grab the attention of countless gig goers, dancing shoes first. All that sweat, applause and yelping has guided them safely into the hands of Parlour Records, for their first release proper.

Also, returning to the show once more dB have the downbeat lush arrangements, simple, powerful songs and brooding presence of Fireworks Night. Akin to Low or a very low-watt Calexico, with a deathly resonance that Will Oldham would no doubt approve of. With sparing use of pianos and guitars, Fireworks Night weave simple vignettes, maudlin tales of dissolved love, depression and darkness. There is nonetheless real beauty here if you choose to find it and while they may well kick you into the gutter, they also invite you to take a peek at the stars.

Saturday 29th March 2008

Today on hello goodBye deXter Bentley is pleased to welcome back to the fold Captain Blood Blood & the Sea-dogs (who have for the benfit of the listeners promised to be in full sea worthy regalia) performing an entirely unplugged session.

Also, putting in their debut appearance on the show are The Astrakan Collective. Astrakan are a South London based experimental Jazz/electronica quintet (featuring sax, guitar, drums, bass, accordian, vibraphone and electronics), who perform a variety of material involving equal elements of composition and improvisation, composed by founding member Michael Garcia.

Saturday 22nd March 2008

Performing live in session on the hello goodBye show this Saturday lunchtime dB has both The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience & Le Shark.

The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience is simply one of the best singer-songwriters around today. Tim Siddall’s songs are caustic, funny, surreal and mundane and have been described as "Mark E Smith meets Jake Thackray". Siddall has got something to say and he says it with wit and warmth whilst grappling with a mesmerising Mississippi-via-Peckham guitar.

Le Shark need no introduction!.

Saturday 15th March 2008

dB is thrilled to have CONGREGATION return to perform live in session once again on hello goodBye, while making their debut live appearance we also have the utterly superb EXTRADITION ORDER.

’Hailing from the New Cross bedsit scene looking like a couple of gangsters from the depression era, Congregation have lately been injecting the Blues and R&B genre with a heavy dose of class and soul. Benjamin Prosser (Slide Guitar, Bass drum) and Victoria Yeulet (vocals, leg bells) play the kind of raw, slinky and seductive blues that have the power to restore one’s faith in the genre. I know because they did it for me. On record and on stage Prosser is a dark presence, wavering in the background, playing slide riffs and thumping a bass drum with his foot. Victoria wails away with a voice that never fails to chill. This is a voice that manages to conjure up all of her fallen sisters in arms back from the dead (or used record bins), yet it’s still very much her own. The overall effect of these two’s music is moving in a way that is both remorseful and joyful at the same time. They are so deep that it would hurt if you could stop smiling at the beauty of it all. English White Boy R&B has a lot to answer for and these two are going a long way to re-dressing the issue. My new favorite band.’ (Ben Swank)

EXTRADITION ORDER are an audacious Northern trio, feet now flexed into the impotent belly of the capital, singing songs on the Peterloo Massacre, penetration, war and weightlessness. Part psychoblues, part technofolk, all trouble. Having bought off ebay the rights to the songs of an old and long-forgotten post Socialist Order based in Swansea, the band learnt of the songs’ history and the former members connection to the Spanish Civil War. So the youngster took the old organisation’s ideas, added their own dystopian bread and dripping and ran the flag of the Order up high once more.’Some of their songs sound like The Fall on laxatives and some sound like The Monks overdosing on Red Bull.’ - Captain Buzfuz

Saturday 8th March 2008

An octane fueled program of the highest order lies in store for you today on the deXter Bentley hello goodBye show featuring both Agaskodo Teliverek + Hazlitt.

AGASKODO TELIVEREK ( which means "the rearing stallions" in Hungarian) are a London based four piece band, with a passion for tight fitting football uniforms who produce a unique mashed-up style of guitar based music which they call "Psycho Goulash", which combines heavy guitar & keytar riffage with manic beats and schizoid vocals. Their line-up features the Hungarian guitar playing duo of Miki Kemecsi and Tamas Szabo, Japanese vocalist & keytar player Hiroe Takei, as well as recent addition ex-NOISETTES & occasional SEB ROCHFORD stand-in, Scots/ Nepalease drummer Pharoah Smeaton-Russell. AGASKODO have extensively toured the UK & Europe playing alongside acts like Lightning Bolt, Max Tundra, Trencher, DAT Politics and Les Georges Leningrad, and recently performed with Siouxsie Sioux at the BBC Electric Proms for the 2007 John Peel memorial concert. A new album from AGASKODO TELIVEREK is due for release on ADAADAT spring 2008.

Hazlitt was born in 1980 and has grown up playing music from aged 7. She has worked with musicians from the Kodaly School, Mediaeval Baebes, The Irrepressibles, Tiger Force, London Bach Choir, The London Philharmonic and Philharmonia Orchestras. 2008 will see her working in LA with David Norland, appearing on the soundtrack for the new Narnia movie, and making a video in Barcelona for 'Requiem Aeternam'. She writes and plays everything on the new album and hopes to bring classical music to new audiences.

Saturday 1st March 2008

Performing l ive in session on hello goodBye this afternoon we have Serafina Steer & also Miss Sills. London based abstract pop musician Serafina is a beguiling songstress who performs with harp in hand and tongue in cheek. ‘Serafina sings of the delicacies of her day-to-day life with a keen attention to detail and a dry as bone self-deprecating humour’ (Dazed Digital). Serafina’s debut LP ’Cheap Demo Bad Science’ is out now on Static Caravan.

Plus, the warm soulful tones of Miss Sills and her band. "Miss Sills conjures up images of raindrops on a windowpane on a cold November day, smells of bonfires and wet leaves outside. Inside the radiators smell warmly of dust and the central heating makes a familiar noise that use to comfort you as a child." - 12 Bar Club

Saturday 23rd February 2008

Performing live in session this afternoon on hello goodBye - after a criminally long 2 years absence - dB is delighted to welcome back Shimmy Rivers and and Canal. A constant struggle between instinct and intellect may well be the reason for the above average ‘staff turnover’ within the ranks of Shimmy Rivers and And Canal. However, perhaps it is this very ingredient that allows the band to produce some of the most resplendent, cantankerous and de-constructed pop music that one is ever likely to have the pleasure of hearing!

