In Order Alphabetical

In order Alphabetical was the debut LP released by deXter Bentley on BLOB in 2005. dB's closest reference points musically are blues and folk music, though sung with a distinct English twang. With a rather casual attitude towards what is fashionable, their lyrics are compelling analyses of everyday tragedies like filling out your tax return, being stuck in a stale relationship or taking a girl who hogs the candy floss to the beach. Their debut album "In Order Alphabetical" is a great big selection box of lovely treats - at one extreme there is the pared-down rhythmic chant of "Cry Now", with its thrilling, booming group vocal lines, and at the other there is "Fishtank", a gorgeous drone track that sounds like an acoustic My Bloody Valentine. In between there are all the harmoniums, kazoos, toy accordions and agitated Scottish poets that one could wish for.

Ageing Entertainer (3:35)
Brown Envelope* (5:23)
Cry Now (2:33)
Disco Jo (5:31)
Fishtank (7:52)
Go To Hell (4:29)
Haunted (3:45)
Honey Rose Rolly (3:23)
Looking For A Sign For The Guggenheim (3:27)
Middle Class Blues (3:44)
Sitting Pretty Little Bird (1:58)

NB* You can either download the entire album here for FREE or alternatively, if you would prefer to purchase the physical product then please click here: CD Baby.

Richard Bentley
Vocals, acoustic guitar, kazoo & bass guitar.

Ric Clark
12 string acoustic guitar, accordion, mandolin, harmonica, kazoo, backing vocals, egg & spoons.

Joss Cope
Semi-acoustic guitar & backing vocals.

Simon Dye
Organ, tres, melodica, bass guitar, piano & backing vocals.

Ean Ravenscroft
Drums, percussion & backing vocals.


Special thanks to:

Simon Beresford: Spoons on 'Looking For A Sign For The Guggenheim'.

Alan Boyd: Harmonium on 'Fishtank'.

Gerry Mitchell: Poetry on 'Brown Envelope' & 'Fishtank'.

Chris Modica: Handclaps & backing vocals on 'Go TO Hell'

Adaesi Ukairo: Backing vocals on 'Sitting Pretty Little Bird'.


Recorded @ The Moat (Stockwell, London) by Toby Hrycek-Robinson & Joe Bowman.

*Except: 'Brown Envelope' recorded by Alan Boyd.


All songs Copyright Control 2005.

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