Give ‘em enough string! – 7 track CD

artist : title : duration : broadcast:

merchant : the guild : 4’01” : 29.10.05
jesus licks : tarzan : 2’18” : 07.05.05
the irrepressibles : my friend joe : 2’14” : 05.02.05
the ghosts : love will come to town : 2’09” : 11.06.05
gerry mitchell with little Sparta : carefully constructed ruins : 3’47” : 24.09.05
master : i’m not coming down : 4’11” : 05.11.05
blanket : threats : 4’36” : 08.01.05
dexter bentley : the aphid, the slug & the leaf : 2’20” : 06.08.05

all songs performed live on the hello goodbye show on resonance 104.4 fm
total running time: 25’40”

BLOB 011

Give 'em enough string!
Late @ the Tate
Friday 6th January 2006
Tate Britain
6pm - 10pm

An exploration of some of the lesser plucked, strummed and bowed stringed instruments in pop music. This evening Late at the Tate salutes the banjo, cello, ukulele, double bass, Cuban tres, mandolin and violin.

Curated by deXter Bentley, hosts of Resonance 104.4 FM's much vaunted Hello Goodbye show, with tonight's bill selected from former live guests of the programme.

Master; A trio supremely dedicated to creating a zealously glorious racket. Their ramshackle sound combines elements of jazz, music hall, punk and experimental noise-core.

Jesus Licks; Interested in exploring the primeval urges and untamed emotions of the human experience, Jesus Licks have snakes, sharks and bandits lying at the core of their songs. They forge raw and melodious music set against dark comedic lyrics.

Merchant; draw from elements of both drone metal & doom jazz to produce a minimal, simplistic and dark sound propelled along with the aid of a furious rhythm section. "Like dark baroque music, but with all the twiddly bits replaced with mental drums, sort of doom thrash baroque..." according to a bewildered witness to a recent live performance.

The Irrepressibles; Experimental neo-orchestral art-rock ensemble in possession of a degree of musicality beyond the reach of mere mortals. Not always a comfortable ride, they revel in their ability to divide an audience. Their compelling live performances are both aloof and dynamic in equal measure.

The Ghosts
; produce brittle pop music where although love would always appear to be lost it is also persistent with its threat of returning, like a tortuous yet irresistibly thrilling roller coaster ride.

Gerry Mitchell with Little Sparta
; Gritty and compelling poetry questioning the poet’s romantic identity in an urban landscape from the Partick born poet laureate of New Cross backed by the sublime music of Little Sparta. The end result is not unlike the Dirty Three fronted by a Caledonian William Burroughs.

; Hailed by Time Out as 'the new unforgettables of the acoustic scene’, Blanket fashion songs of desperate beauty from gently stammering instruments while Vicky Steer’s benignly supernatural voice burrows deep into the subconscious of the listener and takes up permanent residence; an experience which is as soothing as it is disturbing.

deXter Bentley; have been described as an 'End of the pier psychedelic folk' group. Ploughing their own particular furrow of un-hip pop, their idiosyncratic kitchen sink dramas never draw the same comparison twice.

DJ: Ed Pinsent; Resonance FM/Sound Projecting.