Plus, making a debut appearance on the show (though no stranger to the station) is Simon Breed. Simon Breed Simon Breed has been playing under his own name and steam around the UK and Europe for a decade, powered by a faithful following and the respect of his peers. The Bad Seeds, The Magic Numbers, P.J. Harvey and Thomas Truax, to name a motley but fabulous few, have all sung Simon’s praises. New album ’The Smitten King’s Laments’, is released on 4th February on Re-Action Recordings - this is one not to be missed! "Melodically beautiful, lyrically barbed." Time Out

Saturday 16th February 2008

Keshco make their debut appearance on the 104.4 fm wavelength this afternoon (ahead of their performance this coming Friday 22nd February at the hello goodBye evening taking place at The Half Moon in Herne Hill, also ft: Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, The Straw Bear Band & Hamilton Yarns.) Gadgets clutched and provisions packed, London based band Keshco's musical journey has taken in swirly psychedelia, tatty folk and electronic squigglepop. This trio is at turns sparkly, green, tender and absurd, with frequent stops for chai and biscuits. Expect songs about broken equipment, broken hearts and our broken planet.

Also making a return to the show, with his swarthy good looks and chiseled cheek bones, Thee Intolerable Kidd looks uncannily similar to Alain Delon in his pomp! However, not only does he look rather tolerable but with his 'William Burroughs influenced, carnival lullaby blues and swamp cabaret gypsy music' he actually sounds rather quite tolerable too!

Saturday 9th February 2008

Joining dB this today to perform live in session on the hello goodBye show is Supreme Vagabond Craftsman.
Supreme Vagabond Craftsman is Will Goddard - he is a founder member of musical collective Toah Dynamic, and along with Add N to X's Barry 7 and DJ Cherrystones a member of the band Prey. 'Just You Me And The Baby' the current SVC album features 13 songs of garage forecourt confrontations and ghost visits. Performed and recorded in the Analogue Catalogue Studio, 'Just You, Me And The Baby' features Supreme Vagabond Craftsman singing, shouting and playing most of the instruments, backed up by Earl Shilton on drumming duties, with a few professional cellists and viola players thrown in for good measure.

Plus, all the way from Denver Collarado we have George Inai, playing for us a couple of his gothic flavoured tex-mex tunes.

Saturday 2nd February 2008

There will be NO hello goodBye today due to an outside broadcast taking over the programming schedule.

Saturday 26th January 2008

deXter Bentley are utterly thrilled to - at last! - have YEBOROBO performing live in session for you this afternoon. A one stop shop for edgy and maniacal splatter gun pop! Yeborobo are the leading lights from the ever bourgeoning Mentalist Association scene (an arts and music collective) that has - over the past few years - been steadily outgrowing its original Kent/East Sussex environs. Their erratic and ecstatic live performances are said to verge on the evangelical. Yeborobo have recently succeeded in translating their seemingly untameable and glorious music onto limited edition 7” vinyl with the release of their debut 3 track E.P. ‘Im magick gimmie a fiver’ (Slightly off Kilter Records)

Saturday 19th January 2008

Making their debut appearance live in session on the deXter Bentley hello goodBye show this afternoon are The Resonance Association (who despite their name have no association with Resonance FM). The Resonance Association have been beguiling listeners since early 2006, and have just released their first full album, ’Failure Of The Grand Design’ on the art rock label Burning Shed. The album brings together the band’s many influences from extreme metal to acid house via krautrock, industrial, post-rock, psychedelia, drone and progressive rock – of which some, all or indeed none may become apparent during the session.

Saturday 12th January 2008

deXter Bentley kick off their first show of 2008 in style, with 2 superb performers appearing live in session; Lead
singer from orchestral art ensemble The Irrepressibles,
JAMIE McDERMOTT returns once again hello goodBye.
After much focus given to exploring 'performance art pop' with 10-piece orchestra THE IRREPRESSIBLES, singer
songwriter Jamie McDermott turns again to his past as an intensely cathartic solo performer to
explore new material and maybe something from pre-Irrepressibles days...

Also appearing in session are David Cronenberg's Wife.
David Cronenberg's Wife have been amusing and disturbing audiences since they formed in 2004 with songs that have
drawn comparisons to John Cooper Clark and Billy Childish. Often considered a prime-mover on London's rising lo-fi
'antifolk' scene, DCW have been winning over some new fans, including renowned Dylanologist Michael Grey
who recently described one of their songs as 'thrilling for its freshness, its full-on musical self-confidence
and ... brilliantly witty lyrics - in which the wit came from expressing dangerously honest thoughts rather than
from any desire to be amusing.' They released their
first single in 2007 on the independent Blang label; a second single 'My Best Friend's Going Out with a Girl I Like' is out in March, with their first album to follow
soon after!

Saturday 22nd December

This weekend your Resonance related festive cheer begins right here! Thanks to donations contributed from YOU our lovely Resonance FM listeners, the station was able to move studios earlier this year from the rapidly decomposing windowless hole that we had occupied in Tin Pan Alley to our now new tasty surroundings located right in the very heart of London’s fashionable Bankside. Please join us on this the final deXter Bentley hello goodBye show of 2007, as we take a trip down memory avenue and reminisce over the past 12 months of upheaval and technical difficulty, and what better way to convey this rollercoaster ride than through an illustrative choice of ’LIVE’ session tracks recorded for the show, cherrie picked by dB’s superb sound engineers; Robin ’The Rabbit’ Warren and Michael ’Radar’ Garrad.

Saturday 15th December

This afternoon dB are delighted to have folk legend in the making Sam Beer join them in the studio. Sam Beer Combining timeless song writing, inspiring energy and a warm presence Sam Beer is a regular face on the folk circuit. With a self released EP and his debut album ‘Evening Songs’ already behind him 2007 has seen Sam Beer gigging and steadily writing new material in anticipation of his next release. Sam’s music is evolving into a musical force that can do nothing but assert itself upon the listener; “Musically I am now walking into new territories and this is terribly exciting, I am not doing this alone as I am lucky enough to play with incredible musicians.”
“Genuine, timeless songwriter” - Time Out
“Amazing” - The Guardian

Saturday 8th December

Joining us today to perform live in session and to generally chew the fat is the legendary second wave punk rock chameleon Spizz (Spizz 77/Spizz Oil/Spizz Energi/Athletico Spizz 80/The Spizzles/Spizz Sexual/Green Spizz etc) celebrating his 30 years in showbiz!

Saturday 1st December

Today dB is excited to welcome back onto the hello goodBye show the extraordinary musicianship of guitarist Spoono. Spoono performs in Brighton this evening (@ The Westhill Community Centre) alongside Bela Emerson with whom he has just released a joint CD/LP of improvisational music - available on the ’Slightly Off Kilter’ record label.

Maurizio Ravalico pops by to perform a live improvised piece ahead of the Appliances event (an evening of improvisational and experimental music) that is held at Scooterworks every first Thursday of the month.

Also, over from the U.S. we have the jazz/folk music of Kevin House. If there were some forgotten Delta where the chanson and folk blues traditions congregated it might sound something like this. 

Saturday 24th November

The Straw Bear Band lyrically mix folklore, myth, history and fiction. Musically they’re just as eclectic. The sound ranging from delicate acoustic song to scratchy electronica, ending up like a Joe Meek production of Tim Buckley. Recently the sound has taken another turn, and live they create a kind of Medieval Krautrock. Dom Cooper, Lewis Hill and Adam Lambert form the current band, joined occasionally by Euan Hinshelwood aka Young*Husband. Along with guests, Dom recorded and released their debut album in 2007. ’From The Sea To The Stars’ is a story based album in ten short bursts. Of which Terrascope said ’... this mix of modern technology and acoustic songs is realised with certainty and belief, creating a wonderfully textured free-flowing collection of songs that are damn near impossible to prize off the stereo’. The next project ’Eccentric Heart, An A-Z of British Eccentrics’ is underway. Dom is also a musical collaborator with Steven Collins of The Owl Service and a partner in their Hobby Horse label. Other upcoming projects include working with Alison O’ Donnell (formerly of Mellow Candle), and Nancy Wallace (of The Memory Band)

Saturday 17th November

Joining us live in session today following on from appearaning at last nights Hello GoodBye spectacular (that took place at The Half Moon in Herne Hill), we have both The Wave Pictures and - all the way down from Scotland - Iona Marshall.

The Wave Pictures are a prolific London based trio who play pop music that is infused with a healthy, heady rush of youthful abandon. Front person David Tattershall is an amazingly gifted guitar player, whose lyrics have a stream of consciousness quality that is both melodic and playful. The group conjure up a sound that is slightly reminiscent of the New York new wave scene of the late ‘70’s (with both early Television and Talking Heads springing to mind.) The Wave Pictures’ debut double a-sided 7’ single featuring ‘We Dress Up Like Snowmen’ and ‘Now You Are Pregnant’ is available on Moshi-Moshi Records.

Iona Marshall is an imaginative and very original songwriter who uses strong themes of nature, love, politics and spirituality in her creations. Her beautiful songs come with a Celtic tinge and the intricate finger picking used compliments her angelic Scottish voice like a guitar should. Iona was already showing flair for the piano even as a toddler and since then has developed her unique guitar and song writing skills. Iona has already independently produced 2 solo albums this year; ’I’.M. PULSE’ and ’GHUR’.

Saturday 10th November

The Crisps join deXter Bentley to perform live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon. Alex Bowen was a former Berlin based accordian salesman who now resides in sunny South London. He originally formed his ramshackle acoustic pop group The Crisps, in the comfortable confines of his Kitchen. Having now grown accustomed to the bright lights of the stage, The Crisps are rapidly gaining a great live reputation for their charming and wonderfuly melodic performances.

Also joining us ahead of their appearance at this coming Fridays Hello GoodBye extravaganza at The Half Moon in Herne Hill (also ft: The Wave Pictures, Monday Club, deXter Bentley & Iona Marshall) are The Smoke Fairies. The Smoke Fairies have been playing together since they were 13. Having grown up in the countryside in the south of England, their musical roots are that of tradition English folk. But following time spent living in New Orleans & Vancover their music is greatly informed also by influences of country and of the Deep South.

Then last but by no means least we have the female troubadour Emma Tricca popping in to perform a few of her folk gems.

Saturday 3rd November

Performing live in session this afternoon on hello goodBye are Uncle Rabbit + John & Jehn. The combination of talents that combine together to create the inprovisational trio Uncle Rabbit results in a slightly spare and spikey style that sometimes flies off in completely unexpected directions, careening unsteadily between genres, and just a little tipsy on the impulse of the moment.

Melodic pop duo John & Jehn also make their debut appearance on the show. John says; "I don’t necessarily see what we do as John & Jehn as a rock ’n’ roll thing at all. It’s more about us choosing the way in which we want to deal with life, every day life and expressing ourselves in some sort of form. The big reason is for us to live, to do something and to grow. We simply like to make our lives a little bit more interesting." while Jehn says; "Yeah, it’s for us to get better in what we do. It’s very much a channel, a direction...a faith in something that we believe in."

Saturday 27th October

The Burning Leaves
& Spinmaster Plantpot join deXter Bentley to perform live in session.
The sweeping undercurrents of The Burning Leaves' melodies conspire with spacious vocals of Indie Mae (18) and harmonies of Craig Lee-Williams (22). Provocative lyrics and haunting rhythms hearken to a tradition of folk and country, while Indie's voice blankets you with a warm hopefulness as the tales unfold. While the pair's recordings are overcast with the fullness of the places they have lived, their live performance is luminous in exposing the playfulness between life and their dwelling. With only a Telecaster, harmonica and close vocal harmony, The Burning Leaves' beautifully crafted songs and minimal arrangements makes for a really intimate and special show. The Burning Leaves' sound is rich, spacey, folky, country and a little bit spooky!

Spinmaster Plantpot is a one man human tornado who spits out his acapella country/punk pros with all the subtlety of a crazed Rhino on heat.

Saturday 20th October

L'il Lost Lou
and her trio join dB in the studio to perform her raucous country-punk music live in session on Resonance FM.

Saturday 13th October

No hello goodBye due to outside broadcast from the Frieze Art Fair!

Saturday 6th October

Both Monday Club & Spoono join deXter Bentley to play live on the Hello GoodBye show this afternoon.
Monday Club are Astrud Steehouder on guitar and vocals, Jessamine Tierney on bass and vocals and Amy Hurst on drums and occasional vocals. The idea that has glued the band together has been the attempt to create a sound that satifies a combined aesthetic. It is frequently rough sounding which is in part accidental and in part choice. The songs are ideas-based and cropped observational narratives, stark impressions of strange histories, dark blue cinematic lynchian atmospherics cut with sharp drums and curious basslines. Right now, harshness and subtlety seems to be the balance in which this band hangs.

Spoono is a South London based guitarist who lends his virtuoso skills to his mind-boggling, self penned, left-of-centre instrumental compositions. He is also a founding member of the Artist/Musician collective; The Mentalsit Association.

Saturday 29th September

BACK WITH A BANG! deXter Bentley's Hello goodBye show returns to the airwaves with a session from Merchant, ft: Alec Kronacker (drums), Heather Roche (bass clarinet) & Thomas Stone (double bass.) Drawing from elements of both drone metal & doom jazz, Merchant produce dark, acoustic, instrumental post-classical textural improvisations and compositions. Formed after Thomas damaged his hearing the trio create tense sonic environments based around the lower registers.

Also Jess Bryant, The young London based artist Jess Bryant creates seductive, 21st century, Gregorian Lullaby Laments. Her plaintif, brooding songs have a distinct otherworldly quality to them, while her live performances have also been gaining rave reviews across the UK.

Plus; New Yorker Preacher Boy. "Preacher Boy crosses the traditional country blues of haunted legends like Robert Johnson and Son House with a modern, rock-influenced perspective similar to Jon Spencer or Jack White of The White Stripes, branding the sound with his own distinctive mark" (The All-Music Guide.)

Resonance 104.4 FM is currently uprooting itself to new premises!

This fantastic news means that all live broadcasting is temporarily suspended.

Until the move is complete the station will be airing a series of repeats sourced from its extensive archives.

July 29th 2007

deXter Bentley and electric pedals proudly present...

open bike night

please come along and help pedal power a series of live performances from

boyle AND shaw
melinda bronstein
a man telling stories
the hankdogs
bad badgers badges
the boycott coca-cola experience
king! and the olive fields
gerry mitchell
a presentation of royles incredible record playing grammatricycle!

this spectacular event marks the final instalment in the 'month of sundays' series and will be broadcast live on
resonance 104.4 fm from the corsica art studio
(5 elephant rd, elephant & castle, london se17 1lb)
sunday 29th july 2007.
doors 7.30pm with the first performance begining at 8.00pm prompt!
entry is £5

...following on from 'open bike night' the entertainment continues up until midnight, with contributions from; Marvin Suicide, "The Rod of Run-Awayes" (Ted Barrington & Jim Xento$$), Simon Munnery, Strange Attractor and Little Atoms.

July 7th 2007

Joining deXter Bentley today (ahead of their appearance at the Hello GoodBye presents gig taking place at The Betsey Trotwood this evening - also ft: Hands on Heads and Wet Dog) are Arthur Brick, a London based quartet who manipulate drums, double bass, charango and theramin whilst singing songs about Bermondsey war veterans, night buses to Catford, 1950s homosexuals and religious fervour in the home counties.

Also, Nic Dawson Kelly joins us with his acoustic guitar and harmonica to perform a handful of songs ahead of his appearance at Acoustic Suicide (FREE ENTRY @
The Gladstone
, 64 Lant Street, Borough/London Bridge) this coming Thursday 12th July. Nic Dawson Kelly’s haunting brand of acoustic folk matches his mysterious persona, sitting him somewhere between Ryan Adams, Devendra Banhart and Anthony & The Johnsons. Originally hailing from Brighton, Nic has recently been setting tounges wagging playing intimate sets at some of Londons best venues... And having just confirmed details of his debut single (Out in September on Radio 1’s Rob Da Banks ‘Sunday Best’ label), 2007 is already beginning to shape up well for this 23-year-old troubadour. A performance and vocal not to be missed!

June 30th 2007

Making a welcomed return to Hello GoodBye this afternoon are the Leeds based chamber/improve group 7 Hertz. With their huge array of instrumentation (including; violin, mandolin, clarinet, accordion, trombone, trumpet and glockenspiel), 7 Hertz create improvised music that effortlessly leaps from folk to contemporary classical, from free improv to jazz and then from punk to just plain odd!

Also, making his debut appearance on the show we have the experimental folk musician Benjamin Wetherill. Citing Noel Coward and George Formby as major influences, Benjamin fits comfortably into the mould of the true British eccentric. Although drawing inspiration from the past, Ben is without doubt a very forward looking artist, with a superb collection of songs that spin off in all manner of unexpected directions. NB* both of these artists are performing at the SSH Festival all-dayer taking place at The Spitz today.

June 23rd 2007

Mentalist Association stalwarts and all round good eggs

Team B bring their free form, synth driven, progressive arch pop music onto the Hello GoodBye show once again.

June 16th 2007

Today on Hello GoodBye we have the Japanese Noise/Ant-Rock/Post Punk band Breakneck Static. Breakneck Static have just released a spilt 7" EP on the Vacuous Pop/Freakscene imprint, they are also currently working on their forthcoming album for the Leeds based indie British Wildlife Records.

June 9th 2007

Today, Wet Dog clock up their 3rd appearance on the deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye show. With a sound that tantalisingly teeters on the edge of disintegration Wet Dog play the most joyous and unbridled pop-punk music that one is ever likely to have the pleasure of hearing!

June 2nd 2007

At last! This afternoon the Hello GoodBye show celebrates the current phenomenon that is The Mentalist Association; an ever bourgeoning collective of artists and musicians that have - over the past few of years - been rapidly outgrowing their original Kent and East Sussex environs. Representing the MA live in session will be
Gasp! Cracking Eggs’, Les Enfants & Hexicon.  
Also expect to hear bootleg tracks from ‘Yeborobo’ (leading lights from the Mentalist Association) recorded at the Hello GoodBye presents evening that took place at the Betsey Trotwood (Farringdon) 20.04.07.

May 26th 2007

There will be no Hello GoodBye today as Resonance FM sets aside the entire weekends schedule for 'The Long Weekend' outside broadcast taking place at Tate Modern.

May 19th 2007

Returning once again to Hello GoodBye (ahead of her 
concert this evening at The Horse Hospital) is the American avant-garde blues songstress Sandy Dillon
Accompanying Sandy today are The Speakeasy's, featuring: Ed Harcourt - percussion/stuff,  Michael J Sheehy - banjo & Ray Majors - dobro. 

Also, making their 2nd appearance on the show is the stomping, soulful blues duo Congregation (Victoria Yeulet & Benjamin Prosser). Along with Naz Jamal, Victoria will also be discussing the Ladies Rock! event that is due to take place at the Lambeth Women's Project on the 17th, 18th & 19th August.

May 12th 2007

Performing live in session this afternoon on Hello GoodBye we have Hands on Heads. HoH write abrupt, non-repetitive songs about unrequited friendship, romantic potential, the supernatural everyday, righteous joy and expectation. Hands on Heads don’t believe in reiteration, they make a point with emphasis, then move on to the next fractured song of double-speed dynamics with feral abandon.

Also - ahead of her appearance this coming Thursday 17th May at Acoustic Suicide - we have Petra Jean Phillipson joining us. Petra is an exceptionally talented woman in possession of an achingly seductive and powerful voice. Her self penned, melodic blues songs are musically dynamic and at times, lyrically unsettling. Petra's debut album 'Notes on Love' is currently available on the Gronland record label.

May 5th 2007

Performing live in session on Hello GoodBye this afternoon is the emotionally charged but creatively driven collaboration of Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta. Performing a collection of songs taken from their forthcoming LP, The Ragged Garden (Fire Records). Their current release 'Feasting on my Heart' was formerly 'Single of the Week' in Playlouder.

April 28th 2007

Hello GoodBye returns to your eardrums!

Performing live in session this afternoon on Hello GoodBye is the Bristol based artist SJ Esau. Having only just returned from a short tour of Italy, SJ will be playing a selection of tracks taken from his current LP - 'Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse' (Anticon Records), a superb amalgam of experimental pop and twisted folk music.

We also have the harmonious scruntch pop duo Pissinboy appearing on the show - ‘you can have your eggs frozen, I can have my sperm frozen too!’

...and expect to hear bootleg tracks by both Lianne Hall & Rae Spoon recorded at the Acoustic Suicide VIII event that took place at The Gladstone (Borough/London Bridge) on Thursday 26th April.

April 21st 2007

Due to unforseen circumstances, as from Thursday 19th April, all programmes on Resonance 104.4 FM are cancelled.

Normal transmission is due to resume towards the latter part of next week.

Hello GoodBye will next be broadcast on Saturday 28th April and will feature Pissinboy live in session.

The Mentalist Association special that was due to be aired this Saturday is currently being re-scheduled for the begining of June.

Take this opportunity to listen to something from the Hello GoodBye archive.



April 14th 2007

Tune in, turn up and drop out as Nag Vladermersky and Hugh Dellar discuss their event at the ICA on 21st April commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 14-hour Technicolor Dream, a massive psychedelic happening which took place in Alexandra Palace, North London in April 1967. One of the most infamous acid freak-outs to ever take place in London, it was headlined by Pink Floyd and featured bands, poets, artists, freaks, hipsters, mods, mockers, and the in-crowd of the day. Members of psychedelic neo-medieval folk rock combo Circulus, who will be appearing at the event, will also be dropping in to play a couple of acoustic numbers.

… and with a criminally long 2 years and 96 days since their last appearance on the Hello GoodBye show, deXter Bentley welcomes back with open arms the prodigal band; Blanket. With an adeptly multi-instrumental line-up operating from twin bases in Brighton and London, Blanket’s music might be expected to be a rather complex affair. In fact they specialise in quivering simplicity, with their sumptuously bearded members crafting a delicate lo-fi urban country backdrop to Vicky Steer’s exquisitely melancholic and wistfully English voice.
'While the mattress of life is infested with bed bugs, Blanket are definitely keeping us warm!' - dB

April 7th 2007

Joining deXter Bentley to perform live in session in the Resonance FM studio this afternoon is a band who can proudly boast to having both Herman Dune and Jeffrey Lewis amongst their biggest fans. The Wave Pictures are a prolific London based trio who play pop music that is infused with a healthy, heady rush of youthful abandon. Front person David Tattershall is a superb guitarist (though he appears to be hell bent on doggedly underplaying this fact) whose lyrics have a stream of consciousness quality that are both melodic and playful. The group conjure up a sound that is slightly reminiscent of the New York new wave scene of the late ‘70’s (with both early Television and Talking Heads springing to mind.)

Also, making a welcome return to the Hello GoodBye show is one of South London’s finest exponents of the Alt-Country genre; Andy Hankdog. Andy has been hosting the Easycome Acoustic Club at The Ivy House (an astonishingly atmospheric and reassuringly traditional pub, found tucked away in a shady corner off Peckham Rye) on a once-a-week basis for the past 14 years, and has consequently been heralded as the leading progenitor for the entire Nu-Acoustic movement.

March 31st 2007

Marking their 1st birthday with a live performance on the deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye show, we have the experimental, electro-core collective known as BRICKFACE. The ideology behind BRICKFACE was formed at Camberwell Art College where the minds of Nic Pogrom, Danny Dog Cock, Andy Donnelly, Gunnar Stiennes and Alec Kronacker all met. All members of BRICKFACE are practicing artists.

March 24th 2007

Having just returned from touring Germany, electro pop/punk artist, Theoretical Girl joins dB on the Hello GoodBye show to perform live in session. Though often found playing in a solo capacity Theoretical Girl is today accompanied by her band; Sam, Rosalie and Steph. Her latest single Red Mist is currently available through Half Machine Records. "In theory she's very good. In reality she's absolutely brilliant." - THIS IS FAKE DIY

Also in the studio is Ill Ease, a solo act who (with the aid of some serious looping) comes across more like a seething, sultry mass of rock & roll. When Elizabeth Sharp found an old 8-track, a haunted piano and a dysfunctional guitar amp in an abandoned auto shop in Brooklyn Ill Ease was born. Ill Ease can currently be found touring through Europe in ‘a flurry of intoxication’.

March 17th 2007

Experimental musician and sound artist Mikhail drops by to perform live in session. Having formerly collaborated with Björk and Graham Massey (808 State) Mikhail is due to release his debut LP Orphica (Sub Rosa/Quatermass) in May 2007.

Also dropping by to soothe us with a dose of their cosmic country music are Airport Girl, performing a couple of tracks taken from their recently released 2nd LP ‘Slow Light’ (Fortuna Pop).

March 10th 2007

Joining us to perform live in session this afternoon are The Mount Cherries, an energetic South London based Anglo/French combo, comprising of two girls and three boys. The MC’s brandish a variety of instruments (including; accordion & Hammond organ) as they embark upon a musical odyssey that bounces joyously from Folk to Disco and beyond without ever pausing for breath.

tHE bEALE will also be joining dB in the studio to offer up their furious, post-punk, kitchen-sink surrealism, while front man Adrian R Shaw rants and raves with comical provincial belligerence over a twisted set of repetitive and infectious tunes.

March 3rd 2007

Surging forth from the remnants of the superlative - though now sadly defunkt - Suitable Case for Treatment, come the experimental, nursary-core duo Mephisto Grande to perform live in the Resonance studio. Mephisto Grande build minimal music from slow, meandering tunes into rip-roaring, heavy barrages of gothic folk revelry. A heady mix of drum and string, decorated with brass and accordion that switches from a catchy, jaunty Bavarian jig to an atonal, discordant assault. A captivating sound that crosses both generational and stylistic boundaries.

February 24th 2007

Fronted by the feisty yet fragile pop-princess Helen, the East Sussex based garage band Shrag today head inland to offer up a selection of their own deceptively catchy and endearingly ramshackle tunes.

Citing jazz, blues, folk, punk, classical, flamenco, Indian, world and electronic music as part of his eclectic palette of influence, Dave Russell joins us to play live in the Resonance FM studio. Dave has been performing on the London folk/poetry scene for the past 5 decades and has just released his latest LP 'Kaleidoscope Concentrate' (Rim Records.)

February 17th 2007

In celebration at the release of their stunningly dramatic new single ‘My Friend Jo’, deXter Bentley is truly delighted to welcome back once again The Irrepressibles. It has been a full 10 months since Irrepressible front man Jamie McDermott last graced the Hello GoodBye show and in that time he has gone on to expand the group into a staggering 10 piece orchestra (ft: voice, guitar, piano, orchestral percussion, violins, cello, double bass, oboe, cor anglais, clarinet, saxophone & flute.) If you revel in bold and uncompromising music then be certain not to miss this!

Making a rare excursion to the big smoke (ahead of appearing at the ‘Lost Vagueness Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre’ event @ The Coronet) is the Glastonbury based, psychedelic pop outfit Flipron.

Also joining us to perform songs that sound akin to ‘Moroccan sands falling out of an espadrille shoe on the Piccadilly line in late September’ we have singer/songwriter Daniel Orcese.

...and performance poet Uke Stanza pops by to give a sample of his 'Innuendocore' music ahead of appearing at the 12 Bar Club this evening as part of the Winter Anti-Folk festival.

February 10th 2007

Live in session this afternoon are the Folktronica outfit Woodcraft Folk. Not only will they be performing a couple of songs taken from their mesmerising debut LP ‘Trough of Bowland’ (Earworm) but they have also threatened to throw a cover version of an old Fall hit into the mix!

Also, making a welcomed return to the Hello Goodbye show we have the conceptual sea shanty punk trio Captain Blood Blood and the Sea Dogs, whose motto reads; "We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are"

February 3rd 2007 LISTEN

deXter Bentley is honored to have the American avant-garde blues songstress Sandy Dillon performing live in session on the Hello GoodBye show. Sandy has collaborated with such luminaries of the music world as; Mick Ronson, Man Parrish, Hector Zazou and Dieter Meier and her current LP 'Pull the Strings' (One Little Indian) was produced by the superb multi-instrumentalist David Coulter.

Also listen in vague disbelief as this Brighton based duo The Sticks wrestle with their inexpensive musical instruments to produce a hideous torrent of badly played, primitive rock’n’roll party numbers! (The Sticks are also playing The Hello GoodBye presents gig tonight at The Betsey Trotwood along with Bib and The Bronsteins.)

January 27th 2007

Performing live in session on the Hello GoodBye show this afternoon are Bloody Heels who bring together musicians from Brazil, Poland and Sweden to play kick ass Punk Rock. The band have recently completed a tour of Scandinavia and Germany and their debut seven track CD, ‘The Blood Is Dripping Down' is a Rock'n'Roll tour-de-force.

Also in the studio is Men Diamler. 'Men Diamler is a star, no two ways about it. Admittedly, he's a star in some macabre parallel universe where negro field spirituals, Victorian freakshows, Glaswegian drinking songs, German expressionist art and Italian opera have fused and become the dominant culture, but this is indicative of the poverty of our own global monoculture. This is truly music from beyond the comfort zone.' - Carl Dolan, Decode

January 20th 2007

Performing their experimental / psychedelic / mariachi / dystopian-drone music live in session on the Hello GoodBye show this afternoon are the London based group Teeth of the Sea. Inspired in equal measure by such ne'er-do-wells as Liars, Boredoms, Skullflower, This Heat and Acid Mothers Temple, their mission is ritualistic, rhythmic and reckless abandon at all costs.

Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts will also be delighting us with a handful of brittle/sweet pop songs taken from their debut LP ‘Blue Birds Blood’ (Catbird Records). 'Hank Williams is at the ronettes house putting up some shelves with mo tucker and gossiping about johnathan richman while townes van zandt sings raincoats covers.'

January 13th 2007
Performing his angry Delta-Punk live in session on the Hello GoodBye show this afternoon is the one-man boogie terror army D-66.

Also, hailing from Leeds, we have 7 Hertz. With their huge array of instrumentation (including; violin, mandolin, clarinet, accordion, trombone, trumpet and glockenspiel), 7 Hertz create improvised music that effortlessly leaps from folk to contemporary classical, from free improv to jazz and then from punk to just plain odd!

January 6th 2007 LISTEN

After their performances at The Electricity Bill (Tate Britain) last night, the Hello GoodBye show is proud to herald in the new season with 2 very special live guests. Momus, the Scottish born/Berlin based musician, artist, journalist and serial blogger will be performing his own brand of odd-ball electronic folk live in session. His latest LP ‘Ocky Milk’ (Cherry Red), he rather beguilingly describes as 'Absurdist Asian Torch'.

Plus, joining us all the way from Gothenburg are the experimental group The Skull Defekts, who bring their ‘deep feedback / drone magic’ to the airwaves. Anticipate music of warmth and delirium combined with disturbing, heavily rhythmic electronic tones and distortion

January 5th 2007

The Electricity Bill
LIVE outside broadcast from Tate Britain!
A special, two and a half hour edition of the deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye show. An aural excursion through a world where the throb and hum of static and distortion are propelled through myriad wires and boxes creating music that would at once fall silent if not aided and abetted by the power of electricity.

Jeremy Smoking Jacket - LISTEN
The Skull Defekts - LISTEN
James III & the Courtesan - LISTEN
Momus - LISTEN

Click here for pic's : 'Tate what you do it's the way that you do it!'

December 23rd & 30th 2006

During the Christmas schedule on Resonance 104.4 FM there will be NO Hello GoodBye show on either Saturday 23rd or Saturday 30th December!However, if you fancy a FREE festive fix in the form of some MP3 file musical downloads, then visit these sites:

Where it's at is where you are!
Merry Christmas from Mr Hysterical Arms
Anal Gore Terror

December 16th 2006

South East London quintet Chik Budo will be performing their unique blend of 21st Century Electro Jazz Punk live on the deXter Bentley Hello Goodbye show this afternoon. Chik Budo combine the Jazz experimentalism of John Zorn with the unbridled energy of Post-Punk luminaries Fugazi, with the end result being a hugely accessible blast of contemporary electronic dance music.

Also appearing in session will be Hans Blix, a displaced New Zealander (of Germanic origin) who along with his band The Inspectors conjures up a unique blend of misanthropic country punk. Their music is Banjo led, lyrically inspired and morally reprehensible. Imagine if you will, a ghastly mutated monster, comprised of the vocal chords of Hank Williams, the addled brain of Mark E. Smith and the testicles of The Bad Seeds.

December 9th 2006      

Xerox Teens fulfil their obligatory annual visit to the deXter Bentley Hello Goodbye show. This East London based quintet, happily bills itself a ‘Punk’ band, however, this rather one dimensional tag fails to fully capture both the mischievousness and menace found lurking at the heart of the Teens’ wonderful, vibrant and intoxicating sound. Elements of Hip-Hop, Kraut-Rock, Calypso, Disco, Electro, Rock’n’Roll and Power Pop are also evident in their music. A true renaissance band, Xerox Teens manage to promote regular concerts, curate art exhibitions and find enough hours in the day to release a diverse roster of bands on their own ‘Big Billy’ record label. Today Bow, tomorrow the world!
(To view film of Xerox Teens (Dir: James III) performing 'Onkawara' live in session at Resonance FM click here!)

Ed Mule, singing drummer with the unclassifiable group 
The Mules, today discards his usual 2 sticks and 5 skins, in preference of 1 plectrum and 6 strings! 
This rare un-plugged performance finds Ed hollering out a few choice tunes taken from The Mules debut LP 'Save your face' (Organ Grinder Records).

All female trio The Bronsteins, have affectionately been described as ‘mental-institution-folk fronted by a Swedish robot’. Their delightful and melodic songs ponder upon such idiosyncratic themes as; umbrellas, comas and the speed of light.

December 2nd 2006

London based duo Lot Lizards will be performing live in session on the deXter Bentley Hello Goodbye show this afternoon. Formed in early 2006 Lot Lizards feature both GG (Subway Slims / Kill Kill Kill) on guitar and Megumi (Subway Slims / Seven Boyfriends) on drums, playing no wave blues they combine the minimal arrangements of The Contortions and Wire with the loose desperate thud of the Cheater Slicks and Pussy Galore. 

Also joining us with her acoustic guitar in hand will be the Brighton based singer/songwriter Lianne Hall, playing a selections of tracks taken from her debut solo LP, ‘Abandon Ship’ (Local Kid). Lianne’s music, although largely Country-esque and Folk-inspired, belies a soul that is most definitely built on a DIY and Punk Rock foundation.

25th November 2006

A rare outing for Brighton’s Crayola Lectern finds him performing live in session on the Hello Goodbye show this afternoon, with his songs and instrumentals of otherworldly beauty. English pastoral psychedelics accompanied on Casiotone by Jon Poole. Crayola’s solo output is largely inspired by the work of Robert Wyatt although to draw sonic comparisons might be misleading. The lyrical songs are sometimes sorrowful but retain a sense of humility, humanity and humour; others are instrumental with vocal murmuring where words only seem to detract from the underlying spirit of the music and so are left abandoned.

Finally, Nina Walsh will be putting in an appearance to weave her simple yet honest industrial folk songs amid a backdrop of finger picked acoustic guitar.

18th November 2006

The Hello Goodbye show plays host to a rare live performance from the enigmatic outfit Nighttime and Damien Raison. This (reportedly) 'Neo Pagan' duo has chosen to reject the influences of fashion and glamour that previously dominated their lives, to concentrate wholeheartedly on the celebration of nature through song. Their quasi-medieval/electro flavoured music conveys a strong narrative that is joyous and revelatory.

Today’s show will also feature an interview with original punk poet and lo-fi pioneer Patrik Fitzgerald, recorded in August 2006 during his first visit to the UK in over 10 years. Initially armed with only an acoustic guitar, Patrik stood out as an anomaly in the punk class of 1977 but was soon regarded as an original of his genre and released a series of classic EP's on the Small Wonder label. The songs on these records, including 'Safety Pin Stuck in my Heart', were caustic and whimsical pieces of urban folk and as punk in spirit as anything produced by his noisier peers. Patrik recorded several subsequent albums and continues to write and record from his adopted home in New Zealand, where he is also busy compiling collections of unreleased material from his substantial archives.

Also joining dB in the Resonance studio is the Harrow born and bred Country Rock pioneer (and former Rockingbirds front man) Alan Tyler, along with his new band, The Lost Sons of Littlefield. Their eponymous album is a southern American-inspired odyssey and is currently available through Hanky Panky Records. Tyler's songs deal in universal themes and although they take the form of traditional Country music lyrically they are unmistakably English. 

11th November 2006

In session this afternoon on the Hello Goodbye show are the sleazy Hungarian surf guitar duo Agaskodo Teliverek, sounding something like a cross between Captain Beefheart, Public Enemy & Venetian Snares, with trashy jazz guitar leads and twisted electronic hard-rock jungle-bebop break beats. The band, whose name translates from Hungarian as The Rearing Stallions, consists of Miklos "The Accountant" Kemecsi and Tamas "Karamazov" Szabo. Their recently released eponymous debut album features guest appearances from Man from Uranus, The Rebel, Max Tundra and MC Big Cheese.

Also dropping by (en route to their gig at The Pleasure Unit tonight!) are the Welsh psychedelic pop group The Loves, who’s ‘X’s & O’s’ EP is currently available on the Fortuna Pop label.

Last but not least is Jason McNiff, who together with Emily Barker will be performing live.

4th November 2006

Joining us LIVE in session today (ahead of appearing at our Hello GoodBye gig at the 12 Bar Club tonight) are; Salt & Blue, Tea & Toast Band and the Brighton based 'Free-folk’ ensemble Hamilton Yarns. Hamilton Yarns' music is a sweeping canvas of seemingly spontaneous atmospherics concocted from harmonium, cornet, clarinet and flute, beautifully combined with wonky pop lyricism. Ambling nonchalantly through the themes of their songs are a motley crew of grubs, bugs, badgers and foxes, all hell bent on their mission to explore the subconscious, superstition and the weather. The band have recently released their 6th LP in 4 years, the superb ‘The Show-Boat, Over’.

Also popping in to perform live are Virgin Passages who's debut LP 'Mandalay' has recently been released on Fire Records.

28th October 2006

LIVE in session this afternoon on the Hello Goodbye show is 4tRECK (AKA Sam Callow). Utilising piano, guitar, violin, accordion, percussion and voice (along with some idiosyncratic home-made stringed instruments), 4tRECK creates music of an essentially melancholic nature. Born out of spontaneous improvisation and chance, his compositions can at times sound a little illogical but are always inventive and most importantly entertaining.

Also putting in a performance with his ‘dark, cabaret, blues’ will be Thee Intolerable Kidd. Performing a set of songs taken from his eponymous debut LP (this hot off the press 9track album is FREE OF CHARGE! if you e-mail your address to: theeintolerablekidd@googlemail.com)

dB were honoured to have an impromptu visit from the Missouri based trio The Experimental Instrument Orchestra, who dazzled the listeners with alternative uses for frying pans, chair legs, plastic plates and the like!

21st October 2006

Performing LIVE in session on the deXter Bentley Hello Goodbye show today with his folk-punk quintet is Sergeant Buzfuz, whose sharp edged songs of modern life are finely embellished with the aid of blanging guitars, soaring strings and ethereal dulcimer. Sergeant Buzfuz is one of the leading lights of the British Anti-Folk scene and runs his own monthly gig night ‘BLANG!’ where over the past few years he has helped to nurture many other like minded artists.

Also live in session is A-Line who are Gemma Tortella, Caryl Mann and Sam Barton. The songs are written by Gemma who has recently acquired a ukulele and has found some blues and psychedlia in its (black) strings. With flutes and trumpets, harps and harmonies A-Line are a bit like Nancy Sinatra, Coco Rosie and Tom Waits. They wear matching outfits whenever possible. They are all Welsh. Gemma is also in Burly Q, London's best in every way burlesque troupe. She is also known as Miss Anna Kronist, everyone's favourite 1930's country singer.

14th October 2006


7th October 2006

Joining deXter Bentley on the Hello Goodbye show this afternoon are both Victoria Yeulet & Benjamin Prosser, who together make songs that draw from their mutual loves of old-time, blues, country, folk, gospel, r'n'b and rockabilly, which they practice on wooden floors with tape players, voices, pedals and tea. Victoria Yeulet currently sings with the Television Personalities and has toured providing backing vocal's with San Francisco's The Husbands, as well as working on her own solo vocal projects. Benjamin Prosser has been writing and recording songs for many years, self releasing his tunes and also having released a solo LP 'Blues for Harpo' on Sexton Ming's 'Rim' label. Most recently he released a 7" on the Fitzrovian Phonographic label, one side featuring his current band The Tap Collective.

Also live in session is the French chanteuse Vale Poher of whom it has been said, ‘strikes her guitar with a passion verging on the vitriolic’. VP is currently touring her debut LP ‘Mute’ throughout the UK.



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